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Hello Christine,
I am looking for some answers and had been for many years. I will not begin at the beginning, too long a story. In 2003 I rented a room from a lady in Pretoria. She had lost her husband a few years back and lived alone along with her youngest son (about 30 years old) in this very large house with the main bedroom upstairs.  She gave me the room upstairs which had its own study room and ensuite bathroom and balcony with a view on the front garden.
The staircase from the passage to this room was made of wood, so when one stepped on it, then one could hear it creaking, but that was normal for most wooden staircases. In the evening way after dinner while I worked on my computer with my door closed she would normally bring me some tea with cookies and chat some. She had been a very kind and friendly old lady and we could sit and discuss many things.
I was busy one evening on my computer and then I heard her coming up the stairs and because she had already been up with her tea and cookies, I found it strange that she would come up again as she was old and heavy of posture. I waited for her to knock as she always did, the footfall came to a stop right outside the door, but nobody knocked. Assuming she had something in her hands I quickly approached the door and opened it, but there was no soul. I ran downstairs to check and found that she had already like always retired to her room.
After that it happened many times and I would also waken at night by very soft barefoot moving over the carpet around my bed, like soft somebody walking very softly. I switched on the bedside lamp, but only to find there were nobody.
Then one evening after work I was taking a shower as usual, the bathroom door closed and my room door locked, I always locked my room door when taking a shower because her son would march into my room uninvited at times. Then while I was showering I heard the small door of the bathroom cabinet under the wash basin slam closed, I quickly peered out of the shower, but there were nobody. I dried myself and walked into the room, checked my door and it was still locked.
One night I woke up as usual because of the soft footfall on the carpet and I spontaneously spoke out loud “if you are a lady, come get in bed with me”! The next thing my whole bed lifted up at the foot end and then suddenly slammed down. I switched on the bed lamp light, my body trembling with shock and surprise.
I confronted the old lady about these strange happenings and she said it was only my imagination, but one day I came passed her as she was on the phone with somebody. I overheard her saying “I tell you, this person breath in my neck and sometimes touch my shoulders, now Edward is complaining”.
I later left for Ireland where my partner was working to find a job myself. We got married in Ireland and rented an old farm house south of Dublin. At night I would wake up and hear footsteps of somebody coming up the stairs, as I have always been curious and always wanted to find out what is going on, I jump up and switched on the passage light, but there was nothing. This kept on and on happening, and then the wife started to complain about it. I could never figure out what was going on and what bothers me is why always at night? We moved away and all was well for the next few years.
The wife then left for New Zealand to work there and I gave up the house and rented a room with a lovely Irish family on a farm. After a while being there, I stared to wake up because of noises on the landing. The family had two young boys ages about 7 and 10 that slept in their own rooms.
One night (always about 3am) I woke up again and the sounds made me think the boys must be moving furniture like chairs to get to something, I got up and checked but nothing. I complained to the lady about it and she said it was not the boys and must be my imagination. I left it at that, but one evening after diner we were watching TV as usual when I heard somebody moving at the back door, I got up and checked because we were all in the TV room, but nothing.
The husband who is a famous Irish sculpture and co-coordinator of the art guild of the European Union, travelled many time over Europe for work and on one particular week he was abroad. The day he was expected back we watched TV while waiting for his return. At about 6pm she said that he should be arriving any minute, so we waited. Normally when he was out and returns he would enter at the back door and enter the kitchen first where he would drop his travel bag and then come to say hello. I heard the back door open and close, the footsteps, then nothing.  I jump up assuming it must be him, but the kitchen was empty and I checked outside for his car, nothing.
About 30 minutes later the same thing happened and she said “here he is now”, so I got up and went to say hello, thinking I will make him a cup of coffee, but nobody. I again checked for his car, nothing.
An hour or so he actually arrived and I confronted the lady about everything. She then said it was nothing and I contacted the paranormal society of Portlaoise, the town where they live nearby. They said they would come out there and set up some cams and other instruments, but I did not want them to do that as it would bother the family’s privacy. The lady then said she will get the priest tome and sprinkle holy water.  This never stopped happening until I left for New Zealand.
The first house we rented in NZ had its own problems, or was it me? At night when we went to sleep we closed all doors of the passage to control the cold as it was mid-winter and switched off all lights. But every morning when we wake up, the doors were wide open and the lights on! Now you explain all this please.
Kind regards

Hi Edward,

Thank you for writing in such detail.

A lot of the things you're describing concerning paranormal phenomena around you such as door play, footsteps, moving furniture, and knocking are definitely signs of something being with you in all the places you've traveled to.

I think you've had experiences for a very long time even since childhood. There are also issues with insomnia, nightmares and visual encounters. All your experiences are very tiring and constant and you are being worn down by them over time. Now it's time you lived a normal life.

This predicament is not a wholesome situation for you. It's very important that you get yourself clear of this energy traveling with you through your life.

I suggest reading a book entitled Clean House, Strong House by Kimberley Daniels through Amazon if necessary. This will explain some solutions for your situation very succinctly and assist you in handling the problem now and in the future.

Be determined through continual prayer and vigilance to remove this spirit from you. You can do this.


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