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The attached photo was taken in Silver Spring, MD on 9/16/13 at around 11pm. It was a pretty moon in the night sky that we were photographing, standing outside. I've identified 5 to 6 "ghostly faces" throughout the photo. I'd be curious to get your feedback and analysis.



Hi Andy,

Thanks for sending this photo.

Because of the large circular orb feature below the swirling masses, I'd say this was lens flare. Also the straight edge along the bottom of the right white mass against the brick background indicates a camera-generated anomaly not a paranormal one.

The faces you seem to see are caused by pareidolia - the brain's hardwiring that searches for visual cues in seeing human faces. This is an inherent mechanism beginning from birth that helps us to recognize our species, parents, etc. the minute we enter the world. This psychological effect creates an emotion of empathy.

A similar effect happens with simulacra. These are objects that create visual mosaic similarities resembling other things. This also includes the illusion of facial patterns.

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