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I am new to the paranormal scene. I have done a little reading here and there, but now I have an issue myself. Here's my problem:
My father passed away in April of this year. My mother had his ashes until about a week ago. They were split in half, and I brought my half home to my house in the urn I made for him. Since then, I have noticed a few strange things happening. First, I notice a light in my bedroom at night. It hovers in the corner, by the door. It comes and goes, but my husband never seems to see it. Second, things are misplaced. For example, I went to get a butterknife to make a sandwich earlier today, and my silverware are all in different slots, opposite of the way I keep them. I never feel scared or like I'm "being watched". I am just curious about the possibility of my father's spirit now being in my house now that his ashes are here.

Thank you for your time,

Hello Danielle,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your concerns. Allow me to offer my condolences on your loss. Let's see if we can make some sense out of what is happening in your home.

  I usually look to reasons for occurrences that are with-in the realm of what we consider normal [although the "normal" may seem strange] before I assume that something paranormal is taking place. Because the light is always in the same place and does not seem to move as you change where you are looking I will rule out eye 'floaters' or other eye problems. If it were a light coming from an external source there should be no reason that another couldn't see it as well as you. That is also not the case. When one runs low on rational explanations one has to start to look at the possibility of the paranormal as the cause of the event. That is likely the case here.

  You seem like the kind of person who is rational and would have asked around your household about the silverware. If you are like most you have your silverware in a tray that would keep them from being jostled around thus changing their position. So again, it is difficult to pin this down to a normal cause.

 The third thing that I would look at is the fact that this has happened only recently and apparently with cause, that being the relocation of a part of your father's ashes. The way people regard their bodies after they pass varies depending on just how "attached" to it they were in life. There are those who upon realizing that they are dead care little, if any, about their former shells and have no concerns what-so-ever about where it is finally placed. This is the attitude of the majority and I will therefore assume that your father is not concerned about the placement of his ashes in a negative way. What I think may be happening is that your father is in his own limited way letting you know that he is 1- doing Okay and everything is wonderful on his side 2- that yes, there is an afterlife, thus answering some of the questions that you have about the paranormal, 3- that he is watching over you in a non-evasive manner and 4- that he is appreciative of you going to the loving work of creating a special resting place for him. I believe the latter to be the greatest reason.

 It is easier for him to make his presence known to you as you have an open mind. From what you tell me I can not say for certain whether or not your father is in the ghost realm [caught between the spirit realm in the light and the physical realm of the corporeal, or has actually gone into the light as is now an evolving, growing being. I would place my money on the assumption that he did cross over and merely comes back in visitation. To make certain, the next time that you feel that he is making himself known to you gently remind him that he should go into the light in the event that he hasn't. Explain to him that he would have total freedom to come and go as he pleases and that the welcome mat is always ready for his visits, but that a whole new world awaits him. Also mention that you need him there to guide you over when it is your turn to make the journey. If he hasn't gone into the light, the reminder will be taken as concerned care and love from his daughter and if he has gone through there is no harm done in expressing your heartfelt concern. It is a show of love and love is the ruling factor in the spirit world in the light.

  Danielle, if you ever do try to speak to him always ask your spirit guides and gate-keepers [astral "bouncers"] from the pure white light for their protection before you make the attempt, and everytime you try. Even when communicating with a loved one it is best not to open the door to the entire realm of the deceased as you never know who is lurking in the shadows waiting for an unprotected opening. Always better safe than sorry.

  I hope that this has helped shed some light on what has been happening in your life. Your father is blessed to have a daughter such as you and you are blessed to have a father who is still there for you. The reason that your husband can not see what is happening is because the phenomena is meant for you alone. If I can be of any more assistance to you please let me know.

  Take care,
Greg Pocha / All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena  

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