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I am being bothered by a ghost in my house.

It is a new house. New subdivision, new neighborhood.

It slams the cupboards, kicks the cupboards, slams my desk, taps the walls constantly, knocks, tries to open the door, I looked behind me and I saw a big black cloud, it was jumping up and down trying to get my attention, then it kicked the chair I was sitting in. Every night at my desk it kicks my chair when I'm sitting in it. Guess it wants my attention?

I heard loud footsteps and the whole house shook. I heard it crashing around in the bathroom touching the shampoo bottles and soaps. What a noisy ghost!

At night it shakes the bed constantly and pokes me and puts its cold hands in inappropriate places. Yes it is reading me typing this. It tried to scratch me once, and it grabbed my elbow once while I was eating dinner. I felt its entire cold body pushed into my back once.

I told it that I forgave it I wasn't mad but that it needs to go into the light and go to heaven and be happy instead of miserable stuck in this house stuck between realms on earth but it won't leave me alone.

I am not sure whether this is a good or bad spirit.

Do you have any tips for me?

How do I get rid of this pest.

Hello Ghost Stuck,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts with your concerns. It is neither a good or a bad 'spirit'. A spirit is one who has made the journey into the light and is now a more evolved and growing person. A ghost did not entered the light in the first place, or had entered the light and left soon afterward when it decided that it would rather be elsewhere. Elsewhere is the realm of the ghosts - not a good choice. What you have is a ghost, a poltergeist to be precise.

  There are likely more ghosts around than we are aware of. Many are content with their situation and have very little, if any, interaction with the living. These are what I label as content ghosts. Any ghost that makes it's presence known is by definition being a 'noisy' [polter] 'ghost' [geist]. It is a matter of the amount and type of 'noise'. Then there are the ones who are destructive and bullying - 'destructive, bullying' [polter-er] 'ghost' [geist]. There is also "poltergeist-like" activity which is caused by a living human and not by an entity from beyond the veil. These types of activity are known as recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis [RSPK] or stress induced psychokinesis [SIPK]. The latter two may or may not be a factor in what is occurring in your home. That would depend on whether there are people living there who are between the ages of 12 and 20, or if there is a lot of stress occurring in one or more people residing in the home.

  Let's work with the assumption that your home is haunted by a poltergeist, the average run of the mill attention seeking ghost. These types of ghosts thrive on attention. They are not necessarily "bad" as you asked - not in the sense of evil. That would depend on the individual ghost. Evil in life usually means evil in death. Son of Sam didn't become Mother Theresa the moment his heart [if he had one] stopped. So not knowing your ghost makes it impossible to say what his personality or agenda is. As to whether the individual himself is bad, I can't say - whether or not the activity is bad I can say, yes, of course, it is unwarranted, unwanted and causing stress and hardship on those who reside in the home.

  I have heard your story many times before, where a family moves into a new house, one that should not have any activity, one that has not been around long enough to have any type of history only to discover that it is haunted. And the nature of the haunting is usually typical of poltergeits activity. Could this be caused by the human element of reaction to the stresses of relocating? Yes, that is possible and would therefore result in RSPK or SIPK. But often that is not the case. Your situation, and the activity that you describe does not sound as if it is human induced, not living human anyway.

  I would like to offer another possibility of something that also mimics what is referred to as poltergeist-like activity. That is activity that is caused by a non-human element. No I'm not talking 'demons' here, [or imps, fairies, elfs, gnomes, elementals or what ever else the imaginative, idle mind can conjure up], but rather the ghost of an animal. If one truly looks at a lot of poltergeist activity, it can be compared to that of an over active, rambunctious dog. Scratches... things being moved... bumps and bangs...and formless 'shadows'. Ghost animals can include cats, dogs [as in life cat ghosts are more stubborn than dog ghosts], horses, birds, elephants... generally the more intelligent and aware the animal the better chance that it may become a ghost. That is why there are no cockroaches in the afterlife - so much for basic survival skills - they might be able to live without a head for a month but once they're gone, they're gone!

  Unfortunately poltergeists are not that easy to get rid of. If one has a priest in, or performs some other type of ritual or blessing that has any religious overtones at all they will disappear for a bit and then come back with a vengeance. Wounded bears and "exorcised" poltergeists - two things you don't want to confront. Poltergeist activity is rather like a bringing a pot of water to boil and then turning off the heat. It warms up [initial activity] gets stronger [boils] stays hot but begins to cool and eventually evaporates. Trying to get rid of it only increases the heat in most cases. Poltergeist cases typically last from a single day to several years - then they go as mysteriously as they came.

  Poltergeist are the gluttons of the ghost family. They thrive on energy and would prefer human bio-energy over batteries and household current, but will take what they can get. They are energy-holics because of the amount of activity they produce. It is similar to a bodybuilder needing more energy than a desk-jockey. The more termoil, stress and fear that they can produce the more bio-energy is created and the living themselves set the buffet for these parasites to live off of. It is very common for members of the household to fight and argue way more than they use to. The solution is fairly easy. Do not feed the bears! As hard as it may be, let them throw their tantrums. Let them shake, rattle and roll until they are exhausted. They are amused by peoples reactions - don't react. They are fed energy by reactions - don't react. They will get bored and find greener pastures. Bullies are attention seekers with fragile egos and a polter-er geist is nothing more than a dead bully.

  It would be a good idea if you were to do a non-religious ceremony to rid your home of as much negative energy as possible. This ceremony is a general cleansing and is not directed toward the entity itself. That is important, that it is not directed towards the entity. It is getting in the bullies face that tics them off, this does no such thing. It is preaching to them and/or "kicking them out" that makes them angry.

  I can give you directions on how to perform this simple cleansing as well as how to invoke the protection of your guardians and angels. I do not put this information out to the general public so I can not put it here in the answer. Please write to me at

or via the 'contact us' form at

and I will get that information out to you. Please remind me who you are when you write.  As I said, this type of activity is among the most difficult to get rid of and usually goes away on it's own over time. But we can make it more bareable. I hope that this has helped in some way and that you will contact me so that I can get that information out to you. In the mean time, take care and don't let this get too far under your skin.

Ciao for now,
Greg Pocha / Paranormal Phenomena / All Experts

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