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Okay so I'm going to really hope i don't sound crazy.. a few nights ago i was researching demon names and accidentally said a few out loud before reading the warning that said not to. I wasn'tworried because i don't believe in that stuff.. but your the only one i can ask before i go crazy. The first night is when it started. I had a dream about being on a trampoline where I was laying there and when i turned around there was a boy laying beside me. His eyes were all black and he looked very pale but their wad something about him that kept drawing me in. He was stroking my face and his touch brought such peace i felt warm and comfortable. I found myself offering my soul and he told me that it wasn't time yet. When i woke up i thought it had just been a random dream. The next night he was back in my dream. He was with others where they were all smoking some type of drug in guessing. He offered me some and as soon as i took a hit i was automatically in a trance. The warm comforting feeling cane back. I'venever had this feeling before. The rest of the dream was hazy and dissorienting. When i woke with a start my best friend had come down stairs saying she had heard things falling. I didn't hear anything. I went back to bed where he was waiting for me. He was making some type of tea and as soon as i drank some i had that indescribable feeling again. This time he startedkissing me. I didn't want to kiss him because i could tell there was something off about him. But i did because i was in a trance. Now I'm scared to go to bed tonight in fear he will be there waiting. I just want to know if I'm over reacting or if I'm needing to take action because i feel stupid asking for advice but I'm honestly worried. Thanks

Two things: I don't usually answer questions that aren't quick and to the point nor do I respond to questions in the field of demonology. However...
I believe your initial images are due to reading about this stuff and afterward from obsessing about it. I've read far more about demons in researching mythology and I've never had bad dreams, not even after six hours of horror movies. Get this stuff out of your head, stop obsessing on it and get your mind something else. If you're still thinking about it, the least little bit, the weird dreams will come back, but once you learn to get over it, it will go away.

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I`ve been reading books about ghosts for a long time and have seen numerous movies about them as well. I can point out what is more likely, what is unlikely and site true examples from the subject. I have also been writing fictional ghost stories off and on since high school. I have been keeping a comprehensive listing of haunted sites for a long time and have visited a few local haunted sites in my area. I do not consider myself a ghost hunter or ghost researcher. I have no college or univerity training in the subject, but I have postulated a few personal theories about the phenomenon. I recently published the book, "Volunteer Ghosts," about ghosts in Tennessee. Another thing, because ghost shows are becoming so popular, I'm getting deluged with messages from people thinking they have ghosts. Please try to bust your own experiences before asking me about them. So many people who believe in ghosts and experience things want proof so much that they are coming to me for answers. Please check your grammar and proofread your messages too. I can't understand what you're asking if your questions aren't legibly precise. Don't make me try to decipher your message. Keep your messages short and to the point! Do not post long rambling inquiries! I do not know anything about demonology; no questions about evil spirits or possession. That has nothing to do with ghosts or haunted houses.


I have had very brief exposure in doing field work; I hope to get back into it someday.


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