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I have had a few scary experiences and want to know what I can do.  Recently, I was waking up with huge bruises on my body for a couple months on and off.  I took pictures of these bruises.  My sister moved in and our rooms were across from eachother.  It was daytime and I was at work.  She saw a figure on my side of the bed.  It was white and looked like an old woman.  I burned some sage and frankincense and my fiancÚ put some religious figure up (don't remember who) and the bruising stopped.  This was about 6 months ago.
This morning i experienced what science explains as sleep paralysis.  I couldn't sleep so I got up to use the restroom and at 6:02 am I layed back down.  Within seconds I heard a growling on the side of my bed.  So, I closed my eyes and tried not to move. The growling continued, so I got the courage to try and turn and face it, but I couldn't move.  Once I was able to come out of this it was 6:06 am. How did I get into a state of sleep so fast when  paralysis occurs?
In addition,  I have seen (in my old house) while wide awake, my bedroom door swing open and a shadow hand pull away.  I was not in a state of paralysis this time and shook my boyfriend at the time, awake and he had to get up and search the house. I don't know how many times I had him search a house we lived in.  My baby monitor picked up some really scary, heavy breathing one night and when I checked on my baby, he was sound asleep.
I can also feel other people's energy.  I can tell how someone is feeling while giving them a massage.  I have  had to avoid several people (coworkers, friends, customers at work) because I get an overwhelming sense of anger or sadness.  It's really strange.  I have read up a little on grounding myself, but I haven't been successful.  I had to change days at work to avoid a coworker because of this.  At work there is a couple that come in and I literally have to leave the room and let my coworkers help them because I get an overwhelming sense of sadness.
Anyway I am a Massage Student, I work at a health store, and with the elderly in their homes, have two small kids, etc.  I know I will not succeed in my career if I am carrying some sort of negative energy or whatever this is.  I've rambled on a lot here.  Sorry!  I hope you have some advice for me though.

Hello Angela,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your concerns. I am glad that you decided to look for answers yourself before jumping to conclusions. There is a lot of ground to cover here so let's get started in seeing if we can work these issues out without a lot of new age or "psychic" mumbo jumbo.

  First of all, I fail to see where there is anything that is actually negative here in the sense that there are any malicious, evil or malevolent forces at work here. There is a difference between something being uncomfortable or not being understood and being negative or evil. What you are experiencing seems to be puzzling to you and you have mis-labeled it. I think that once you get a better understanding of what may be occurring that you will be much better able to deal with your situation and accept it.

  The first thing that struck me after reading your e-mail is that you are a sensitive person who has taken a path to help others. Your practices and studies may be facilitating an opening of possible latent psi abilities. What appears to me is that you have a talent that is beginning to blossom and you are unaware of what is happening. I somehow also feel that you may be currently under emotional stress, even more so six months ago. I would chalk up the bruising to fitful sleep due to stress. It is common for some to act out in their sleep and actually bruise and/or scratch themselves during the night awakening to what appears to be an attack of an unknown source. Stress can cause parasomatic disorders.

  There is a condition that I term as Stress Induced Psychokinesis [SIPK] that mimics poltergeist activity in many ways. Therefore it is assumable that stress can also produce, or rather bring forward, latent psi abilities. Also emotional arousal has been associated with increases in "supernatural" experiences [Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 27, 1988]. Many of these seem diabolical in essence. Bare in mind that seeming diabolical and being diabolical are two different things as I stated earlier.

  You seem to be developing an ability to be sensitive to the psychic feelings of others. However many with that ability may also become sensitive to the energies that seem prevalent in the etheric atmosphere, or the residual energies of things and places. And that is where you may be getting the feelings of negativity. It is not you, but rather the surroundings that are negative, or rather holding on to negative energies, that you are sensing. Negative energy is often easier to detect because it is often stronger than positive energy which is actually more prevalent in the atmosphere. For example, the residual can not only hold on to the murder of a loved one, but also the emotions of a marriage proposal. But the murder had a greater emotional impact on different levels so it stands forward, and thus easier to sense if one is sensitive to such things. In daily life it is harder to forgive [positive] than to hate [negative] for example. It is an unfortunate state of affairs when negativity rules.

  You experience with sleep paralysis sounds to be just that and I would not emphasize it as anything other. It sounds rather typical and text book - literally, I have a 1,300+ page medical text book on sleep disorders. The reason that you fell asleep so quickly is because you were already 80% there. Please refer to the following link that leads to a question concerning sleep paralysis that I recently answered for another for more information:

  Angela, if I were you I would do a thorough energy cleansing of the entire house that you reside in. As a precaution, I would keep it as non-religious as possible. There are many who would disagree. However, until you know exactly who or what you are dealing with your best bet is to keep things simple. Many mediocre situations have been brought to a full boil because of a cleansing with religious overtones. I do not give out information regarding cleansing ceremonies on this site, so if you are interested you will have to e-mail me at

and I'll get the info out to you.

  You will also want to start a ritual of blocking negative energies from becoming attracted to you and to ward them off as much as possible. This can be done with icons or talisman as well as sage, sweetgrass, cedar and/or wormwort. You may also wish to pray to your particular god for protection or wear a symbol of your belief. Now this may sound contrary to what I wrote in the last paragraph, but there is a big difference. This is different in that you are personally and internally involved in this, and not pushing your belief outward to an unknown source. Internal and personal practices work, directing those practices externally usually backfires. If you want more information about that, again, I will offer it to you should you e-mail me personally. I do not put that info on line to the general public incase of misuse. That should help you to be better able to deal with the general public and co-workers. Just remember that nothing is a be-all-to-cure-all and there will be situations and people that are difficult, if not impossible to deal with... that's life - "stuff" happens.

  I hope that this has helped clear up some of what is happening in your life. I look forward to hearing from you personally so that I may be of greater assistance in getting this all cleared up.

Ciao for now,
Greg Pocha / All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena  

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