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For the past year my husband does not snore but has different voices coming from him when he sleeps. I have recorded him many nights and there is a female voice heard too. He seems to be struggling like someone is torturing him. He says he is not aware of these voices and has only normal dreams if he remembers them. He wakes up very tired and sore in his muscles and he gets up and down all night.

Could this be entity possession?

I don't think I'd call it possession. In the Catholic Church, for instance, possession is a very strong concept. There are lesser conditions, such as "obsession", "attack" and so on. And from a religious perspective, possibly he's interceding for troubled souls.

In the New Age world, someone might say he's connecting with souls in other places, possibly other times. Who knows?

But before I'd jump to these kinds of hypotheses, I'd consult a medical doctor. For all I know there's some physiological condition that could contribute to this kind of behavior. I suggest getting it checked out medically first and, then if relevant, look to the spiritual afterward.

I hope this helps.

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