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hi there i think i have a spirit attached i can feel it even now it does'nt like me telling people. when my daughter was born(2 years 7 months ago) i saw a thick black cloud of smoke shaped like a person reach in to her cot but nobody believed me and have felt a presence for a long time my daughter even used to point and say man and talk to it so i asked her does he play with you yes she replied. is he nice? no naughty touching me she said but not anymore its very sly now and tells her not to talk we were playing and dancing in her bed room and she pushed her hands out and said no stop and ran out the room this has been ongoing but nothing too serious has happened untill about a month ago it hounded me all night breathing on me and making me gasp for air and occasionally waking me and my daughter but lately its gone mad scaring my daughter she hates going to bed she kicks and screams saying no nannies home and curls up under her duvet as soon as i put her in she screams and says dark she says threatening things to me using words she does'nt even know i even went to see the mental health team thinking i was going mad but they said im not so i called a spiritualist who came and smudged my house and said there was a male presence there and 3 portals that she sealed she even knew what side of the bed i slept because of the energy it left behind after hounding me all night, she left me some sage some smelly bags and crystals but this has angered it now it wakes me and my daughter at least 10 times a night and she's in a different room i will wake seconds later she wakes. i woke after the spiritualist had been and it tasted like the smelly bag was in my throaght. it pokes me in bed and plays with my feet tickles my neck i actually woke the other night and it had hold of my leg it does'nt bother my girlfriend just me and my daughter but does so behind my girlfriends back making me out to be mad. since the spiritualist has been it now hounds me allday and night my girlfriend has not noticed anything untill the other day i had enough of it waking me up and it was behind me so i lit the sage and it blew really hard and cold on my neck so i hounded it back allday with sage and ordering it to leave then that night it blew in my other halfs ear and on her neck making her move seats. it tries to make me scared of going to bed i feel it for ages and then just before bed i will feel warm and relaxed as it leaves to wait in my bedroom then before getting in bed it hits me with big gusts of wind going through me. the spiritualist came back the other day and said she could feel it it actually had its hands round her thraoght but she said its not demonic but i think it is even my dog cowers when its around and shes busy so cant come back till tuesday but left me frankinsence and mur but it wont leave she also gave me a necklace that it hates it keeps playing with it while its on my neck. my daughter screams out of nowhere and covers her face and says dark i took photos of my bedroom and they came out black my friend took a photo of me at home and in the mirror behind me there was a greyish/black head. the spiritualist is coming tuesday and want to do a ouiji board but i think thats a bad idea. can you please help me. i need help its getting to me now i slept at my mums last night and it still woke me numerous times and the night before last it woke my daughter about 4 times so i went in her room smudged sage gave it 5 minutes and put her to bed and it left her alone but hounded me all night. what do you think? should i be worried ? any advice would be very helpfull thank you


The spirit may be attached to the property or/and to you/your daughter.

When you or your daughter are in different properties does the spirit follow you?

In order to remove this spirit I will need the following.

Your name.
A picture of the entire outside of your house (not the inside)
A picture of you and your daughter (together)

you can send this to

Please do NOT do a oui/ja board or your troubles will get worse.

PS: Smudgding and all that won't do anything. Amber crystals, salt will help.

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