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Hi William,
About a year ago I underwent leg surgery.  During my procedure my father visited an old antique shop.  He talked to the owner and the owner gave my father a small statue of what seemed to be an angel.  My father brought it back to me and told me it was for good luck.  I kept it for about a year and just realized that it has gone missing.  I asked my father about it and he said that he "got rid of it."  He told me that he got a wierd feeling about it.  Ever since it has been gone, my brother and I, who have never gotten along, finally got along.  Was this item cursed?

I can't answer this question as it is out of my field. I do know that objects are believed to hold the energies of people who once owned them, and that this is what people refer to when they mean "cursed," but I can't say for certain that this was the problem.

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