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hi, at my apartment door i smell smoke so strong that it comes into my apartment when i open the door and go outside the apartment it is not in the a hallway just in front of my door when ifirst moved it i used to smell it in the kitchen i thought it was coming through the vent i have been told that there are 2 spirts in the aparment of previous oweners but the smell was never at the door like it is it comes and goes even when i pray the 91 paslms it does not move i may but the only one that smells it yesterday it was strong when my grandaughter mom came over i aske d her if she smelled anyting she said not must musty. i think it is a spirit.. i will continue to fight and cast out or just night i tried to get rid of one and it came bk into the bedroom at 2am with a vengence onme and i got up off the bed the prayed the lords prayer 23 psalms and it left..but the problem it keeps returning i also here noise in the apartment.thank you for your thoughts..

Smoke lingering around apartments is usually just neighbors cooking stuff (or smoking).  Beyond the odor of smoke, what has happened to make you feel there is a spirit entity involved?

Most spirits aren't evil.  They're either people or animals that are lingering, or they're just entities that have never been alive... some smart, some not.  The equivalent of animals.  If you are frightened, however, you may draw the attention of entities that like the pattern of fear, and they'll come to feed off of the energy you're putting out.  These entities may deliberately try to frighten you - it's not really malicious, and many aren't even intelligent; it's just what they are.

My recommendation is to pay less attention to such things.  If you feel frightened, or sense a presence, turn the lights on, put a little quiet music on, watch a comedy movie, make a dessert... something positive, and cheerful.

Spirits that are capable of doing you real harm are extremely rare (just as it's rare to run into a grizzly bear when hiking in the woods).  There's no cause for fear.  The things you've described aren't really serious, and no one has been harmed, have they?  So, don't let them scare you - laugh at them.  They won't find what they want, and will leave.

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