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Hi Greg,

I read one of your answers to another questioner where you mentioned that those who pass away that have a mental illness such as Alzheimer's or some form of dementia become ghosts or lost souls.

This has been something that has bothered me for awhile now about my mother. I was her caregiver for 4 years and she had these mental states as well as cancer. I have not had good dreams or intuition about her since then and have wondered about this. You are the first to mention it.

Please, could you give any more details in your knowledge base about this subject as I am certain there are many who have lost a parent or others to this same disease that would love more info.

Thank you,

Hi Ruth,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your interesting question. First I offer my condolences and commend you for taking care of your mother - it can be a very difficult thing to do. I will do my best to clear this up.

  Not all people who pass on with dementia are going to become ghosts. I'll try to explain how the process works. When someone is dying in a mentally clear condition they are more or less aware of what is happening to them. Many may be in denial, or any of the other five phases of facing death, but they are aware that their time is limited. Therefore passing is not going to be much of a surprise to them. However for the person with diminished mental capabilities there is a good chance that they are not aware of what is happening or the inevitable outcome. When they pass over they may not recognize where they now are or how they got there. To some it is like falling asleep and either awaking to a new, albeit strange, day or assuming that they are dreaming. This is likely to be more-so for those who were born developmentally challenged. However, for those who were fully functionally for the majority of their lives, the news can be good.

  When one dies, they are immediately whole. Blind people see [this has been documented that those totally blind from birth have described people's features, patterns on neck ties, equipment used on their resuscitation, etc if they have had a near death experience]. Amputees have all their limbs and accident victims are not the mangled mess that is now their dead body. Therefore, if one has lived the majority of their lives operating on a functional level, they will return to that level upon their death despite spending the latter years in a state of confusion or unawareness. However, the chances are excellent that they will not recognize what has happened or where they are. This can happen to fully functional people as well but it is more likely to happen to those who suffered dementia before they passed. In a short amount of time after her passing your mother would have regained all of the awareness and knowledge that she had prior to her disease. However that does not mean that she understands what happened or where she is. There is a category of ghosts appropriately called "unaware ghosts" for that reason, they are unaware that they have died. They share traits with their close cousins, the "denial ghost", those who refuse to accept their new condition. Incidentally these two groups are responsible for a lot of hauntings.

  Most people when they pass, regardless of their state of mind, are met by guides, angels and/or dear one's who have passed before them. These entities are there to ease the passing process and to guide the deceased into their new lives in the light. Even the mentally challenged will have these guides there for them. The problem arises when the deceased makes a decision not to go. Guides can not force a soul to go with them. Guides will stay with their wards regardless. When a person becomes aware, the light is still open to them. So the decision as to whether to go into the light and become a spirit or to stay earthbound and remain a ghost is always left up to the individual. It is more likely that a person who left this realm in a state of confusion and not knowing where they are may make the wrong decision.
Keep in mind that not all those who were not fully functional will become ghosts just as many of those who were fully aware do become ghosts. It's usually a matter of choice.

  Ruth, every case is as individual as the people involved, with the deceased being the star player. In your particular case I believe that due to the care that your mother received from you, and that Alzheimer's victims do have their lucid moments, that on a deeper level she knew the facts. This would have made her passing semi-expected before the fact and sooner recognized after her passing. I did not want to give the impression that all people that are in a stage of diminished mental states are damned to an existence as a ghost. As I say, every case is different as every person and situation is different. Your mother's guides were aware of her pending death and would have been on hand the second that she passed for her.

  When one feels a presence on the odd occasion, that usually means that the soul has indeed crossed over and is now an evolving spirit visiting the earth realm. That would indicate that there is no ghost present, that the soul completed it's journey and returns once in a while to let you know that all is fine and well from her end. While this is on my mind, there may have even been an episode before your mothers passing where she had a  pre-death vision, where she encountered some of those waiting to escort her into the light. Often times this is passed off as "one of those moments" and chalked up to the disease rather than being seen as what it was, the meeting of the passing to those who will guide them.

  My bio pretty much states my experience. Unlike many in this field, I have studied death and dying on a medical level [thanatology], have worked with the mentally challenged for years, and have people on my staff who are in the medical fields. My private library can be found here

  Ruth, please contact me if you have any other questions or concern. This is a complex subject.  

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