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QUESTION: Can angels and demons assume physical forms by themselves? In multiple places this is said to be possible. In the Old Testament, there is a story about Abraham being visited by angels, and these angels actually eat food. On several websites, it is stated that aliens are in fact demons that use their knowledge to deceive mankind by pretending to be something else. But for this to work, they would need(and use) physical bodies. There are multiple instances where this seems to be true(like the sons of God stories, or zombie/ vampire tales which are also said to be demons). So, can/do angels and demons use human-like, biological bodies, or is it just a misunderstanding? If so, what is the truth about the things written above? Thank you for taking your time to answer these questions!

ANSWER: Hello Joseph,

Can they appear as human beings, or animals, or whatever shape they want .. yes.  Can you reach out and touch one and find it solid .. I have done that with an angel, but not with a demon, but I would assume it is possible, given the first experience.

Angels visit people all the time, better yet, they are around us all the time.  We each have our own guardian angel, who comes into the world with us when we are born, and will walk us into the face of God when we die.  They come from the group governed by Archangel Michael.  The guardian angel stands behind your right shoulder.  It can look either male or female, but it is neither, as angels do not have 'gender' as we define it.  Nor do demons, no matter what shape they might present themselves in.

Angels can eat food.  Food is just energy.  They can transform energy into whatever they like, so eating is not usual .. just unnecessary.

Do you believe every website you visit?  I certainly don't.  In reality I have 'met' Pleidians, said to be one of the 'friendly' alien races, as spirit guides for living humans.  They were certainly not demons.  Demons, however, because they can look like anything they want to, can take on the form of various forms of aliens, mainly to terrify living humans.  An alien form would then become useful when trying to convince a living person to give them whatever the demon wanted.  

As for demons 'needing' human bodies to pretend to be something .. that's a load of nonsense.  Demons just want to destroy humanity, mind, body and spirit.  They suppress the will of the person whose body they 'inhabit' (possess), if they are given the chance, and will use that body to harm him or herself, and others, if they can.  This has nothing to do with aliens.

Are vampires demons?  Do you know anyone who you spend time with that makes you feel really exhausted and depressed .. and yet they walk away from you feeling better?  There .. you've met your first 'vampire'.  Psychic vampires are normal human beings whose energy system is damaged.  Some know no better, and some deliberately choose to 'feed' on human energy, just as demons and ghosts do (not spirits).  There are sanguine vampires, who are living people who have a taste for blood and choose to feed it to themselves, from other people or not.  If the giver chooses to allow this, that's their business, IMO.  The sanguine are thought to have something wrong with their genetic makeup, but they might simply enjoy the sense of power that comes with the taking of 'life (force)'.  

Zombies .. well, we know they exist.  They are living human beings who have been fed poison that suppresses their will and makes them unwitting servants of whomever took command over them.  There are enough stories from countries such as Africa and Haiti to support this form of zombism .. but not the 'living dead must feed on brains' version that the media presents in horror movies.

The 'sons of God', from the bible, are also called Nephilim.  They are supposed to be the hybrid entity created when fallen angels had sex with living women.  Given that demons (fallen angels) are energy beings, not human beings, they cannot breed.  It takes both the male and female genetic material to create a child.  Demons do not produce genetic material because they do not have human bodies, and invading a human male and making him ejaculate means that it is his spiritual essence, not the demons, that creates the child within the woman .. regardless of whom (or what) is running the body.  In other words, this story is false.

So no, angels and demons do not take over human bodies, kicking out the human spirit, to do so, and use them in ways that do good or harm to the living.  Angels won't do that.  They are not allowed to interfere in human free will.  Demons can't do anything but suppress the will of the spirit in the body.  The 'owner' of the body remains within it, which adds to the torment as s/he must helplessly watch what their body is doing.

Now you can answer a question for me .. why do you want to know?

Love & Peace


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: First of all, thank you for your great answer! This definitively cleared up a lot of things. As to your question. Why I asked this? Well, I was browsing a forum yesterday and someone gave a link to a Christian website. Perhaps out of curiosity, I decided to check it out. There were many interesting articles there, but then it started to speak about the demon/alien theory and their deeds,and this made me remember all those instances I've mentioned in my question. I just thought only an expert with your kind of experience can tell whether it's true or just non-sense. I think the way these articles were written could terrify a reader with little or no knowledge in these kind of things.. I've placed this as a follow-up question in case you would like to add more...

ANSWER: Hello again,

Do you remember the weblink to the Christian site?  I would love to have a look.  I have fun reading things like that .. it provides me interesting information for articles that I write.

Thank you,
Love & Peace

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I've been searching that forum and the thread(subject) seems to be deleted. They sometimes do that when people tend to argue using strong words and offensive language related to the subjects being debated. Anyway, there are multiple websites which present such claims and many more. They speak about(I've just read them today in an attempt to present you with another, more useful website. These are not the kind of stuff I usually read.) evil organizations, government alien contacts kept secret, a plan to enslave&destroy mankind and a devil that pretty much runs everything(the world) Do you believe such websites hold some truth, or are nothing but crazy conspiracy theories born in the minds of some internet users with a lot of imagination? Thank you for answering!:)

Hello again,

I am not a conspiracy theory person, though I do know demons exist and they do control some people, usually weakwilled ones, and those who choose who consciously choose to work with them.  Whether they control the people in various governments .. or groups like the Illuminati exist .. its entirely possible, all I can do is hope they don't.  Humanity is nasty enough by itself without getting help from entities that want us all destroyed.  Anyone fool enough to 'choose' a connection to that sort of energy will end up exactly where the dark wants them, usually in an insane assylum or dead.  In the meantime, I will just focus on my life and helping those people I can, and trying to be the best person I can be .. otherwise we all end up living in fear of 'what if' .. and fear any kind feeds the dark.

As to Christians arguing among themselves, or with athiests or other sects or belief systems .. that's ok, everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Let's  just try and be nice about it? :-)  

And if the aliens decided to come and control humanity, it might do humanity some good to have a common 'enemy' to make them work together, but until it happens .. and I hope it never does .. we'll all just be individuals with a million different opinions, fears and beliefs.  No problem there.  That's what makes us special.

Thank you for looking things up for me.  No problem that the site was gone.  A bit of peace is a wonderful thing,

Love & Peace

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