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Hi. I'm a 25 year old guy from India. From a very young age I had been constantly praying, reading the Bible regularly and going to church and have been very spiritual. Recently, I had gone to see a Pastor in my hometown. My cousin told me that he is a very gifted person and has the gift of prophesying. This Pastor has prophesied many incidents and issues accurately for my cousin and his family. So he asked me to come and meet him. When I went to meet this Pastor, he started to pray for me. As he was praying, he suddenly said that there is a demon inside me and he started praying to send that demon away from me. In fact he was actually performing an exorcism on me. During this time, I had a tightening in my right side of my neck and suddenly i felt my body go completely light for a few seconds. Then the Pastor told me that I had the demon was that of a women's. Then he told me that there is a married women who I have lust for and there are people who will force me to marry her.But here is the thing, I don't know any married women and I don't have lust for any married women. So I don't know why the Pastor who is normally very accurate in his prophecies has said things that I had never done and I don't know why a demon was inside me. All this really freaked me out. Please give me some idea as to whats going for me. I have seen ghosts and have experienced abnormal presence about two to three times in my life but that was a long time ago, does it have any relationship with the demon which the Pastor has said was inside me. Also I would like to know how I was able to see the ghost ( my mother was also able to see it). Thank you in advance.

Hello Jefferson,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your concerns. It is always nice to hear from people in India! This is one of those issues that is difficult to answer due to the fact that I am not familiar with all of those concerned, especially the personality, background, and practices of the pastor of whom you speak. However, there is a lot that I can help you with based on the information that you have given me.

  I must congratulate you on your decision to contact an outside source instead of blindly accepting what was handed to you. Allow me to address some of the issues that concern me about your situation.

  First of all, anybody can make predictions, and the more that one makes, the more likely that a handful will come true. That is not the ability to see into the future, that is the ability to make lucky guesses. It is proven that people, especially those who are either prone to believe, or disparate to believe can hear a prophet or a "psychic" tell them a dozen errors, but will only remember the few "hits". Even a blind man can eventually hit a bird if he shoots enough arrows into the air. I make lucky guesses all of the time, you have too... who hasn't? But the difference is that some people then get carried away and begin to convince themselves that they have some sort of actual gift. That how pseudo-psychics and pseudo-mediums are born. Now if a pastor assumes or presumes that he has the gift of prophesy due to some lucky guesses, then he is liable to run with that belief as it fits his mind set and life style. In his mind he should have such a gift and ability due to his standing as a man of god, and he will hold that belief and expand on it whether the gift is actual or presumed. The same is obviously indicated by his exorcising a demon, another attribute that supposedly come with his position [and profession].

  This falls into the category of proof. This pastor, like so many pseudo-mediums, often say things that can not be confirmed or substantiated, and then when questioned arrogantly proclaim that what they say is the truth and we mere mortals are unable to see it. In the case of a genuinely gifted person, this may hold a semblance of truth, but in the vast majority of cases it is just another delusion put forth by a delusional person. It is one thing to have a gift, and a rare gift at that. It is another thing to convince oneself via auto suggestion and want to have a "gift" that exists only in the mind of the "gifted" as so many "seers" have. The more lucky guesses that are tallied up [at the expense of conveniently ignoring the failed ones], and the more people who look up to this person, the stronger the delusion takes hold... for everyone.

  I suppose that the test is how many predictions of this pastor were specific and how many were just general things that were predicted to come true at some unspecified place on some unspecified date. Generalizations are pretty safe and a common practice that pseudo-psychics and seers use, and is very similar to a technique known as cold reading. Ask yourself if this pastor makes specific predictions, predictions that are unarguable in their accuracy - exact people, exact events, exact places, exact times - the key word being EXACT, after all, God does not guess! After all, his ability is a gift from God, isn't it? {I always wanted to be able to use this quote from Albert Einstein, although the circumstances are different than when he said, "God does not play dice with the universe.' Although taken out of context, it applies here.] The point that I am making is that if this pastor is receiving actual divine foresight, there should be zero errors.

  You yourself can see the problem of the so called demon, you know, the one that does not exist. We have a few sayings in North America that may apply, "Talk is cheap.", "Put your money where your mouth is", or just plain "PROVE IT!". What that all means is that it is easy to proclaim something, but it is harder to back up that proclamation, especially in the areas of religion, the paranormal or the psychical. You have see this and have wisely questioned the events.  

  Jefferson, I do not think that you had a demon and more importantly you do not think that you had a demon. Often times when a guess goes wrong the defensive "Well it is true, you just don't know it" card is played. Seers, prophets, psychics, mediums and what have you don't like to be wrong, and hate it even more when errors are brought to their attention. At least the guys who guess you weight at carnivals have a scale to back them up. With that in mind I will close by saying that I may b wrong, I still don't think, in my opinion, that you had a demon. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

  If I can be of any more help with this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope that this has shed some light on your concerns.

Take care,
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