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Ohhhh where to start...
I have amazing abilities, I can do everything except see auras. Medium/clairvoyant/telepathy etc. We moved into the place we rent in 2009. The house we didn't know the history of, and I will get into that later. I cleansed the home when we moved in as I always do. I see orbs come up from the basement, or one of my cats watching them in the house, not a big deal. We did however have a bright blue one chasing a white one through our dark kitchen one night and both my fiancee and I witnessed this in 2010. (I have a picture of my cat watching orbs, they are faint and coming up the stairs)

In 2011, my fiancee Gary and I were in a car accident. We suffered very severe concussion, he had bleeding on his brain in the frontal lobe, and I passed out and quit breathing a couple days after the accident here at home. He brought me back to life. I actually remember dreaming during this moment, so it is likely that I was attempting to go into a coma. A few days later, my fiancees bleeding had clotted and he was ok, and I had separated my neck and damaged my cranial nerves almost severing them. Diagnosed with post concussion syndrome we both started arguing for no real reason, but chalked it up to post concussion because the frontal lobe controls anger and aggression etc.

In July of 2012, I saved a black kitten from down the street. The universe named her Merida. She was dying because she had broke her back during birth, then fell of a deck and got a head injury as well. She was too wobbly to be able to eat or drink, and was left out in in severe hail and thunderstorms and a week long heat wave we had. I brought her home and she is a neurological cat, she may not ever walk again, we aren't too sure. I have been documenting her for further research or to help other pets so that they are not needlessly put down. I take daily videos of her. This is when I started really seeing the  white balls of light, they were always surrounding her in these videos I was making day or night. There is one where the orb is white and it looks like it flies into her, flies out of her and has a turquoise blue glow as it zips off screen. I ignored it all, they are orbs after all, no big deal right?

Recently, here in 2013 the past few months stuff in the kitchen started falling. Then my fiancee just plainly became a real jerk, always angry, he comes home from work and sleeps, he always yells or snaps at everyone, he is horrible to live with. Once again, post concussion syndrome. Then I started getting bursts of anger just randomly like a bi polar moment. I would just lash at him if he asked me a simple question, but it would disappear as fast as it came on! I started getting these terrible headaches from my neck and nerve damage healing. Something terrifying happens with these headaches, I get random thoughts of I want to kill myself. However, it is not "oh ugh I want to kill myself because this hurts to bad" it is a complete full on, without reason "I want to kill myself!" but then it disappears, and a while later it flashes back again. It keeps doing this until enough time, it makes me ponder how to kill myself and even that flashes and just disappears as quick as it comes on, if I let it it feels like it will consume me. I get scared and call someone to stay with me, because I feel it isn't me. I KNOW they are not my thoughts.

We had a friend move in with us, he broke up with his girlfriend and his grandfather died and he didn't want to be near her having her still griping on him for stupid things or trying to run his life. So he moved in with us. Nothing seemed to get worse, or better. I kept chalking it up to post concussion, the injury. The orbs in Meridas videos got more predominant, but this time, just a couple weeks ago, I heard growling when the orbs appear in the video or disappear. It was SO loud when I played it back too. So I put the video on my computer, and listened to the audio in a program where you can lessen noise and amplify. During this video, she is struggling to walk and one orb goes flying through and another looks to chase it. The EVP turned out to say "f___ you!" 2 seconds in, and then "get out of here. GET OUT!" Now it is to the point that I cannot record any video in the house without evp, orbs, bangs, knocks, showing up. My dog, who is a wolf mix, is in defend mode constantly sitting on my feet with perked ears just watching, and two out of 3 cats go crazy looking for some place to hide for no reason. The orbs however only are around Merida, I can never catch any around my other 3 pets.

For all of June our house smelled like fresh dirt and mildew with no actual fresh dirt or mildew. No matter how much I cleaned it would not go away! The fresh dirt seemed to be coming from the sink and no matter what I put down there to get rid of it, it didn't go away until the growling showed up on video.

I smudged and tried to get a hold of a medium. Nobody would contact me back. So I used a spirit box, and it wouldn't shut up. There is NO peace on that thing! I tested it elsewhere and it was silent. In this house, it is like 7 conversations going on all at once and the box almost cannot keep up. I knew I had a doorway, or portal deal going on. All I could get was tons of words and names, nothing that made any sense. So I tried to think about what has been going on. In 2011 we had construction, water pipes and drainage were installed right beside our house (we live on the corner lot connected to the road) and it has caused so many foundations cracks in the house, and the garage is sliding off its foundation now it is cracked all around. (unattached garage). This construction came down the alley, our driveway was affected as well. We have pieces of the foundation lying on the floor in the basement.

Finally a medium contacted me, I never gave her much info. She told me I had a doorway, which I never shared with her, and that no spirits were attached to the house itself they are just coming and going and evil had manifested itself. She asked about a blue bungalow and said we should move. No clue on the blue bungalow yet. I was awaiting her to contact me back, and 2 days ago I was so exhausted I couldn't get off the couch and I slept all day and missed her call.

I asked around to find out the history of the house, wondering if this may be attached to the house itself and found out it has a dark history of violence. One young woman did die here, but there are no spirits attached to this exact house. Just a lot of negative energy. Everyone who has lived here has become violent, aggressive. Screens are still broken from previous tenants and there are a few patched holes in the walls.

I am still pretty damaged from the accident. My energy goes from my head and hits a brick wall at the base of my neck, so I am unable to really do anything since I have a huge energy flow problem. That is why I was trying to contact someone to help me. Even after a smudging, my flashlight turns off because someone wants to talk to me but I ignore it, but they know I can see and hear them etc. I do not wish to be open in my current medical state. I am very strong, and not depressed over my situation as I know that puts me at a very high risk if I do become depressed. So I guess my question is, how do I find the doorway or portal? How do I close it? What can I do to protect myself?

So far I have smudged, I wear an amethyst ring, a ring of 3 silver stars, and I have shielded my house and myself, I envisioned the brick wall and made sure all bricks are in place with no holes, I told my fiancee and room mate to do the same. I also told them not to bring in any negative, however they work in trenches through out the city in the construction industry so they bring home contaminated soil daily. Any other advice?

Hello Amber,

  There are going to be a lot of things that I will soon bring up that you will most likely disagree with. That is part of the chances that anyone who calls themselves an expert takes, that the advice that they have, the answers that they give, will be unacceptable. That is even more so in a field that is subjective and opinionated to start with, as paranormal phenomena and psychical experiences are. The three subjects to be avoided in polite conversation are sex, politics and religion, and to many, paranormal belief is akin to religion in that it is a strong personal belief. You may not agree with all of my observations or arguments, and that is a chance that I'll take.

  I am always weary when I get an inquiry from anyone who uses terms such as orbs, mediumship, evp, spirit boxes, smudging, crystals and other terms that may be considered psychical or "new age" in nature with unabated ease. In my experience it indicates someone who has become obsessed with the otherworldly, usually to the point where the here and now become the paranormal and the paranormal becomes the norm. In a state of "ghost fever" one looks at things that at one time they would have found logical explanations for and begin to see the world through ghost colored glasses. I have seen people go from skeptics of the paranormal to full fledged addicts to the point that everyday mundane events take on a paranormal haze.

  Your letter covers a lot of territory and to answer each incident in great detail would require more space than I am allotted here. First let's take the videos of the orbs. Please realize that despite what most "ghost-sites" state [you know, the one's with the spooky Halloween graphics], orbs are becoming a thing of the past, a modern day version of ectoplasm. Dust is to orbs what cheesecloth was to Victorian ectoplasm. The vast majority of orbs that are captured on cameras, be they still or video, are explainable when one knows the workings of CCD and CMOS circuitry and how such cameras interpret image. Common things mistaken for orbs are, dust, mites, insects, water droplets, lint, dander, an unexposed pixel, lens flare, flash bounce, etc. However you state that you and Gary have witnesses actual orbs with your naked eye. One must then ask, are they the souls of departed people or are they the result of a static-electric discharge? These discharges are common, perhaps you've heard of ball lightening... which is a static discharge on a grander scale. Now I am not saying that what you witnessed is not an apparition in the making. But I have to look at your situation from the point of view of someone who was neither present nor witness to the phenomena. From my point of view the "evidence" is heresy. Did something happen, was something witnessed? Yes. Can I validate it? No. Even if I were to see the videos I would have to remain skeptical due to the fact that I was not part of the process of capturing the data and therefore my controls were not utilized. When I post an orb on my web site it is because I have exhausted all other means of a rational explanation. Why just the one cat? I can not say. Perhaps you have to look at the conditions that the videos are taken in. In other words, ask yourself, "Why is this different?" Look for the logical. The time, the place....

  Is there any chance that there was damage to the temporal lobe, or the neurons associated with them? If so you must be aware of the fact that the temporal lobe is famous for causing hallucinations. If there is any chance that damage was done that would aversely affect the temporal lobe, or that the sensitivity of the brain to stimuli from sources such as electromagnetic fields or infra sound was enhanced, then much of the paranormal events may be rationalized. You should make certain that neither of you are suffering from TLE [Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, however mild. Symptoms of TLE can include hallucinations that are tactile [sense of touch] olfactory [odors and scents], visual [including shadows, faces, lights...], auditory [voices and other sounds], and even taste. If a sixth sense actually exists, there is no reason that THESE PSI SENSES COULD NOT ALSO BE EFFECTED [emphasis mine]. Could this explain the odors? Maybe. Could the construction explain the odors? Likely.

  As for other things...
-Spirit Box, TOY! Gullibility makes vultures rich. Save your money.
-The good ol' T.A.P.S. flashlight trick. Debunked by grade school physics.
-A medium who sees doorways and evil entities. Nothing is more common.
-Amethyst? Try a pentacle [I wear three] and wear obsidian, not amethyst.

  I can also give you directions on how to properly cleanse the negative energy out of your home, but I do not publish it here. You will have to contact me directly at

  Amber, you may very well have real paranormal experiences occurring, but it is being obscured by the, okay, enough diplomacy... crap!!! You now have the task of separating the wheat from the chaff. Above all else, remember that you are here on this earth to be earthly, you'll have an eternity to be "otherworldly" and eternity is a very, v e r y  long time.  


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