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Ok so I do not know who else to ask and I have been trying to look into information to see what is going on. I have a 7 year old daughter who is about to be 8. A few years ago she was asking if I could see the colored like dots everywhere and I told her no, I had no idea what she meant. So as I asked for her to explain she said she has always seen them it's like when the static is on the tv and it's like as they disappear more reappear in their place. She says she sees them awake and asleep and when she has her eyes open and closed. She said she can see thru them easily but that they constantly continue going. She has also over the past 3 years started seeing shadow like figures, or cloud like figures, and sometimes she has seen people that look almost normal that disappear. I have always been understanding and told her it is a gift because I honestly don't know. I was tempted to get a MRI to be sure nothing else was wrong. Last night my mom came and stayed the night and said she had a horrible dream and she was floating above her body and was really scared and was trying to scream but she couldn't. My daughter had been laying down with her and saw her having a bad dream and when she touched my mom it stopped. It started at my moms which I know had some not so nice spirits but got worse when we moved to this house a year ago. She is so scared of these things she has to sleep with me. My dog also seems to see something because he goes barking chasing something up the stairs thru out the night. She said after she touched my mom to wake her up the dots had orange appear which she doesn't usually see and it kept getting bigger and scared her. I just wanted to know what your opinion was on all of this. I figure It can't hurt to ask :) thankyou! Concerned worried mom!

Hello Ashley,

Yes, your daughter has a gift.  It is called 'clairvoyance', which means 'clear vision' .. and, by the sound of things, I think she sees spirit orbs, which are circles that are created in three different ways - by light from dust particles, or from water particles, or, in my opinion, from the energy created by human beings, both living and dead.  People also say they might be angel energy as well, but I don't agree with that.  There is a lot of speculation related around the orbs because we 'don't' really know what they are .. only they have never been harmful.

Your mother's dream .. she was astral travelling.  You can research that too.  We all astral travel when we sleep.  Our spirit slips out of our bodies and goes into the spiritual planes and meets friends and has experiences we cannot have while in our bodies.  Some people are conscious of this, most aren't.  Some can choose to do it whenever they want to, waking or sleeping.  This is all normal.  When your daughter touched your mother, just as she was leaving her body, your mother's spirit bounced back into her body very quickly, and she might have felt very stressed when she woke up within it.  I've done that myself.

The entity the dog was chasing, might be a ghost - which are probably the people your daughter is seeing.  The cloud shapes might have been when her gift was developing, but we also have elemental beings, which are nature spirits, that people can see too.  Because of the dog and your daughter, I suggest you have your house cleared.  You can ask the minister of your local church to do this, or have a medium (a person who talks to spirits and ghosts) come and talk to the ghost and cross it over, or you can use this Invocation, which is very effective, and do it yourself:  the instructions are on the page.

And then:   on that webpage are two energy shields that you create to protect yourself, your daughter and your home.  Again, the explanation on how to use them is there.  That will keep other ghosts out of the house.  It won't stop your daughter seeing orbs, but it might stop her seeing things at home.

What it comes down to is that there is nothing wrong with your daughter.  She doesn't need medical help, she just needs you to continue to be understanding of that fact that she was a remarkable gift, that can end up helping other people in their lives.  There are many children born in her generation that have that gift these days.  I suggest you keep a diary, and remember to date each entry, so that when she tells you things you have a solid record .. its interesting to read it again later.

Wishing you a good day,
Love & Peace

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