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QUESTION: Ok,so I have experienced a spirit that radiates heat. And a lot of it! It has also touched my arm when I was sleeping one night and it was also very hot, and then the spirit "flew" on to the ceiling, and I couldn't breath because it was so hot. I need to know if this is a good spirit or an evil one. Please and thank you. :)

ANSWER: Hello Tessa,

My research experience has been that elevated temperatures projected from spirits indicates an entity attack.

I have personally had sudden anomalous heat flushing around the neck and face during demonic investigations while corresponding temperature rises were documented on digital equipment around my head. In my home, I have also experienced directed attacks towards certain body parts (leg or arm) that are extremely hot localized and painful intense events. Touching the area with my hand even felt very hot to my palms and fingers. These dissipate in a few minutes and completely disappear.

Also unexplained entity scratches and marks suddenly appearing on the body feel red hot like severe sunburn. These scratches and marks will either disappear within a few hours or become indelible marks on the body. Other scratches, punches, pinches, and slaps may never feel hot but leave scars.

If you're having paranormal activity in your home be vigilant and protect yourself through prayer and total absence of communication with spirits. You may attract the wrong energies to you. Seek Divine communications not those with low energy spirits/ghosts. Angelic work is a good way to practice your psychic skills and to be fully protected by God. Do His work and don't stray into dark territories.

Be safe!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your help, but I have another question, obviously,(haha :P)but anyways, I told an older friend of mine about my experience, and she stated that healing spirits are hot and very warm. I had a very close Uncle that has passed away a few days before the paranormal activity started. Do you think that it could be a healing spirit instead of a demon?

Hi Tessa,

I can understand your confusion. Visiting relatives who have passed over do not give healing energies. They usually work in the background providing subtle illuminations or thoughts that help you with decisions or crisis situations. They certainly don't make you unable to breathe and fly through a ceiling as visible energies. Angelic or Divine energies for healing come from God's realm directly. The Divine doesn't scare you period.

Be careful what you're dealing with and accepting in your home. Time will tell if this is negative because it will continue other paranormal activities in your residence if you're open to allowing it there.

Redirect towards Divine spirits. Miscellaneous "spirits" are not wholesome. You are vulnerable to attachments when you have gifts that you can't control and have no spiritual education in the discernment of energies.

Start your knowledge base with the following books:

Trust Your Vibes - Sonya Choquette

Lightworkers Way - Doreen Virture

School of the Supernatural - Ryan Wyatt

Clean House, Strong House - Kimberley Daniels

You set the boundaries of what you will tolerate. It's not about the heat. Anything scary, invasive or disturbing your sleep patterns should be unacceptable to you and it indicates a problem.

Take Care,

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