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Is this a shadow person?
Is this a shadow perso  
I'm just curious if I captured a shadow person, looking for a professional option. Below is a conversation I had with some Facebook friends in reference to the picture.

*this is from the Morgan Street Brewery {St. Louis, MO) back around 2010. I was in the middle of a logistic meeting {for a bride} and I took a few pics of the "children's room" space. I always have thought something was up with this pic from the beginning but tried to brush it off. Well I just noticed that the legs are translucent. The thing is, I had just walked into the room-turned around and clicked, no one was around but the event manager-in the room with me {behind me}. This was early in the morning-no patrons or really employees.

Any information is appreciated.



Hello Amber,

  Thank you for writing me at AllExperts - Paranormal Phenomena. I have had an opportunity to analysis the image that you sent me. The process was not without its problems. The main one being that all of the EXIF information is missing. That is not unusual especially if you took this image from your Facebook page as FB will remove your data and replace it. I also took the liberty of downloading the same image from another source without the arrow - unfortunately the results were the same.

  Due to the missing data, the image was classified as a class 1 in a program that I run to see if the original photo has been altered. Of course, the very addition of the arrow would alert the program to classify it as altered. Also without the EXIF info, I do not know the camera settings such as whether the flash was used  [it was as indicated by the flash bounce off of near objects] the aperture settings and other pertinent information that I use in analysis.

  Another problem is that a photo like this can be easily faked and that is something that I must always be aware of. This image could easily be replicated with most photo editing software.

  Yet another issue is whether or not you accidentally captured someone in the doorway and forgot about it. Were there only ever the two of you on site, or were there more and the assumption was that everyone else let? I even had a photo from a woman who did not recognize herself in a photo until I brought out the details [she assuming that there was a dark shadow looming over her child - she was standing over her own child in poor light]. The one thing that does bother me is that the image has no real arms projecting from it to speak of. This could be that the person in the doorway was carrying something out of the room. This is further backed up by the transparency of the feet. The left foot seems more transparent than the right indicating that the foot was is transit [the figure is walking with the left foot moving a step and the right foot bearing the weight]. I feel that the person is leaving due to the lack of clothing or facial features. [Note: There is an indication of a color change at the level of the hips indicating a jacket and pants, the jacket being darker in color.] This adds up to a very real person being backlit from the outside meaning that this is not a shadow but rather a silhouette. Even with the flash uses, the person was well out of its effective range, thus the lack of details.

  However, all of the above does not mean that this image does not have an actual disincarnate  apparition in it. If what you write is not in error, and there were only the two of you on site, and your partner were indeed behind you off camera, then there is little in the way of offering a normal explanation for the man seen in the doorway. Here are some of the things that I find interesting. The apparition casts no shadow as a person would. If the flash were powerful enough to create a shadow behind the apparition, the it should have been strong enough to bring out details - it didn't.  When certain filters were used for analysis, it is  that found that the outside unlit area and that of the "ghost" are the same threshold. If this were a person in the doorway, his level should have been different than a common shadow - it wasn't.

  Had it not been for the foot being in transit I would lean more heavily to the side saying that this is a possible apparition of a person who is not in fact there. I can not say dead person as the majority of apparitions that are witnessed and photographed are of living people who happen to be elsewhere when the photograph that captured their image was taken.

  Amber, I know that this seems like an ambiguous answer that offers little support one way or another. I guess that's one of the reasons that this area of study uses the word 'unknown' so much. Add that to the fact that I must remain skeptical due to the fact that I was not there when the photo was taken and you can see where I can neither confirm, deny or validate this as a image of a ghost. I will say this, I can not at this point say that this is not an image of a ghost either, and I usually can find normal explanation. I can't, so by default, I will say that this is so far, paranormal. That double speak is my way of saying that I believe that you might have something paranormal there. This is about as close as I can get to saying that this may indeed be an apparition.   

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