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I was wondering if someone can draw ghosts to them or ghosts be drawn to a person. We had a bad one that stayed around my 4 yr. old child and we had someone bless everyone and thing and it was gone then 10 yrs. later we bought a new home and started seeing a shadow and a woman has been seen. The same child has been having a bad feeling in the bedroom and closet and someone seen a male standing at foot of bed. My other child has been woke up with breathing on the face and also awoke by sounds and seen a small shadow then it vanished. The first child was on a trip when someone had a seizure and that person see 2 men and 1 woman standing around my child and then vanished. My child has been able to know when a close family members will/have died and also would dream about many different planes crashing before they happen and even ones in other countries. Is she attracting ghosts somehow and if so, how do we stop it and get rid of them? this has been going on for 13 yrs. now. Please help - thank you

Hello Janine,

Thank you for writing. Yes, people can innocently attract negative spirits because of psychic gifts. Children especially can be victimized because their psychic gifts may be wide open at a young age and they don't know how to control their abilities through mental closure techniques. Even untrained psychic adults have the same problems sometimes.

In other cases, children are lateral victims of an older problem really attached to a parent. By worrying an adult about the safety of their children, entities stress out everyone else in the household. There are also generational entities that systematically transfer down through bloodlines from one branch of a family tree.

In your case, I believe you are the original draw which began about 17 years ago. This problem in your home has been there during this entire period. The blessing produced a masking period but it still gave you subtle signs of it's presence.

Unfortunately, your older daughter has been living in an energetic maelstrom for a long time. It's not a coincidence that you have had paranormal phenomena after moving to another home. There is only one spirit that has been among you a long time deceiving everyone as being ghostly apparitions - multiples at times - and manifesting sounds, voices, touching, knocks, etc.

Don't be afraid. Start learning how to not be vulnerable to this type of deception. You also must learn to protect yourself and children from psychic openness. I am going to recommend some books for you to read. Educate yourself and begin an active prayerful relationship in your chosen faith. You need some heavy Divine help right now.

Here are the books about how to use psychic gifts and how to avoid dark spiritual attacks.

1. Trust Your Vibes - Sonja Choquette
2. Lightworker's Way - Doreen Virtue
3. School of the Supernatural - Ryan Wyatt
4. Clean House,Strong House - Kimberley Daniels

If you'd like more help, please feel free to contact me personally through


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