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My name is Pascal. I am a Christian. I believe in spiritual entities and deity like God, Archangels, angels, devil, demon. I'm still learning about the matters of the spiritual realm. Things in the spiritual realm are important because they play a great role in influencing certain circumstances in the physical world. I heard that sometimes God allows angels to manifest physical in human form to perform certain assignments. I know the bible story of Abraham who encountered 3 angels of which one of them told him about his future child and the other 2 proceeded to Sodom to rescue Lot and destroy the wicked city. Apostle Peter was rescued by an angel from the prison he had been put as a result of people's prayers. I also heard that each one of us have a personal guidian angel who is in charge of protecting us and helping us. Some people say guidian angels accompan us to our next destination when we die. I don't know if this guidian angel is what people call a spirit guide.
I want to start experiencing the angelic encounters and spirit guides. I have a trouble getting to meditate so i may likely consider an adventure in the dream state when i'm sleeping and resting. That is when my psychic senses are fully aware. So my question is as follows: Are guidian angels the ones referred as spirit guides? Can you atleast be able to sense who is my spirit guide - whether he or she appears as a male or female?

Hello Pascal,

In my personal experience with psychic abilities over 13 years, I can tell you that my knowledge is that true Spirit Guides of a Divine nature are either Angels or the Holy Spirit.

I am a clairaudient discernment intuitive. My primary psychic skill is communication through thought transfer with non-physical energies. That works for Divine help and with avoiding demonic entities. I can hear both in my head.

The trick is to know what you're dealing with whether you're clairaudient or not. Both realms of Light and Dark can come through all psychic abilities you may have. Therefore you must learn to discern through thought, feeling and intuitive abilities how to spot hostile and deceiving entities from loving and truthful ones. This takes vigilance, patient practice and Divine protection mostly through prayer and faith.

As biblical angels can take human form to perform God's will, so can demonic fallen angels take human form to perform Lucifer's will. Angels of Light communicate as comforters, guides, protectors and warriors. Demonic forces communicate as fearful presences, stealthy trouble makers, psychological tormenters and dangerous destroyers of human life.

All paranormal activity that manifests as scary, confusing, uninvited, invasive or dangerous to your health and happiness is demonic. That includes ghost deceptions, unexplainable auditory tricks in the environment while awake or sleeping, inexplicable temperature variations, movement of objects, unexplained sleep interruption patterns and touching experiences.

Paranormal activities that create stress, anxiety, worry, fear, depression, failing health, lethargy, hopelessness and irrational violent behaviors in humans is demonic influence around you or family members.

Angelic manifestations from God are subtle, gentle, noninvasive, nonthreatening, and otherwise are only grossly apparent as a visible manifestation in crisis situations meant to calm and protect you.

Basically demonic entities operate in your face while angelic energies work in the background. Demons come forth with or without invitation. Angelic forces are sent when God acts on your behalf because of your prayers and requests for assistance. Your personal relationship with God on a daily basis works as your shield. Lucifer attacks everyone whether they call him or not.

You should always seek Divine communications rather than low level entities. I know you're trying to do that. Just remember that spiritual trickery abounds. Be strong in your faith and intent to do God's service. This is the reason you have psychic abilities to begin with. They are meant to be used as God desires not as you do. If you approach your development as a Divine assignment as yet not revealed to you, you will get plenty of Divine help.

In the meantime, I recommend these books to explain things to you better:

Trust Your Vibes - Sonia Choquette
Ask your Guides - Doreen Virtue
Clean House, Strong House - Kimberley Daniels
School of the Supernatural - Ryan Watt

Keep educating yourself. These are great books to get you started on the right path.


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