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For as long as I can remember I have been able to see, feel, Smell and hear spirits. But I have a couple experiences that I need explained to me as why I had them is unclear to me. I have researched my experiences for years now and these are the big ones that I can not find the answers for.
When I was about 15 or 16 years old (now 30) I woke up (not sure what the time was) But there was 5 or 6 men standing around me. They looked like orthodox Jewish dressed in black with black  rimbed hats, Long well kept beards, curly sideburns and each of the men held a black book and they where all chanting something in another language. The chant was faint and kind of muffled could have been Hebrew or maybe German not sure. I remember waking up and seeing them and felt very confused and scared as I didn't know what to think. I don't believe it was a dream it really happened.But I haven't seen these men sense. I don't know why they where there or what they where doing.
On another occasion I was 19 years old. I went down stairs with my newborn son to do the laundry and saw what I call THE MAN IN BLACK. He where a long black trench coat with a black rimmed hat, No beard and no Book not the same as the previouse.He didn't say anything he didn't touch me. and although at first I was startled as he came out of nowhere. It happened almost on a daily basis so I grew us to seeing him and didn't fear him anymore. It lasted for maybe a month give or take. I don't know what he wanted but my first instinct was to protect my baby and told him he could not have my son. I don't believe he tried to take my son or hurt him but better safe then sorry. I don't believe that any of these where shadow people as I've seen them before. I had gotten pregnant at age 18 and saw shadow people all the time. I went into early labor and lost my baby and haven't seen the shadow people sense.
If you can shine any light on this for me that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hello Sharla,

Thanks for writing. I can tell you that anything that appears to you that is dark, menacing or triggers a fear response is not wholesome. Divine and holy manifestations of paranormal activity never illicit these feelings. The presence of angels and Jesus or God are pure positive energies and peaceful feelings that don't produce negative emotional reactions.

You already know what you saw and are seeing from time to time are negative and invasive energies that should not be in your home. You have psychic gifts and you are being exposed to some dark things playing with your mind through deceit, misdirection and false paranormal projections of people (ghosts, men in black, flitting shadows, etc.)

There is also other paranormal activities occurring around you. These are classic "ghost" events that are not ghosts. Touching, audible voices, footsteps, bad dreams, etc. are not good signs.

The good news is that you can learn safely about you gifts and how to manage them through some really great books. If you are being approached by threatening entities, you can also learn more about them through books as well.

You need to draw much closer to Divine help to assist you with protection and stronger faith. Angelic help and seeking Divine connections are your greatest weapon against dark things confusing you. God never confuses. He illuminates your knowledge of evil and guides you away from it. Pray for guidance and knowledge.

I recommend:

Trust Your Vibes - Sonia Choquette

Lightworkers Way - Doreen Virtue

Clean House, Strong House - Kimberley Daniels

If you find that paranormal activity in the home escalates over time, you might have a more involved situation going on. You've got to head that off the right way.

Don't accept any distracting paranormal activity in your home, your head, your sleeping patterns or otherwise. Complacency because you get used to things or don't feel they are doing much is a ruse. Good spirits don't hunker in you home and show themselves on and off. Monkeying with your life are dark spirit tactics.

What you don't see is all the mental, emotional and physical energies you're swimming in living with unwholesome entities. They project harmful and insidious ideas and can weaken your health.

Guard your home and family. Relatives can be and usually are used as lateral victims to get to a primary target in the household. A lot of things may be going on that you don't hear about or see.

Read these books and get some control and power over your situation. Then let God help.


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