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I was wondering if you can help me out, the other night my son and I and his friend went to see the movie Annabelle.  While we were still out around 11 o'clock at night my boy friend who was home with our other son, thought he heard us return home after the movie. He stated that he heard the clicking of my shoes coming up the steps(all lights were off, they were both in the bed room where my other son fell asleep) so he thought he could scare us as we came in. He said he heard talking but could not make out what was being said as he approached the dining room headed to the front door he saw someone or something looking through the glass so he hid on the side( cause he thought it was my son looking in) after he realized we were taking too long he came out of hiding behind the wall to see and that is when he heard the clucking of the shoes head down the stairs so he went to the door to see who it was and saw nothing, so he decided to look out the window and he saw the top of the head going to the cedar trees that line the outside of our yard totally creeping him out. when we did get home he was at he door to get us in the house quickly. after my son fell asleep he then proceeded to tell me what happened (Please not we don't know anybody tall that would peek into our house like that everyone knows that there is someone home at all times) Please help us figure this out. Oh and by the way when he sleeps in the living room he has had the feeling of someone watching him from outside, also stated that he sees a blacked out figure in the corner of the door window, but I can't figure how someone can see through we have a design on the glass to you would have to look through at a different angle to see anything. And I remember sleeping in the living room and having the feeling to look outside as soon as I open my eyes before any of this has ever happened.

I Thank you so much if you can help with this.


Hi Heather,

I do believe that you are having paranormal events outside the home and I suspect that you have low-key activity going on inside the home as well. Front door play is a common phenomena in uninvited spiritual situations. You must start monitoring your interior home environment for possible instances of something coming in and out of the home. You definitely don't want it staying in your house permanently.

Don't assume you have "ghosts".

Despite the TV industries' take on paranormal situations, dark entities will come into your life under false identities to make you interested in them, feel sorry for them or to covertly infest your residence. TV shows are not reality when it comes to negative spirits who are well versed in camouflaging themselves as ethereal visitors (deceased relatives, friends, and animals.)

Don't be fooled by shows that proffer the idea that "Casper" is misunderstood and in need of human aid to move into the Afterlife. Humans should never under any circumstance cohabit with unseen spirits.

Your uneasiness in the home has more to do with something in it rather than outside it.

For personal knowledge and empowerment I suggest the book:

Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness - Chuck Pierce

You ultimately have control of what's in your home. Act quickly to make a change from fearful victim to firm master of your house and what's in it.

Do not do paranormal investigating in your home. That is not the right reaction to an intruder. You must immediately take control of the environment. Be fearless (not confrontational or engaging in angry provocation) and protective of yourself and your children (prayer and looking for professional help if needed).

I hope this gives you a place to start. You don't have to know what it is. You have to let it know you aren't interested in knowing it on any level. You want it gone.


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