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Paranormal Phenomena/Large dogs appearing from nowhere


Before I state the question, I believe you should know that I do have extensive paranormal happenings in my home.  Orbs appear in many of our family photos, and hundreds appeared behind our home after taking a photo of the backyard at night.  So I can not help but feel this is something paranormal.

About 4 days ago, at about 7:30am, I was in my driveway buckling my 2yr old twin girls into their car seats when one of them stated, "look at the doggies".  I turned around, and no more than 10ft away were two huge, dark brown and black (about 5ft at the shoulders) dogs that appeared to be either German Shepherds or Coyotes (they get big around here). They had appeared out of nowhere and just stood there watching us. I was terrified, but moved slowly to get my daughters safely in their seat.  When I turned back around, they were still watching us curiously. Then one looked at the other, the other looked back, then signaled toward a hill by our house with its head, and they both took off.  The only thing behind my house is a wilderness preserve.  They could have been coyotes, but in broad daylight, and unthreatening?
Two days later my twins were sitting at the top of the stairs on the deck. My mother was picking up their toys behind them when they said, "hey, look at the doggy". My mother turned to see a huge, solid black dog that resembled a Mastiff mix. It had appeared out of nowhere and stood at the bottom of the steps staring up at my daughters.  My large boxer was standing a few feet away and did not notice it. It would of had to walk right past him to approach the girls.  Once my mom grabbed the girls and got them inside she ran out to call our dog. The large black dog had approached him, sniffing at him, and yet my dog still acted as if it weren't there! My mother explained that once she got our dog in, the black dog seemed to just vanish. She couldn't spot him anywhere.
Could there be any explanation for this, or am I just being paranoid due to past paranormal experiences (one involving a vicious barking of a dog in my home in the middle of the night that no one heard but me. I had gotten up to investigate due to strange noises and an uncomfortable feeling when the bark rang out from my toward my mothers room).

Hello Kimberly,

Thanks for writing. Normally, I would expect the dogs bothering you to be feral dogs or coy-dog crosses which are common throughout the U.S. They are quick, silent and bold when it comes to entering yards and wandering onto porches, up doorsteps, etc. However, I do feel you're seeing legitimate paranormal activity involving phantom dogs.

My son saw a phantom dog in the bowels of an large underground parking lot complex as he left for work one morning. The animal was large and frozen like a statue beside a concrete pillar about 60 feet from where he exited the elevator and walked to his car. It never moved a muscle, just stared at him non blinking and  not seeming to breath as he quickly continued to walk to the car and get in. When he was safe he looked through the car window and there was nothing there. It really freaked him. His fright was generated by the unnatural frozen stance of the animal and it's completely black and doll-like eyes.

In another instance, a close friend had malamutes in her home. One of the dogs was with her in the master bedroom lying on the bed.Suddenly the dog stood up and peered out of a large backyard window and started to growl. The woman with the dog looked out and saw a huge black dog standing by the woods adjacent to woods. It was just barely on the lawn staring at them through the bedroom window. The malamute became extremely agitated and actually attempted to jump from the bed towards to bedroom window in an attempt to go through it, but my friend grabbed its collar just in time.

What was most interesting was that the black dog outside never moved an inch but stood immobile during the malamute's loud raucous barking and protective growls.To my friend, she could see all of the black dog's physical features accept for the head which was a blurry non-defined mass. She could not see eyes, ears or muzzle and told me she kept trying to wipe her eyes in order to see the dog's face. When she hauled the distressed malamute away from the window and looked back, the dog had vanished.

Please be careful in your home. If you have experienced phantom dog phenomena in your residence, you are being plagued by something unwholesome and negative. The "dog" creature is a guise for something much more than an animal.

I suggest you read the book Protecting Your Home From Spiritual Darkness by Chuck Pierce. It's an easy read and most informative about freeing your life of unwanted entities. Don't believe that some "ghosts" are really lost souls either. Entities disguise themselves as all kinds of acceptable paranormal activity but always end up showing themselves as the true Dark Life they really are (shadows, smokey mists, funnels, balls of light etc.) The activity will escalate over time if allowed to.

Stop documenting paranormal activity in your home as well. It promotes an unspoken consent for entities to infest your property because you are not demanding they leave. Protect your children and seek help removing uninvited spiritual visitors as soon as possible. Stand firm on clearing your life of this type of environment.

I sincerely hope this helps the family.

Keep in touch.


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