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QUESTION: i was in shower in house.  i heard 4 distinct loud knocks on bathroom door.  i thought it was a friend who was stopping by. i yelled out im in shower i will be right out. then there was 6 exact sounding knocks evenly pace as the first knocks. my friend is known for playing jokes so i laughed and yelled out , geez cant i even take a shower  give me a minute   there was then 4 more exactly paced, same sounding knocks.  the knock were distinct but it didnt sould like someone breaking down the door just distinctly loud    they came from a door that was no more than 5 feet away     i said alright already im coming   and i grabbed a towel   and i opened the door in about  45 seconds from last knock   no one was there   i was on second floor located at top of stairs.  no one in the upstairs hall  so i thought my friend was hiding    i searched upstairs quickly   looked out window for their car  no car   i stilled thought they were playing a game   so i searched the rest of the house    no one was here    i was puzzled more than frightened  i still was convinced my friend would pop out and no one was in house   it was my fathers birthday    he passed away 2 years ago   i did not even think of that until yesterday     no events since  or previous    a neighbor has been teasing me saying the house was haunted since i moved in 1 1/2 years ago   I'm more puzzled  than scared  is there anything i should be looking out for   or anything i can do to make a spirit leave a house    or at least let them know we can co exist in a friendly way   is there any danger in this situation   i know this sound ridicules    hey but it real so i would rather be informed then ignorant    it is what it is   whether i would like to be ignorant and pretend it didn't happened- cant do that   it did   so other just is be informed    thanks for help

ANSWER: Hello Al,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your concerns. Situations like yours are difficult to answer regardless of one's expertise as the occurrence was a one time deal. Therefore I will have to rely on logic and the information that you gave me to reach an educated opinion. I am glad that you contacted me mainly due to the fact that I am not going to give you psychic mumble jumble about who or what is in your home as obviously that could not be substantiated. To be honest, I am part of an ongoing experiment that contacts "psychic/mediums" with stories such as yours and you would not believe the feedback that is received about fictitious events from fictitious people in fictitious places and situations... sad.

  I will first address the passing of your father. I offer my condolences. I highly doubt that this is your father trying to contact you. The knocking occurring on the date of his passing in my opinion is merely a coincidence. Coincidences are chalked up as "contact" all the time by some, namely the gullible. Here is an example. Yesterday I was driving around thinking of posture bars that we use in ballroom dancing [I teach dance and had just finished a class]. That got me to thinking how I use to joke when carrying then as an armful resembled bagpipes... and that got me thinking about bagpipes. About five minutes later we drove past a park and there, in Alberta, Canada, where one would least expect pipers were a group of fellows practicing their bagpipes! Coincidences like that happen to me all the time, but I'm not about to start wearing a turban and give readings - I see reality as reality. That being said, there is a slight chance that your father was trying to communicate with you, but I feel that it is highly unlikely. If for no other reason he might just be letting you know that he is okay and that there is an afterlife - that is the usual message that a one time visitor has. Why the shower? The atmosphere may have been ideal... moist air and water may help facilitate contact. So if this was in fact your father you really have nothing to be afraid of.

  Let's look at this from a different point of view. There are a few reasons that the knocking could have a rational explanation. Obviously the first is due to your friend who, as you state, isn't shy about being a jokester. Could he have been yanking your leg? Quite possibly, but playing a prank like this on the anniversary date of your father's passing is either another coincidence or just plain bad taste.

  There is also the possibility of water pipes banging in the house. Some plumbers and contractors actually call this a "water hammer". You could go on line and search banging pipes for causes and solutions. Another cause could be due to chances in air pressure that may actually cause the bathroom door to move back and forth in the frame. This has happened to me a few times in the past [and if anyone should be worried about the occasional ghost following him home it is me, but I have yet to assume that the rattling and banging is ghostly in nature]. However, in my, and most cases, the cause is usually a hot shower and an open window or door somewhere in the house - vacuum effects and convection currents and what have you can cause doors to become quite active. Had the door been ajar it likely would have either opened "on it's own" or slammed shut. Something to think about. I imagine that your friend isn't mean so I am going with one or both of the above causes for your knocks. Believe it or not, our group has been contacted because of such events. That is why we do a walk through first - to eliminate the "normal" before committing ourselves to a full scale investigation only to discover that the clients need a plumber, not a paranormal research group.

  I am glad that you are more puzzled than scared. Open minds inquire, closed one's jump to conclusions. There is no danger in your situation. You have nothing to worry about. Despite your neighbor's information about the supposed "haunting" of your house... well, what neighborhood doesn't have the proverbial haunted house? Rumor is one thing and fact is another. Even if a home is haunted, it is very common for the resident specter to completely ignore some people and/or families. Chances are if it has been content this long it is comfortable with your coexistence. Another thing to remember is that a place doesn't need to be "haunted" for an encounter to take place. Sometimes an energy passing through a certain place can cause a disturbance, but as stated, it is just passing through.

  Al, if I were you I would put this issue on the back burner. I seriously do not feel that you are in any danger. In reality, ghosts present very little danger to the living. The rest is sensationalism, after all, who's interested in a nice ghost story? The math is easy, four "Paranormal Activities" to one "Casper". Seriously, I would not spend any amount of time or energy looking out for "signs". When you go that route you are more likely going to start seeing the "paranormal" in everyday events. That is a condition that I call "Ghost Fever" where one becomes addicted and obsessed with their situation regardless of how innocent it is of actual activity. Let it be... don't go that way. You have a rational mind so I am certain that you will see this for what it is. However realize that in the event things happen that you can not find rational earthly reasons for, please contact me and we'll take it from there. I hope that this has helped put some of your concerns to rest.

Take care,
Greg Pocha / All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: answer makes sense   except i know knocking pipe sound definitely not that sound cam from door definitely   tried rattling door  sound totally different  and since beed new event   this is creepy   made joke ghost will float  picture over fireplace over my head so i wake up with big picture above me   i was making fun of it to a friend   they r laughing at me  so mine as well have some fun     i then went out   came back late  had snack going to sleep on couch by fireplace (my favorite place)   look up at mantle wall    many things missing    I'm like   what   look on floor    picture i joked about was smashed to pieces    it has hung there for over a year    i did not touch   clean it recently nothing        i freaked       i got hold of previous owners number  they lived here 27 yrs    told her you are gonna think im crazy but i need to discuss something     she knew people that claim to have ghost   so she actually  didnt think i was crazy at all   she told me no weird events in house   and i asked her if she could tell me if her husband died here   he died in hospital on dialysis machine     so no answers      just new information    i really am not interested ina round 3 of events     new idea   no ghost    actually this is energy coming from me  from my stress from school and some personal issues     is that a possibility   i know this sound plain crazy   but I'm just plain stuck dealing with this

Hi Al,

  If you are certain that you are not being pranked then the activity that you are experiencing may be due to either a ghost or Stress Induced Psychokinesis. [SIPK]

  First I'll handle the ghost theory. There is a chance that there is a ghost present and that for some reason it has decided to make it's presence known. If the prior owner heard stories about the property then there is a better chance that there is some degree of validity in a ghost being in the home. It is hard to tell if the ghost has been there for a while or is new. It may be the ghost of the ex-owners husband. It is a common misconception that a ghost must remain where it passed on. While it is true that hospitals can have a high amount of ghosts due to the fact that people die there, not all souls that leave the body in the hospital stay in the hospital. Some, especially who died unexpectantly or suddenly may remain behind and wander the halls haunting the building and most will go directly into the light. Some who pass however will remain with their bodies as it goes from place to place [From the room to the morgue to the funeral home to the service for example - ghosts rarely stay behind at the grave yard]. It may then decide to complete it's journey and head for the light or it may decide to remain earthbound and go someplace that held significance to it while it was alive. That place is often home. So just because someone dies at a hospital does not mean that it is going to remain there. Would you if you had the freedom to go anywhere you wanted to be? Al lot of people want to go home.

  I can not tell you why he [I'll refer to the ghost as he instead if it although I can not say exactly who this ghost is]has decided to start becoming more active. If it is the ex-owner he may be annoyed at others living in "his" house. That is usually the case with possessive ghosts. Some passively share the home and do not bother to make themselves known at all. Your's is active. A possessive ghost may become active it it is not happy with things that are happening in or to the house - parties or renovations for example. When a ghost makes itself known it usually has a reason or agenda.

  Now about the SIPK. Often when certain people get overworked or stress levels become unbearable they can cause objects to occur around them that seem to be caused by an outside agent. The activity is usually destructive and is oftentimes attributed to a poltergeist. SIPK is termed poltergeist-like activity. Things move, photos can fly across the room, bangs and other noises can occur and they are often loud. SIPK is closely related to RSPK [Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis] but the latter usually happens to those going through puberty and more often happens to girls than boys. The occurrences are remarkably similar. In RSPK incidences usually abate with the end of the teen years. In cases of SIPK the underlying causes of the stressors have to be dealt with and lessened or abolished. The ball is in your court with that issue. Hitting the gym, breathing exercises, yoga or tai chi and proper bed rest can help. For deeper more serious issues you may need someone to talk to or medication. To be honest Al, I don't know the situation so I can't offer much advice on the stress issues outside to say that you mentioned that you do have a load of stress right now and that may be the cause of the events.  

  So you can see where I can not say that this is a haunting, which is likely or SIPK which is equally likely. It may be a combination of both! Some ghosts cause stressful situations. In the case of a possessive ghost it is to get the people out of their home. Other ghosts simply feed off of the energies that the stress people put out. More stress equaly a bigger meal of energy.

  Your best bet is to relax as much as possible although that is often easier said than done... but give it a shot. You may also want to do a general cleansing ceremony [saging and smudging] of the home to rid it of negative energies. That never hurts. I can lead you through the process but you will have to write me at

as I do not put that info out to the general public on-line. The process is simple. Just remind me of who you are should you write. Most  importantly, as I said before, is to take this all as easily as you can. The more you put into it, be it a ghost or SIPK the worse it can get. Try to keep things on as even a keel as possible.

Ciao for now,

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