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I encountered a reptilian humanoid and he was 7ft tall and he gaze at me for such a long time the next thing u know his eyes change for dark blue to light blue and than I can see the ocean and his eyes. I didn't know he was one until I did my research. suddenly one night a couple of weeks after this encounter around December 2012 of while I was sleeping I felt something or someone scratch me on my leg. I quickly got up with fright and was like omg but later on I went back to rest. that's when I heard the voices the in my head...I hear them asking me weird questions their was too many voices in my head. at the same time I see myself chanting words such as: Sin, Jesus and saint over and over again. that's when I felt this surge of powerful energy come upon me and it felt so good. Now around the time Dec-june this reptilian visit me sometimes at night but he comes in shadows only when I do sexual things like masturbating. Anyways recently he telepathically told me "not to worry about him anymore: :/ and I felt sad but it was because spiritually I was breaking down. Im wondering since this is my first experience do you think I will experience more things like this later on my lifetime:?...........since usually once an alien communicates with you than other aliens will know because 2 years back I was walking somewhere with my parents and we were at this entertainment place and like in the crowd I seen this white guy and he had pure black small eyes :0 he was short around my height 4,11ft and he gaze at me for like 30 seconds or so but he didn't say nothing or whatever because I was walking with my mom and we had to go somewhere...but do you think gazing into the eyes of an alien that stare at you would trigger something:? and do you think I will experience this again:?

wow, I have actually been doing some indepth research on this stuff recently. Seems like it is likely that you may have encounters again, but the question is do you really want them. This being seems drawn to your sexuality, which is a common trait in certain classes of non physcial beings. I would like to talk to you more about this. please email me at I have a couple questions that I cannot ask on this forum.

btw yes sometimes things can be triggered by looking into their eyes, but there is a lot more to discuss.

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