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Hi Greg,
I was looking over the profiles and I think that you could help me with this. I remember hearing or reading around ten years ago about a group that made up a fictitious ghost and it actually came into existence, or something like that. The details are hazy:D I believe that it had something to do with a paranormal group and happened in Canada and that a university may have been involved (Montreal?). Do you have any idea of what I am talking about? I hope so as any information would help. I believe that it happened and my co-worker says no way and I have a bet riding on this lol. Thank you


  Thank you for writing to me at AllExperts / Paranormal Phenomena with your question. I don't know that I can help you win your bet, but I am certain that I can provide the information that you are seeking.

  You are correct in your assumption that what you are speaking of took place in Canada, eastern Canada to be precise. However the city was Toronto and not Montreal. The name of the project was known as the "Philip Experiment". It was the brain child of the Toronto Society of Psychical Research [TSPR], under the direction of Dr. A.R.G. Owen and the experiment began around 1972 based on the fact that the author of paranormal phenomenon, Alan Spraggett made reference to it in the October 1974 issue of Psychic magazine. By 1974 Owens wife had already co-authored a book," Conjuring Up Philip: An Adventure in Psychokinesis" with M. Sparrow.

  The idea of the experiment was to create a fictitious "ghost" complete with a fictitious history. Incidentally,this type of experimentation is still being done to this day in various ways, here is a link to an example of a parapsychologist, Dr. Ciarán O'Keeffe being involved in such an experiment [I'm not responsible for the title of the clip].

  Anyway, back to the topic, briefly our fictitious Philip was a Catholic English aristocrat in the 17th century. He supported Charles I but Cromwell was in power... his wife threaten to expose him... he had an affair... the adulteress was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake and he finally committed suicide...blah blah blah, usual juicy items that make a good ghost story.

  With the story firmly in the minds and beliefs of the TSPR they began to try to conjure Philip up at prearranged meetings of the society - with no results. They then decided to try to conjure up Philip by conducting seances. From the first attempt "Philip" started to respond. First it started with the usual raps, 1 for yes, two for no. However "Philip was of very limited knowledge. In other words, he only knew about things that was included in the "script". Philip was ignorant of anything outside of the fictitious story... unless the group regathered to rewrite the details. Then Philip would be aware of the new information. Later a second group of the TSPR renewed the experiment with similar results.

  In 1977 a report in New Horizons relayed a new approach to the experiment tried by Frank Riley attempting to tape record Philip. The attempt was successful. Here is where a university as you mentioned was involved, although not in Montreal but rather the University of Toronto, by Owen, Riley and the TSPR. A special chamber was constructed at the U of T to record "Philip". It was suspended on springs to damper vibrations, was constructed of concrete and steel to sound proof it, and was "quadruply shielded electrostatically with power lines isolated and ballasts from the fluorescent lights externalized." [That is real paranormal investigative work. With modern "ghost hunters" it's, "I heard a squeak, the place must be infested with ghosts and demons!!!"] However, in the periods of silence, or rather what should have been silence, voices were recorded, although they were not very clear as to what they were saying. The group had a predetermined word, "bananas", and they believe that the voice may have said, "Bernie's hat." In my opinion, that's really stretching it! However the fact remains, something that should not have been recorded was recorded.

  What this all boils down to is that the group of the Toronto Society of Psychical Research may have been responsible for the very actions that they witnessed, as suggested by Iris Owens in the aforementioned book via psychokinesis. This is the belief of many who have studied the results of this experiment. Some believe that it may be likely that the group may have attracted an actual ghost that took on the role of Philip. Being able to telepathically bond with the group it would have known the story, but nothing more. A link to an actual video session of the experiment follows...

  As for your bet, if you bet that a ghost was actually created you lose. If you bet that the experiment took place, or that it had results in creating responses you win. If you want a impartial judge, I say it's a draw!

  I hope that this has helped you find some answers. If I can be of any more assistance let me know. Take care!


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