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I currently work in a motel. usually there is no one here for my shift, 7am-3pm. about three days ago there was a phone call from a room. nothing weird, intell i answered . there was heavy breathing and then loud static. it started happening over and over. it was becoming annoying. so a house keeper and i went up there to check and see what was going on. the room had been condemned due to a huge storm we got and the phone was disconnected, un plugged . so yes at  first i was a little freaked out. but it could have been a glitch in the phone system. i started to ask around, "have u got a phone call from 262?" i always got the answer "no". the weird thing about the whole situation is i use to sleep in that room before i got in my apartment. no one else gets these phone calls from 262, and u can see what room is calling u on this phone, it tells u which room. i can not explain this. the phone call comes in every time i have been working at least once, if not over and over. there is nothing but static when i answer. and its to weird that no one else gets these calls. this motel was once a morgue, and a brothel at one point. these phone calls freak me out... what should i do

Hello Kim,

  Thank you for your letter. It is unfortunate that there was so much flooding this last year. Southern Alberta got hit hard as did our neighbor across the border, Montana, where you are writing from. The first and most obvious thing to do is to make certain that the switchboard has not shorted out due to the humidity. Another possibility is that you are either being pranked, or worse, have fallen prey to a pervert. Luckily there are laws against telecommunication tampering. This is worth considering as your safety may be at risk.  If you feel that this is the case in your situation you will definitely want to contact the proper authorities.

  Another thing to do is to make certain that nobody has wired into the line or has any chance of access into the room. Ex-employees might have a room or master key in their possession. There are devices that fit over door handles to prevent entry. One should be installed. Make certain that the windows are shut tight and a call to your phone service provider can get a technician out to look at the lines.

  Having looked at some of the most logical explanations for the occurrences I will now approach this from the viewpoint that there may be something paranormal going on. Ghosts have been know to make phone calls and unplugging a phone seems no deterrent. The phenomena falls into the category of ITC or Instrumental Trans-Communication [which is actually a better thought out name and applies to the phenomenon more accurately than the erroneous term of evp].

  The history of the motel would add a bit of credibility of a ghost from the brothel days to have become attracted to you, especially since you actually spent time living in the motel. The fact that it was at one time used as a morgue, despite the obvious association with death leads me to believe that that has little to do with your situation. Ghosts haunt places that were significant or held meaning to them in life. Morgues do not fit that category, as neither  do funeral homes or graveyards - that is myth, not fact. It is far more likely that a ghost would return to a place where his carnal desires were quenched and gratification could be purchased. Those are the types of places that attract a certain clientele, whether the activities of the place has changed or the "John" is dead. The room likely holds residual energy and an active ghost.

  You will want to apply a generous coating of either sea salt or Kosher salt to the floor of the room to remove bad energies. A smudging would do wonders, but it could be offensive to the guests as strong odors would be present. Think of it this way, it is pest removal whether the pests on question have six legs or two.

  You will have to write to me at  for the information regarding smudging. I can also give you an invocation for your protection.

  Kim, my first impression and the one that I would run with is that you are victim to a prank where someone has hacked the phone. My second is that a pervert is at work. If possible, start recording the times of the calls and the actual calls themselves. Call recorders can be purchased at Radio Shack. Although there is the possibility of this being paranormal, the normal, even if it is abnormal in that it is perverse, must first be eliminated.

  Please contact me for the additional information or should you have any other concerns with this issue.

Take care,

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