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Love your site,it has been very helpful,thank you.
I have been using my ouija board many years successfully and have my regulars that we communicate.When a stray spirit would come politely we would send it away.  Until I read somewhere that these are spirits that want to move on but need some help that I can give by telling them to go to the white light.  So I started to send them to the white light.  And it worked.  And they started to come one after the other to the point where I can no longer communicate peacefully with my regulars.
Sometimes they announce themselves but usually they answer lies in place of my regulars, so that I am not even sure who i am with anymore! The young ones curse. my regulars tell me that more often than not they block them so they cannot give correct answers when they speak with me.  Many times the session closes and until the next time I am left with the lies and wrong answers of these spirits.
While I do want to help them, it is very annoying not getting correct answers anymore,not knowing who i am speaking with, and I really do miss my "friends".
Is there something I can do so that at times I can help the ones that need it and other times  I can be with my regulars in peace?
Please tell me what to do?

Hi El,

You are not going to like my answer.  Stop using the board and burn it.

I say this for very good reasons.  The ouija board connects to the 'void', that is the space between heaven and earth, in a sense, where lost souls (ghosts, demons and other negative inhabitants) live.  The board is a door to that place, and anything that speaks to you through the board, can also use the board as a door to pass through into this plane .. and they know that, including your regulars who have been feeding you interesting bits of information, to keep you keeping that door open.  

If you use the board in the same location all the time, you might well have created a permanent gate there .. and that can be a real pain to close, since you opened it with such free will and enthusiasm.  

Dead people don't know any more about the future than the living, and dead people, ghosts .. not spirits .. are usually what communicate through the board.  Their lies are subtle .. not blatant the way the newcomers are - and the newcomers are there because the gate is open .. and no, they are not going to go away again, unless something drastic is done to shut the whole situation down.  The burning of the board is a drastic way of closing the gate.  You burn it with the intention of doing just that .. or your house is going to start being very haunted, and you will probably end up very sick .. either physically, mentally or emotionally .. because ghosts feed off human negative energy, and if they can make you angry, sad or frighten .. its a meal for them - so angry, sad and frightened you will become.

Even your regulars are more than likely lost souls.  How do you know they are not just pretending to be the 'newcomers' now that they have you totally fascinated by the communication .. you see, its a trap, a game they play .. feed you tit-bits, like baiting a hook, and when you are hooked, they drag you in.

We were not designed to be human batteries to feed the dead.  Ghosts are supposed to cross into heaven when they die.  Most do, some don't.  The ones that don't might need our help to cross, but what they really need is our energy.  The energy gives them a little boost .. to push them in the right direction 'into the Light'.  And while it's all very well to tell them to go, but there's no guarantee that they actually do.

So here are some tools to use, whether you burn the board or not.  

The Michael Invocation, do it twice.  Once for yourself and once for your home.  The instructions are on the page.  Do it every time after you use that board.  

The shields .. use the personal ones before you open the board.  Use the house ones to keep the ghosts out .. the traffic through the board is two-way .. in and out.  Again, learn them by heart, to protect yourself.

And then, when you do send entities into the Light do it this way -

"Archangel Michael please FIND (identify whatever entity it is you are talking to) and TAKE it into healing".  

Use the Find and Take specifically.  That gives the angels permission to act, so that none of your wandering lost souls can disappear off until next time.  They will be crossed over, and must remain there until they are healed.  Do that for every ghost that contacts you through the board .. or better yet .. burn the board.

Good luck,
Love & Peace

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