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When I was 13...I used to play the weegie board alot.Then over the years..I started sensing spirits even the bad ones.The good spirits were cold..but if they were back would burn or feel slightly warm.But I still can sense them...and were they are in the room and what area or what they are feeling.I used to use the weegie board to talk to them or make my own when i was 13. But it got to the point where I didn't need it any more and I can understand them and just talk to them like a regular person just talking to them with my mind and sometimes out loud.But now that I am 28...sometimes I cant hear em like I used to.Its distorted and short convoes now.But I can still sense them.My friend(ex boyfriend)Chris died in the Delaware river this year on July 10 2013.I was still in love with chris still.when I heard he got in to a accident I Stayed up all night and when 4:05 came I felt his soul leave. I new he was no longer here. I wanted to talk to him before he crossed over.I couldn't make out what he was saying...the only thing that I can make out was how upset he was and how sorry he was and how much he missed me I cried. I still feel him around just not as much as before.How come when  someone like my ex or family members that I love I cant talk to them.But if its a spirit I don't know it easy to talk to them? but when its someone i know or love its harder for them to talk o me? My question is what Am I? did I come to get this.

Hi Maria,

We all are born with the ability to use our psychic gifts. They come from God and are meant to be used in His service for good purposes doing His will. However, they are never forced upon us by God.

We usually have a decision to make - will we use them or not? To me, you appear to be very clairaudient. You also have other gifts you can learn to use as well.

Sometimes, low level spirits invade our space and force the issue of receptiveness before we're ready to make that decision and we are drawn into communication or interaction through na´ve curiosity, excitement, entertainment experiences, sympathy, or direct incitement by spirits to rush in headlong. None of these reasons are good ones to engage unknown voices without knowledge of how to discern what they really are and what their agenda really is.

I believe you should not be talking to anything until you learn practiced and perfected discernment abilities with your gifts first. There are Divine energies and Dark energies. Things that approach you are not Divine. They are stepping up to engage you personally for a reason. God doesn't push at you. He waits for you to initiate a specific and Divine intention to have a personal relationship with him daily.

How is your faith? Do you pray daily and seek Divine help? Are you actively looking for the right path with your abilities? If you aren't, the void of spiritual direction will be filled with imposters and deceiving entities. You need Divine backup and protection. I suggest the following books to help develop your plan of action.

Trust Your Guides - Sonia Choquette
Ask Your Guides - Sonia Choquette
Divine Guidance - Doreen Virtue
School of the Supernatural - Ryan Watt
Strong House, Clean House - Kimberley Daniels

Take this slow and easy. Enjoy it and don't do anything until you understand what's happening around you that you can't easy determine right now.


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