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QUESTION: Dear doctor

I have a friend who claims to have visions. She says she can sense when someone is going to die.

She recently told me she had a vision of a man and a young women in front of a house with two children. I know both of the. The girl does have two kids yet I'm not sure if my friend already knew that.

A week later she saw the same couple but now a newborn was added. To test her the guy said, ok does she have a tattoo? My friend did not know, how about an accent, again she didn't know.

In my own opinion it would take something drastic to get the young man and girl together as she does not flirt with him very often, etc, does not seem to be attracted. She has a job, but he doesn't yet, he gets SSI. He is currently looking for a job to please the girl. Yet in the vision there is a small house. I know a few low income people who work in the mall who have ok looking houses, maybe three bedrooms.

Are visions that imperfect? Should my friend ignore the vision, or continue improving himself, and see what happens. I guess my real question is, are visions above common, and commonly imperfect missing so many details

ANSWER: I can't advise how your friend should choose to behave. That's up to her.

However, I can say that visions are apparently vague or quite precise. It's said to depend on the person and situation. Some premonitions, for example, are described more like gut feelings. While some types of precognition are allegedly quite clear.

Just google >> Premonition Precognition << and several web sites will come up explaining the difference.

You might want to check this out too, along with "Related Posts" at bottom...

I hope this helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I've been told by others that visions are not all inclusive, so perhaps it makes sense that she got details wrong

Well, even normal vision is selective. Psychologists use the term "selective attention" to describe the fact that our brains can't consciously take in everything that passes through the eyes. So when we're talking about parapsychology I think the same thing applies. Some visions may be sharper, others less so. Also, some are more about heavenly or hellish stuff. While others focus more on things easily observable in this world. It can get complicated.

IMHO one has to make their own decisions, based on ALL of their faculties--not just parapsychology. The intellect has to weigh all the evidence. Leaning on "visions" alone has lead a few to madness, others to just mere flakiness. I suggest your friend try to avoid both of these outcomes.

I hope this helps.

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