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Paranormal Phenomena/Jinn state and physical body in subtle dimension


QUESTION: Hello sir.

There is a website where the author tells a method to place an onbject or physical body in jinn state.  It can then levitate and assume any form.   

Is this even possible according to your expertise in paranormal things?


ANSWER: Hi Michel,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena. I am going to have to take a day to research this guy. I likely have something about his practices in my library.
To make a comment about this at this time would only be a guess, although I have already formulated some strong ideas and impressions. I pride myself as an Expert who doesn't just throw about answers based on opinion or "intuition". There are more than enough of those. I appreciate your patience and understanding in my reasoning. Please expect either a revised answer or a follow-up answer in the near future.


Greg Pocha, All Experts, Paranormal Phenomena

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QUESTION: Hello. Sorry for writing again. Here is relating some cases of people entering jinn and witch that happened in his own country where he explain them by the use of a subtle dimension. It seems to me that first it is the ego or "I" that enter a subtle world and when there, it can suck the body and all with it.

Hi Michel,

Finally the answers that you have so kindly and patiently waited for. I have researched this guy and his movement [and I mean that in every sense of the word]. Due to my better judgment I am fortunate in not having a single piece of his work in my library. I personally would not but ant credence in the teachings if this man. I have searched my dictionaries and encyclopedias as well - he apparently wasn't worth mentioning.

  Weor decided to take a bunch of teaching from various sources and attempt to to put them all in a pot and stir them together, cook the results and then feed this esoteric, occult mush to others.  

  Even the so called "jinn State" Jinn, from Arabic, used today in the east mostly in Islamic cultures, but also by the Jewish is nothing new. Jinn basically means spirit. What Weor describes is a form of trance, very much like a mix of lucid dreaming and creating an Out of Body experience. The fourth dimension may well exist, but to reach it by any human means, is as of yet theory and has yet to be done. Let me say that another way...I am not saying it hasn't been "claimed" to have been done, I am saying that it hasn't in reality been done. Let me see the scientific results from the tests of these claimants and I will gladly say I'm wrong... except these results do not exist. Only claims, how to books and faked evidence. There is no space here to get into string theories or the physics of possible extra dimensions.

  I would place Weor in the category of a cultist. He fits the profile of a typical cult leader. Let's take a look at his psychology from the point of view that he has cult leader personality traits. I have the DSM-IV im my library, and looking at the traits of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder [NPD], seem to fit Weor [] very closely. However Anti-Social and Psychopathic disorders are not out of the question either.

  To make himself seem more "Godlike" and all knowing he changed his name from Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez, to
Samuel, In Hebrew names ending with "El" means from God and usually denotes an angel [Samuel in scripture is an angel]. Weor took on the better of the meanings of Samuel as "the perfume of God," or "the medicine of God."
Psychopaths and especially those with NPD claim or aspires to be Godlike.

  His second name Aun means "sexual strength" Cult leaders are often the main source of sex in nearly any cult, the so called husband of all female, and sometimes male, followers or devotees.

  Weor , his third name basically means "the light". Put them all together and you have a very Narcissistic name,
"The perfume of God, sexual strength, and light." WOW! His teachings were to remove the "I" of the personality yet his name alone suggests an "I" or ego beyond scope. Typical of cult leaders, incidentally.

  He claims to be poor, giving and sacrificing on nothing. In actuality he was well taken care of by his handful of followers or disciples. He didn't do too badly. I am cutting this short as I could go on forever but that would not change my opinion of him or his teachings.

  Michel, I would put little of credence in what this Madame Blavatsky want-to-be has to say. There is one thing to be hard to understand because of a subjects depth and another to be hard to understand because it is nonsensical, lunatic rambling. I wonder how many of his seventy or so books were self published. Anyone, genius or fool, can self publish a book. And if so, that is the act of a  Narcissist. Do your self a favor, look up more modern information from more modern authors on the subject of astral travel and such.

  In closing, the other day I went to Babies 'R' Us to shop for a baby shower. I passed row upon row of extra absorbent diapers. All combined could not hold the amount of crap Weor produced. And maybe that is why he and his work have been ignored.

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