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QUESTION: I have dreams about 4 times a week. In these dreams, people show me how they died. Some are murdered, some are sick and i dont know/ ever seen any of them. A lot of them get upset with me at the end of the dream, I usually wake up crying because I get so frustrated in my dream because I don't understand what it is I'm supposed to figure out for them. Even If I wake myself up from a certain dream, when I fall back asleep the dream will continue where I left off. Is this a normal thing? Am I just having normal nightmares?

ANSWER: Hi Heather,

I know.  They do that to me too .. only I wake up with them beside me - they share their memories with us .. and I do know what to do.  So let me give you a very easy solution.

"Archangel Michael, please FIND the person (describe them in some way, say their name, if you know it, describe how they died, if that is the only thing you can do) and TAKE them into healing".

Is this normal .. it is for a spirit rescuer .. a person who can cross lost souls (ghosts) into heaven.  You are a medium, only you will probably find your focus is more towards helping the confused and angry than it is to getting some light and helpful message from someone's Uncle Joe, "who is having a great time in heaven, and still loves everyone back on earth".  I often wish .. well, sometimes wish .. that I could be like them, but when it comes down to brass tacks, Heather, we HELP the dead find peace, which helps the living find peace, because, not only are they haunting us, but they are also haunting their families.

So the next time you have one of those dreams, either in the middle of the dream, which you will end up doing once you train your mind to, ask the angels for help.  They know exactly what to do, they just have to have our permission.

It works like this:  The 'find' command allows the angels to see the ghost, where the ghost might have been pretending to be invisible to them before that.  Sounds weird, I know, but human beings have free will, which means that we can refuse the help of everyone, and anything, including angels.  The angels can't interfere in that free will, unless they have permission .. and we, the spirit rescuers, give them that permission.  The 'find' command .. they use it to go up to the ghost and say 'hello, see Ama or Heather, over there' .. you were showing her how you died' .. well, she said I can see you!  

And then the angel places their loving hand on the ghosts shoulder, and doesn't take it off again until they are escorted (taken) into the 'white light', or the tunnel that leads to heaven .. or Uncle Joe, who is a spirit, comes out and gets the ghost, and all three of them walk into heaven.

It doesn't matter if you don't believe in heaven, the angels do.  They live there.  We go there for peace and healing after we die.  It's a pretty place, as pretty or unusual as we want it to be.  What is there is LOVE, acceptance and peace.  Those are lifechangers .. and we help the lost find change.

So no, you are not having normal nightmares.  You are sharing the nightmares of people who have died in pain and fear, and who were not brave enough, or unwilling, or had unknowingly not made their way Home.  They exist within those memories, as a constant exhausting circle of pain.  You can understand why I treasure our gift of being able to send them Home.

Try it and tell me how you go.  You can find an email link to me at .. you'll also find information on Spirit Rescue in the Victorian Paranormal Connection section of my site.

Thank you, from them, and from all the people they are haunting.
We all need a little love,
Love & Peace

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your advice and for answering my question. But I have one more question and I try to refrain from asking certain things because I feel once I say them they sound a little crazy lol. But is it normal to always feel a negative presence? Like as I was reading this letter I had the most uncomfortable feeling and sometimes when I'm asleep I feel people pulling on me or just feel such an awful presence. I don't get this everywhere I go, but I certainly get it frequently. It comes on all of the sudden, it makes me sweat and uncomfortable. A lot of the time if I'm home alone, I don't feel alone at all. I always feel someone or something around me. Even typing this letter right now I have chills up my arms and down my back, almost like the more in touch or the more I occupy what I'm thinking about, the greater the feeling gets. I know im kind of talking in circles. But its something that I have felt forever and lately its been more frequent and more uncomfortable. I'm just not sure what to make of it all, without sounding crazy. lol

Hello again,

Yes, its normal to feel a negative presence.  Ghosts are negative entities, they can't help themselves.  They are lost, lonely, angry, afraid .. annoying .. the feelings can go from a minor touch of 'maybe someone is there' to downright scary .. it depends on the strength of the ghost and how long its been dead, and just how nasty it was when it was living.

Two things to help ..  

The first link is to an Invocation that will clear the energy of your home, and you.  I suggest you do it twice.  But first ..  

This link has white light shields on it.  I suggest you wrap a shield around yourself first, it only takes a little imagination .. and then use the Invocation to clear your energy 'inside the shield', then do the invocation again to clear your home of uninvited entities.  There's a house shield on that second link too, that I use a lot, even now .. because I don't always want to be haunted, and if there a 'someone' around .. I shield the house and then clear inside the shield, and then leave the shield up overnight, if I feel the need.

They are very simple to create and use and you should start feeling better almost immediately.  You have to allow a little time for being twitchy and feeling 'overstrung nerves'.  

Ghosts are everywhere.  I use shields when going shopping in the city, because they inhabit places like supermarkets, where the living go to get food, and the dead go for energy.  It does no harm to live in the shield, renewed each day (I suggest under the shower) until you start to feel less haunted.

You can read about this stuff on my webpages .. under Victorian Paranormal Connection .. the spooky stuff is there.

Love & Peace

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