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QUESTION: I tried to email you. It would not go through because the error says your email address is not registered with iMessage.

This morning I was woken around 6am to my son in the bathroom. He needed assistance with his bowels-not unusual. When I went to his bedroom, I noticed urine on the floor. I thought it was the dog so I checked. It was human. Marco has never done this before.
2 days ago (15/8/13) at around 10am I was home alone with my dog. He was in the lounge room and I was in the dining room when I noticed a fart smell. It was coming from my left hand side. I automatically blamed the dog. On retrospect, it didn't smell like a dog-it was human. It lasted for around 30 seconds and disappeared then I got cold-I was under blankets with a dressing gown on. This lasted for a few minutes which I told my husband about when he got home.

I have smelled men's cologne, cigarette smoke, burning plastic and even freshly made toast. This is the first time I have smelt a foul odour. My own research says this is a bad sign. Is that right?

Please get back to me soon. I feel it has stepped up in activity. Please let me know what is going on.

Also, when I message you, should I make the question private?

Thank you.

ANSWER: Rebecca,

I suggest you call me via my web site phone number or send your phone number or email to me as a private communication on this board so I can contact you back.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Christine,

Here is my email :  

I very much appreciate your patience in trying to establish a private communication with me.

Please contact me ASAP so we can get this problem sorted.


ANSWER: No email address was in the body of your text. Perhaps AllExperts will not send this info. I'm not sure. Ask another question on AllExperts and go private. Use another email address is you have to. Privately, I can at least answer some questions for you. I can also give you my personal email and we can try that.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes I think that is what happened. I don't think they let my email through.

Thank you for your advice and I really appreciate you giving me your personal email to try to sort this out once and for all.

Please, I need some answers. Please help me.



It occurs to me that you can try going to my web site and get to my main page and click directly on the link where I say email me. That link forwards to my personal email.

If you just attempted to send me an email to by plugging it into your personal email system, it won't work. You need to go via my web page email link only. There should be no reason why any global click on the direct link won't forward to my personal email.

Otherwise go private on the AE board with a new subject question header.

If you get through to me, I will answer in the morning here - East Coast USA. It's almost 8 pm now.


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I am a psychologist, parapsychologist and professional Medium. I am also the Director of East Coast Hauntings Organization (ECHO)for 12 years. My scientific team is staffed by well experienced investigators and consultants: two psychologists, veterinarian, Certified Medical Technician, Office Administrator, retired marine, retired army officer,Computer Software Engineer,and ordained minister.

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Most of my clients are private home owners. However, I do investigate major historic properties and commercial sites. Lately, I have been doing almost exclusively dark entity cases in the process of infestation and oppression of homeowners and my experience in theis area is now extensive. My organization has been the only group to ever get permission to investigate Fort Macon and Currituck Lighthouse.

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