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I am sure you are familiar with these devices. At first they were expensive and you only saw them on shows like Ghost Adventures, now they are a lot cheaper, you can buy, and put a video on youtube.
They almost seem too good to be true. Intelligent answers from distinct voices. Are these things the real deal? If so, are they spirit voices or demonic? Will they become the new ouija boards?


Thank you for writing. This is a good question for everyone to know the answer to.

I have to be sincerely honest with you. In my fourteen years of paranormal research, I have encountered all types of spiritual activity. Based on personal experience, scientific evidence, and the circumstances in which my clients have encountered and even had to live, the difference between descriptions of ghost activity and demonic activity are interchangeable with one another.

In other words, the variety of possible phenomena manifesting in all cases is the same. The only difference between cases is the combinations of types of phenomena in one place versus another and the level to which activity appears to be a ghost versus a nonhuman entity.

There is not one type of paranormal manifestation seen only in a demonic cases nor one type of paranormal manifestation seen only in ghost cases. This is very telling.

Therefore you can not assume that because a ghostly figure is seen, that it's not a demonic mental projection or the morphing of an entity into another energetic shape. Demons are deceivers and liars. Mimicking human or animal forms, noises, voices, smells and comforting touching is the norm in the beginning of a demonic infestation.

Being a friendly ghost or playful child is also usual in demonic cases. It elicits compassion, concern and a willingness to let a spirit stay which is a big mistake for obvious reasons. You are exposing yourself to later subtle mental, emotional and health related predation or outright dangerous physical attacks.

In supposed ghost activity, one person is the focus with lateral family members or staff being harassed to create confusion & chaos. This is also the prime method of demonic oppression. The idea is to terrorize and isolate the intended target personally and laterally through others.
Health declines, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, headaches, nausea, and other symptoms always appear with what people believe are ghost activities. Demonic cases are the same.

Ghost cases always escalate in intensity. Cute ghostly antics become more uncomfortable over time or more than one ghost begins to show itself. It may seem you home has a portal because so many human figures are spotted. Sooner or later a shadow form appears around the area. Now you're seeing what's really there and by now it's entrenched in the home or building.

Things get continually darker or scary. The paranormal becomes a destructive force in your entire life because doors and territorial dominance has been established. There are no ghosts. There is only trickery and preternatural strategy.

I began my career in the paranormal as a ghost investigator and it took me a decade to catch on to what's really happening. Some people are ready to face the fact that ghosts are constructs of something very intelligent. Some aren't. I learned the hard way and changed my thinking and approach to spiritual work.

I now do extreme entity cases only because I've learned how to read between the lines of what people are being shown and what's really living with them. I also do deliverance work, clearing places of dark entity problems.

As for your question about spirit boxes. Your gut feeling is right. There is a guaranteed risk. If you want to listen to voices pretending to be people, that's your decision to make. However, you are communicating with nonhuman things trying to draw you into a fascination with them out of curiosity or entertainment. Any type of continued communication with spirits via an ITC tool which is used over and over in itself becomes an established spiritual conduit. It is a ritual communication.

If you use the box, please make sure you have Divine protection and a good personal relationship with your creator and heavenly allies. You can be safe using the box, but you must understand fully what you're dealing with and never use it at home or places where you go often. If you get voices on the box, something is with you right then and it's scouting your vulnerabilities.

I suggest you read the following books about Divine protection and how demonic entities work before getting involved with any communications.

Divine Guidance - Doreen Virtue       Tap into the Divine
When Pigs Move In - Don Dickerman     Demonic protection
Demons In Disguise -Steve Wolberg     Ghosts

Please be educated and prepared.


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