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On 1/7/13 my autistic son Marco attacked me violently scratching and gouging at my neck. We were at a friends house and she saw his eyes. She said they went pure black and this really scared her. She's one to watch all of the scary movies and this had her more freaked out than all of them. She said that was Marco's face but that was not Marco - she'd never seen anything like it before. About ten minutes after, he started laughing uncontrollably-very unnerving indeed.

I've lost count of all the times he's attacked me.

Please, this has been happening close to two years. I have been told by more than one person that my fireplace is a portal that needs to be closed and that I do have good and evil in my home. On retrospect, nothing happened before we got the fireplace opened up for use.

We are desperate. I am trying to be careful so as not to make it any worse. We've even heard a deep growling come from Marco's throat while his mouth was shut.

I feel them all the time giving me something akin to goosebumps. Sometimes I see a shadow move very quickly. At other times something will be knocked off the wall unit or the kitchen sink right in front of me. At other times we will hear a noise like something fell over. When we go to see, nothing is out of place. I've even experienced an extremely cold spot with my husband in the lounge room.

I have personally experienced odd smells. At 11pm one night I could smell cigarette smoke very strongly. No one was outside smoking. Another night I could smell burning plastic. I asked my husband if he could smell it because it was so strong and he said he couldn't until he came over to me. Also in bed with him right next to me-he still couldn't smell it, even though it was very strong in my nostrils. On one occasion we both walked inside after being out and could smell like toast had just been made. That was 1pm.

I have a recording of Marco in the bathroom and you see him interacting with them (at least two) and they are also seen on the film going by the screen. The video camera also moves by itself more than a few times.

I'd hate to think that Marco is possessed but I fear that he may be on his way. Please help me get my boy back. He's always been sweet and gentle - not the aggressive, angry young man he has become.

Marco is a 16 year old severely autistic boy with an intellectual disability thrown in the mix. I try to tell him that they are not his friends and to stop talking to them. He attacks me.

Marco's education is suffering due to violent outbursts at school. Now he can't go out on school outings because of the safety of the public and students. He is now of age to be formally charged if charges are laid.

I watch him all the time. He's talking and nodding and looking in their direction. He even looks up. It's really worrying. There's a certain look of knowing in Marco's eyes. Please help us. Marco is very comfortable with these things (which I call demons). I hate them with a passion. I am also extremely scared for my son.

His eyes go black at times. He'll look at me from across the dinner table-freaking me out. He doesn't sleep sometimes or eat.

We've gone through a paediatrician. Because he's 16 now, he sees an adult psychiastrist who has him on 'Epillim'-a medication for epilepsy! Marco doesn't have epilespy.

He's always saying "What did you say?" my younger son Daniel told me that he saw a black figure with wings on top of my head trying to get inside me. He said a prayer for me and it went away-thank God. This happened in the first year.

The people that used to live here were basically satanists. There were rumours of consensual sex between a mother and son. They had an upside down Xmas tree bolted to the ceiling. The lounge had deep red walls with a 6 foot tall 'Freddy Kruger' doll in the back corner.

We are hoping to move to give Marco peace even though we realise it may follow. We have to try anything and everything. Please help us. We feel helpless.

One night I witnessed Marco sit up and listen to it. He then nodded and instantly grabbed my arm bruising it terribbly. That made me realise that they are most definitely influencing him against me. I am the main target.

Please get back to me ASAP as you are my only option that I have found.

Thank you for your consideration and assistance in this most urgent matter.

A very worried mother.


I am so sorry you're having this problem.

I have had several cases involving autistic children being maligned by unexplainable torment that medical aid could not abate. It is not uncommon for doctors to tag certain physical and neurological behaviors as an epileptic issue although the underlying prognosis may actually be a non-specific disorder which resembles temporal lobe problems.

Sometimes there is also an anomalous locus spot in the temporal lobe that looks suspicious but doesn't account for the paranormal manifestations in the household as witnessed by others.

Are you able to contact me through my phone number on my web site

I would prefer to continue this discussion off the board. I can assist you to understand much more about what's happening.


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