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Hi there. I'm a big believer of messages that the universe send us often in different forms and ways. For instance when I'm driving if a bird crosses my path really close I say Hello Holly Spirit, God bless us all, because I believe that bird was a way of the Holly Spirit -one of the trinities that make up God- to say Hi to oneself when we are in harmony with nature and the forces that rule the universe. My cousin Anita is the "vident" of the family so to speak and lives in another country. She interprets dreams of all relatives and has visions and premonitions sometimes. The other day I saw her in one of my dreams and I called her the next day, without telling her I had dreamed of her. She told me she had a dream about me in where the lemon tree in her back patio all of a sudden started to die and became all dried out, black like if burned. There was a book nearby, she went and opened it and there it was my picture. And then a few days ago I came home late from dinning with friends at 10PM and was playing with my two pit bull puppies in my porch and a dove came flying knocking itself on the ceiling right on top of me, then crashing on my entrance door -that was closed- and falling to the floor just to go up again and fly in circles just to crash again the door, fall to the ground again and this time taking off in the dark skies of the night. I know some birds get lost and unusually fly at night and their night vision is limited so they become disoriented and crash against doors or objects but being myself an spiritual person I take it as a message. Could you be able to tell me what message, if any, could this be? Thanks for your answer.

Sounds dramatic, doesn't it, Agustine ..

The dying and drying up of a lemon tree, the bird that shouldn't have been flying at night.  Poor babe.  I wonder what frightened it so badly that it leapt from its safe perch, aimed for the light .. did you have, or need, a light on the verandah at that time .. and then crash landing and knocking itself silly.  I wish they wouldn't do that.  We had a window, at our old house, that was a bird-magnet, until my husband hung the shape of an owl in it, to stop the small birds flying into it.

The lemon, in dreams 'constitutes bitterness or indicates a state of perpetual troubles', the tree symbolises life force; living gifts; natural talents.  If we go by what you cousin said, the dream is about you .. but I read it this way .. your 'troubles' are drying up and disappearing, not your gifts.  The bird .. shows there's a bit of a dizzy 'ride' coming, so watch your step.  The bird didn't die at your feet .. after some confusion it flew away just fine.  It was probably perched in a tree with its head spinning for a while there .. and you might end up feeling the same, but in the end, I think you'll both be ok.

Love & Peace

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