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My husband of 16 years passed away (heart attack in the kitchen)on Friday, September 13, 1996.  After his death strange things started happening. Most notable: The sound of pebbles hitting the glass storm door and when I opened the door there were no pebbles and no one in sight, this occurred more than once.  My keys, that I ALWAYS keep in my purse disappeared, weeks later I found them in the bottom of his jewelry box under other things in the box, I was living alone at the time.  The strangest was when I adopted two stray kittens (he HATED cats), I had bought a new digital camera and had taken no pictures of the kittens, however when I tried to show friends or family pictures on my new camera there was a picture of the kittens jumping off the bed. Sometimes it was the only picture on the whole camera and sometimes it wasn't there at all.  This happened more times than I can remember.  I accepted all of these things as my husbands way of letting me know he was still here and never felt afraid in any way.  As a matter of fact I found most of it funny, he had a great since of humor, so it made perfect sense for him to play with me.
 It has been many years since I have "heard" from him so what happened last night gave me a start.  At 4:45 my son who lives here now woke me and ask if I had turned on his shower.  Of course I said no I was sleeping.  I got up to check and the tub was wet and the shower curtain was closed and the bathroom was humid form the hot water running.  My son said the shower was running full blast, it is a shower that has two handles to turn it on and both were on, I am ruling out plumbing issues. This made me uneasy, not like before.  I don't know if it has been because it has been so long between these things happening or if it's because maybe it wasn't my husband but something else?  
 Is it possible that my husband is back after all this time?  I had always felt he had moved on and had just hung around for a while to make sure I was okay.

Hi Cathy,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your concerns. I can tell that you have pretty much thought this out and you are correct in most of your conclusions.  

  I agree that your husband may have stayed around for awhile after his death to let you know that he is okay and that there is an afterlife. It is common for the deceased spouse to attempt to communicate with a living partner if they are able or more correctly, if they so desire. They will often do so in a way that is obvious to the loved one yet not so strong as to scare the bejebers out of them. That is why the occurrences were in subtle and specific to what you would associate with your husband's character and therefore meaningful and non-threatening  for you. Some people will find the fact they have survived death, so to speak, to be a pretty fascinating state to be in. They may stay behind for awhile to enjoy their new found freedom that comes with not having a physical body. Your husband may have tried to be noticed by others, maybe co-workers or children, but his efforts went unnoticed.

  You noticed and when you associated the events as being done by your husband, his work was done. You put two and two together and realized that his is fine and well and that life continues, and most importantly, that you were important enough for him to attempt contact. That "mission" being finished, he most likely went on to his new existence in the light where he is growing and evolving as a being. As he is not earthbound, as ghosts are, he is free to travel back to earth in visitation.

  Now I can at this point only speculate as to who was responsible for the shower episode. I tend to think that it was not your husband unless he is trying to get some point across the best that he can. If the shower, water, bath[room] or other related things holds any significance to either you or your son [as he was the first to notice it] then your husband may be trying to say something... I have no idea what, and if I were you, I would think about, but not dwell upon a meaning. If nothing comes to mind, let it go. Obsessing or over thinking the situation will just drive you crazy.

  So if it is not your husband [as he has proven himself to be non-frightening]who turned on the taps, then who was it? Well, your son and you seem down to earth and rational and obviously looked for the rational answer - and found none. It could have been due to a brief "explosion" of psychic energy that either one of you released. This is usually caused by extreme stress and could fall into the poltergeist-like activities known as RSPK [recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis] [more likely if your son is between the age of 13 and 20] or SIPK [stress induced psychokinesis]. It may never happen again. The phenomena could be called a psychic stroke - not a daily event but noticeable if it happens.

The other cause could be that the incident was actually due to an entity. Waterworks is a sign of poltergeist activity [thus the nick name "pool-tergeist}. But that in no way means that you now have a problem on your hands. One incident does not a haunting make. It is not uncommon for poltergeist activity to be as brief as what you experienced, a brief one time event. In truth, this type of activity is usually "flash in the pan" activity, although the longer ones get all the press. At this point there is no way of being certain if the event is paranormal [although showers do not turn themselves on as a rule], or if paranormal, what caused it, or if parapsychological [as in RSPK or SIPK], if it will happen again until the stress is resolved.

  I feel that this is not your husband, although there is no evidence to the contrary. I have to rely on my experience and say, with the uncertainty that is inherent with being involved in my field, that this is likely a one time astral or psychic "hiccup". If nothing else happens it was a hiccup. If events continue then some other factor is involved and you should contact me.

  Well Cathy, I hope that my answer has helped you with your concerns. The most important thing is to not put too much effort into worrying about this, it usually makes things worse. Get back to your daily routine knowing that no harm can come to you and yours, as you have guardians, that are watching out for you. And your husband is also aware of the situation. You're in good hands.

Take care,

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