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Paranormal Phenomena/Husband being attacked in his sleep!


For the past year or so my husband does not snore like he used to but has different voices coming from him when he sleeps.

I have recorded him many nights and there is a female voice heard too. He seems to be struggling like someone is torturing him. He says he is not aware of these voices and has only normal dreams if he remembers them. He wakes up very tired and sore in his muscles and he gets up and down all night.

He used to visit porn sites and is obsessed with looking at nude women. I feel like he has invited entities from these habits as well as reading sci-fi books about demons. He once told me he thinks he does not have a soul.

He does this every night and goes to sleep mumbling things you can't understand and sometimes jerking his body.

I have heard him on recordings saying, "no more, no more." I have made evp recordings on a regular basis and these different voices can be heard in the background of his mumbling. He has at least 4 or 5 different voices coming from him every night.

Also the heavy stuff happens every night, always around the same time,(3:00-5:00 am). Heavy breathing, noises and I have heard the female voice say. "I have to", when he is pleading for it to stop. I also believe she has tried to choke me once when we were having sex. Some bile came up in my throat and I couldn't get my breath so I jumped up and grabbed a drink of water #I always take it to bed#to be able to get my throat cleared and breathe. I thought I was going to die. So now I avoid sex with him.

This happens every night, Christine, without fail. He goes to sleep mumbling and talking under his breath and sometimes barely breathes.

There is more to tell but maybe this is enough for you to gain awareness of the situation. I feel you are very intuitive by the answers you have given others on here.

Bless you in what you do, Christine. I hope you can help. I have no one to turn to about this and feel that he is getting me involved in this also. Since he is in denial#or lying# about what he knows) I am alone in trying to decide what to do about it
other than get away from him. He won't talk about it and just gets upset when I want him to listen to the recordings.

Thank you,

Hi Ruth,

I am very sorry that you're experiencing this problem. It's a serious situation.

I would like to help you further. However, you have posted this as a public discussion so I am limited in my response or asking some questions.

I believe this attachment developed about seven years ago and may have involved an invitation of some sort on his behalf. It was precipitated by his behaviors and his dark thoughts. Since then he became involved in sexual obsession - Obsession stage- and moved into a mild possession phase due to lack of willpower and mental fatigue.

He is aware the problem. There has been other paranormal activity in the home such as unexplained sounds, audible voices in other rooms, misty areas, touching and strange energy feelings.

I can talk to you further if you contact me at and via my email or listed phone number.

I know you're depressed and discouraged. Don't give up. This is a salvageable situation.


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