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We have had two episodes lately that concern me. Yesterday I had my twin granddaughters on the deck with me. They are two years old and live with me along with my daughter. Suddenly there was a very large solid black dog standing at the foot of our steps staring at the twins. I never saw the dog walk up and neither did the girls. He was just there. What made this extremely strange is our dog which is very protective of the girls was outside and this dog would have had to walk past our dog. I grabbed the girls and put them inside and went back out to get my dog. The black dog was standing by my dog but my dog paid him no attention. It was as if he did not even see him. The previous week my daughter was putting the twins in the car and suddenly there were two very large identical coyotes standing there staring at her and the girls. They just stood there. Finally one of them looked at the other one and then looked up the hill. The other coyote then looked up the hill and they left. Very strange behavior for a coyote. We have had numerous spirit behavior at our home but this is not the normal type. What could it mean.

Dear Deborah,
  When your house was checked, there appears to be a geopathogenic line that runs through the house. If you Google geopathogenic lines, you will read that this is a magnetic anomaly that engineers are aware of but cannot seem to understand. My impression is that this geopathogenic line is a broken ley line that needs to be repaired...something I have considerable experience correcting.
   Outside your house, on the geopathogenic line, is a negative vortex strong enough to release mischievous and malevolent energies/entities that is probably accounting for some of the spirit behavior you are experiencing at your house. You also seem to have a female poltergeist in the house. These are also situations that I have experience correcting.
   A more ominous problem is on the hill that the coyotes were seeing. You have a very active portal up there that has spawned a powerful demonic presence. You saw it in the character of a large black dog and this demonic presence is already in the aura of your dog and the coyotes controlling them. Normally, any animal would flee in terror from this type of entity. This needs to be corrected as soon as possible to prevent your family from becoming contaminated. I had a similar case earlier this year with a large black dog that would wander on a farm, leaving tracks the size of dinner plates in the snow, set off the coyote traps by walking through them, and walk through withering rifle fire as hunters tried to take it down without success. This black dog was a powerful demonic presence from a portal that was sealed and the demonic presence recalled, sealed, and secured.
    The portal needs to be sealed and closed, the demonic presence needs to be recalled, cocooned with energy/light, and secured back into its dimension. The geopathogenic line needs to be healed, the negative vortex needs to be sealed, energies/entities recalled, and converted into an electromagnetic vortex. You can decide if you want to keep the poltergeist around, although they are deceased humans in emotional distress that benefit from healing and crossing over to the Other Side.

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