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A friend of mine has dealt with high visual attunement to spirits for most of her life. I too am rather sensitive to the energies of paranormal entities and have been able to help her identify which ones are neutral and benevolent and one that was not so much. However her most recent visitor baffles me. she describes a white figure in a plain white mask. not quite anthropomorphic in nature aside from the simple design of two eye holes and a smiling mouth hole in the mask. its shape is best described by imagining if you draped a white sheet over a wooden pylon and placed a mask near the rounded top. i have not encountered this entity myself yet but its behavior is curious and a bit troublesome. It tends to stay a room away from her staring at her face from a distance, however occasionally it strays closer peering in at her face and elongating its "body" to get a better look (i suppose). the masked nature of the entity is puzzling and a bit frightening as i cant imagine a reason why this would be other than it being a manifestation of the spirit hiding something it doesnt want to be known. this in combination with its strong interest in faces is a bit worrisome despite its seemingly neutral behavior. What i want to know is what kind of spirit this may be and whether anything aught to be done about it.

Hi Michael,

  Thank you for writing to me at all experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your concerns regarding the apparition being witnessed by your friend.

  To begin with, this being is not a spirit. A spirit in my standards is one who has passed over into the white light where it is given the opportunity to grow and evolve. Someone who has not passed into the light is a ghost, plain and simple. A spirit would not show itself in any kind of cloaked manner; doing so would be outside of their character. However, a ghost can and may cloak itself. This ghost wants to be noticed, but not in the usual menacing was that most cloaked ghosts do. It is far more common for a cloaked ghost to only show it's eyes, or appear as a "blacker than black" mass, or not at all [their presence being felt but not seen]. not appearing at all is more common and easier on the ghost as it takes far less energy to not appear as anything than it does to appear as "something". So this ghost is appearing masked, thus hidden, but in a non-threatening demeanor. Another thing is that most cloaked ghosts have an agenda. S majority at making an attempt to scare people away from a particular location. me, the minority, may be actually attempting to hide a deformity that they had while alive. The others however are trying to scare people away from a location. This does not sound like the agenda or the actions of your ghost. Yours is passive.

  One thing that you must bear in mind at all times is that as mysterious and otherworldly ghosts are, they are still merely human beings with all of assets and liabilities that we, the living, possess. They are not different from an in-depth psychological point of view than they were while they were alive. For the most part they remain who they were in thought and personality as they were before they shed their bodies. That must be considered when you try to figure out why this individual is appearing the way that it is appearing.

  So who would wear such a disguise? A child ghost might. Let's face it, this being is showing itself as the stereotypical age old sheeted ghost, although the sheet may fit better. The mask seems immature. A ghost is as it thinks. A child, realizing that it is a ghost, is more likely to appear as what they believe a ghost "should" look like in accordance with what they believe. Trust me, this is rare as most children appear as they did in life, simply themselves. But every living person is an individual being and the same is true for ghosts, so who knows how this particular child and therefore particular individual decides to appear when it "appears as a ghost"? Another possibility, still using the analogy of one appearing as one "thinks" that a ghost should look and therefore doing so, may be due to the individual being mentally handicapped while alive. Both the child theory and the developmentally disadvantaged theory could explain not only the appearance, but also the apparent shy and withdrawn attitude of this being.  

  Another possibility is a prankster. Remember that personality does not make dramatic changes upon death, so a prankster in life is likely to be a prankster in death. I tend to doubt that this is the case here.

  Should anything be done about it? I believe so. Ghosts are trapped, lost, forlorn and confused. No human being deserves to be where they are, not if they have a choice [some choose to be there]. I believe that by gently approaching this being is the best way to handle it. Child or handicapped, this being's guides should be brought into play and reminded to do their duties and take this being into the light [guides have been known to slack off]. You and your friend should get your own guides to combine forces and find this beings guides. It should then be encouraged into the light. I am also assuming that both of you are asking your guides and gate-keepers for their continued protection. If not, start.

  If you and your friend are involved with contact from other realms of existence, you must do regular cleansing of your spaces and yourselves. The most common way is to do a saging or smudging ceremony. I can give you some information on that if you write me directly at
or via the contact us form from the Eidolon Project Canada's web site

 If you have any more questions or concerns regarding this, or any other issues that may arise in your experiences, do not  hesitate to contact me. I hope that this has helped shed some light on what your friend has witnessed.

  Take care,
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