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Hello ami, im in desperate need of your help as i am lost.

So where to start... i have had an really life-changing/enligthened year but it is starting to go to far and is interfering whit my life too much i get no sleep and feel like an half empty shell from time to time..

It all started whit vivid sexual dreams as a clueless clown that i am i actually enjoyed it and kinda allowed it and was curious how far it could go. I remember an woman knocking at my door and as i open i see this totaly beatifull woman staring at me i say hi who are you etc.. she says you know who i am andi totaly seducing me as we have a short konversation she asks me would you like to be my boyfriend? and ofc i say yes... bam i wake upp and cant stop thinking about her and suddenly i start to see shapes of her as i am awake.. i feel her touch and we get down sexually. verry strange feeling making love whit "air" anyway it didnt bother me so much at the time becous i could shut it off kinda.

Dream 2 this woman comes to me smiles and laugths i ask what are u laughing about? and she says im not your girlfriend and then suddenly her twin appears. she says we have been switching places whit eachother from time to time did u notice mathias? i say as it is, no and they ask if im okey whit 2 partners.. stupid me says yes.. well months go and i start to wear down and start reading all kinds of stuff on the net and go full paranoid never alone in my head as i know these beings read my mind all the time, i get cheeked in on the psyk-ward? i get some meds that i still take to this day.. they make it go away abit but not fully.. after couple of weeks out of "psykward" i feel i got to fight this thinking go away, i banish you from my precens, fucking whores leave me alone etc... 2 more spirits apear and i get this familliar feeling as it is my recently dead aunt trying to help me.. she strangles these "succubuses" tearing their hair etc... i feel finnaly some help but sadly she couldent help me.. my aunt is trying to tell me something but i simply dont understand what it is..months go by verry hard to sleep getting grinded on poked allways feeling this precens.. yesterday i went rampage all nigth yelling leave me alone whorestying to punch their faces body just feeling so exhausted and knowing gotta work in 6h 5h 4h 3h 2h 1h woho work time and no sleep wonderfull but lets go back 2h i put my hand out around this womans troath gripping it and really put in all my power i feel her grinding and trying to get away.. but i dont let go and then i feel no more resistance as if i killed her 1 of them. as i look around myself i see maybe 10-20faces of the smaller kind and i get this feeling that i kiöled their mother or teacher of some sort all these children are weeping and i just feelt this relief for a brief moment anyway im writing this as i am at work right now and i still feel alot of precens around me..
I need your help! ask me anything you need to know ile be glad to answer!

Hello Mathias,

To start with .. the Invocation on this link will remove all sorts of negative entities from around you.  The instructions are on the page, read it the way it is written.  Even if you don't believe in Jesus, demons do.

This next link is for white light shields  to help protect your energy and keep things from attaching to you.  Learn both and use them.

There is no easy answer to succubi or incubus.  Because the person gives permission for them to touch, share energy, take life force, perform sexual acts, and then welcome them back for more, getting rid of them is difficult.  You have to remove the permissions, one at a time, and stay firmly focused on not allowing the entity, or entities, back in your life.  There can be no regrets, no fear of them returning, no emotional output like 'wishful thinking' when sexually frustrated, or they will simply reappear, and the whole thing will start all over again.  

I recommend you see a counsellor for self esteem and sexual issues, which is what invites them in in the first place.

And no, you didn't 'kill' anything .. it was all a giant con - just another way to gain your sympathy, or regret, for what you think happened.  The 'children' and the 'weeping' were just pretend.  You can't strangle an energy being .. to strangle someone you cut off their oxygen .. demonic entities, and ghosts, don't breathe - they don't have physical structures to be damaged - but they can mess with your mind, make you feel sorry or guilty, and that is another way they invite themselves back in.

Start with the Invocation, do it every day .. go and find a very good counsellor, or psychiatrist, if you don't have one already, and get to know yourself very well.  Release the beliefs, fears and phobias that bind such entities to you ..

I wish I could be of more help, but there are no magic answers here .. just hard work.

Love & Peace

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