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My son died August 19, 2012 and has a daughter turning four (and a son who was born after he passed on.) We (family) know my son is still actively around us all-he's been seen, smelled, spoken with via astral travel and in vivid dreams.
My youngest son and I moved to a new home seven months ago and my oldest son has followed (I do have his ashes here). The last two days my youngest boy and I have been awakened by the oven trying to start itself. It beeps until you make a choice to start or cancel. It happened at 220am (Pacific) on 7-18. I spent 30 minutes trying to cancel or shut it off before I hit the breaker, turned it off and back on and it was then fine. My younger boy (12 with a form of autism) asked why his brother was playing mean tricks. I didn't have an answer so I told him it was an electrical problem. Later that day at 1120 my vehicle door ajar light came on and dinged twice as if the door had been opened and the car had been off and then running in park for a few minutes. Then at 1120pm the oven went off and this time my fiancÚ had heard it (we were all awake)
and turned it off, the first time he hit Cancel. 1 hour later it was going off again, waking only my son and I this time at 1220am. We are to attend the party, a 4hr drive, on the 20th at 12pm. My daughter believes its her brother also - possibly excited or trying to remind me to be there. (My car needs repairs and I am concerned about it's reliability and safety- a possible fire recall item on it has not been repaired by the manufacturer yet) I also
believe it to be him - I've seen and experienced many things in my life and can manipulate energy, precog, have helped others lost leave our world, seen demons attacking children and dealt a lot with spirit world.
My concern is that the message to me I may misinterpret. I believe if he was excited he'd turn on the radio, not a fire in an oven or a vehicle warning- both are dangerous.
If my vehicle breaks down I also will not have the funds to get back and the trip is a financial stretch for me right now.
I would ask my mother, who taught me all I know and helped me learn my own abilities, but she's long moved on from our world and into the Summerlands. I can make this trip happen, it will be an 8hr drive or so in one day ans it's important to me but I am to bring them here next month for a remembrance on what would of been his 20th birthday. Your advice ASAP is welcomed.

Hello Lyn,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your concerns. Let me say now that I am sorry to hear of the loss of your son. As you must know, there is a difference in being in between the earth realm of the living and being in Summerland. [For the readers who are unfamiliar with the term "Summerland" is the term coined by Andrew Jackson Davis [1826-1910] to indicate the afterlife, in particular the spirit realm in the light]. You do not mention how long after the passing of your son that the occurrences began. I am going to take an educated guess and assume that they started soon afterward. If that is the case then your son has not completed his journey and is trapped in the ghost realm. He deserves better. But more on that later.

 As a person who has to take a look at a situation from all sides I would be amiss if I did not mention two factors. One being that there may be something wrong with the stove/oven unit, either in it's programming or due to mechanical failure. Perhaps even the power supply to the unit may need looking at. The second is the fact that coincidences do happen and are often attributed to the otherworldly. Sometimes car warning lights go off. No-one has made the perfect car yet. Glitches often happen because of the onboard computers [which can usually be remedied by disconnecting the battery for ten minutes to allow the computers to shut off and reset. If the warning recurs, you have a problem with the car].

  But let's assume that the events that you are witnessing are actual attempts at communication from the other side of the veil. Yes, if looked at this way then they do indeed seem to be warnings. In general, ghosts do not pick up on all of the tricks of the trade of being dead for some time, so when occurrences are observed so soon after a passing, there is usually just cause. Your son may be getting the information from another source if he is in the ghost realm, as ghosts are not privy to seeing into the future. Spirits however can as time does not exist for them as we know it. However, there also seems to be a "noninterference" rule in the spirit realm, so that the future is not to be open source knowledge to the living, else we'd all be sitting pretty on our lottery winnings! Seriously though, it does seem that warnings can be given if there is going to be a catastrophe lurking that is not meant to occur. Often times warnings or downright saving via direct interference has been observed and documented.

  Intuition, or gut feelings are important to recognize. They are not always "psychical" in essence. Gut feelings have a physiological beginning and has been studied in the science of medical gastroenterology. I won't go into detail here as I have covered the topic before in other answers, for example at the following link

  Lyn, I believe that you have a gut feeling about this and are looking for validation. I'm afraid that I can not supply that. I would hate to have you miss an event that you would like to attend, or get involved in an accident, because of my opinion. If there is trouble with the car, I would put the trip off if I were you as I usually play the 'better safe than sorry' card.  If the trip is important then having the car fixed, renting or borrowing [swapping] a car for a few days or bussing it may be options.

  As you are apparently into psi phenomena, you could also set up a trigger type experiment. On a sheet of paper write out your question [Should we go on such and such trip?] and the words yes and no beneath on opposite side of the page. Place an object, a coin for example [not silver as ghosts shy away from silver] between the responses after putting the paper someplace where neither man nor beast can easily get to it. See what happens. I will warn however that before you do so that you say aloud that only beings of the pure white light are allowed to respond. You could draw a pentagram on the paper to ward off negative energies - I would.

  Now back to the ghost realm issue that I brought up earlier. Please have your mother take your son into the light. If he has already gone nothing is lost. If he hasn't, which sounds like a possibility, he should, for everyone's sake, go. Otherwise he may lose sight of the light, and a haunting could result. I would like to recommend a book to you as your e-mail reminded me of it. Shop around for "The Other Side" by James Pike.

  Well Lyn, I hope that I have been able to help in some small way. If there is anything else that I can assist you with you know where to find me.  

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