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QUESTION: Was watching t.v. In bed one night in my room by myself.  Decided to go to bed.  Turned off the t.v. And rolled over on my belly with my left leg raised up and out.  It was a rainy night with a little thunder grumbling outside.  Was listening to the light thunder noise when all of a sudden my bed started shaking.  It was a gentle shaking.  I was thinking to myself that I should go downstairs to my hubby and 18 year old to see if they feel the house moving.  I thought we were having an earthquake.  I did not get up and go down.  What happened next freaked me out!  All of a sudden the bed stopped shaking and I felt someone tucking the bedspread underneath my knee that was up and out.  I just laid there and let it happen.  I think I was shocked but it was a gentle touch so i didn't get up freaking.  I thought to myself that maybe it was my mother.  She passed away over 17 years ago.  If it was her - why is she contacting me now?  

Why did this happen to me?  Am I now sensitive to spirit?
Freaked out

ANSWER: Hi Donna. I'm not completely sure that that was your mom. Though it's difficult to rule contact of passed loved ones out, especially when it is not seemingly malignant in nature.

However, I generally don't ascribe to loved ones returning with a message unless there is a problem or if the Holy Spirit manifests Himself as that loved one as a means of comfort.

I hope you will forgive me, as I am almost always extremely suspect regarding paranormal occurrences. I have moved from paranormal investigations to house cleansing and people deliverance. So, as a result, I'm aware of the trickery the enemy uses in it's exploits. And presenting itself as a passed loved one, child or some other seemingly innocuous manifestation is commonplace. It's goal is three fold. One, it's wanting you to create an open door for it to "move in" on you and begin to torment you or your family. By presenting themselves as friendly oftentimes they get people to think it is a loved one and they steer them towards psychics, mediums, Ouija boards, etc. in order to "establish contact" with the passed loved one. Which in truth only exacerbates the problem.

Best advice at the MOMENT is to simply monitor the situation. Encourage the rest of those living in your home to keep you abreast of any occurrences that they may witness. This way you can document the frequency of said occurrences. As well as severity if there is any. Pay attention to dreams that you may have. Write them down when you first wake up. They may offer clues. If you or your family begin to start having nightmares, then we can know that there is a problem. If it is an isolated occurrence then you don't have anything to worry about.

If you note any OTHER occurrences then we might need to get pro-active in shutting this thing down if it is indeed maleficent.

Remember, God said... "For I have not given you a SPIRIT OF FEAR but of LOVE, of POWER and a SOUND MIND." Don't be afraid. Press into the Savior if you get freaked out. He'll give you peace.

God bless! Keep me posted through followups!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Wow.  Not what I thought you were going to say.  Haven't had any bad dreams - yet.  My 5 year old black lab gets bothered on occasion.  She will jump up like something was messing with her and turn around and look then run away.  She will also bark at things and we see nothing.  Sometimes when these things happen I ask whoever is bothering her to stop.  She looks up at ceilings a lot and in the corner of the dining room a lot.  She had barked in the corner of the dining room on a few occasions which freaked out my 18 year old son.  He is open to all of this but a little leary of it.  I feel little things happen around here a lot on a daily basis.  Noises.  I feel I see shadows out of the corner of my eyes once in a while.  Thought maybe it was just my imagination.  Turn a switch off and it flipped back on.  Maybe I hit it.  Electrical things that occur and I figure it is just me not pushing the buttons hard enough etc.   Thought I heard someone walking in my dining room Sunday but no one was there - floor making noise.  When I go to bed at night now I say to all spirit that this is my bedroom and my personal space and all spirit is to leave.  Go.  Should I do that?  I do believe in God.  I chat with him through the day every day.  He has saved my soul on many occasions.  I am in recovery and have 5 years and 8 months alcohol free.  The only reason I am still around is because of God.  So with all this info - do you have any suggestions on what I should do?  I was going to smudge the house today.  Should I do that?

ANSWER: Hi Donna!

Thanks for getting back with me! You know, I think if everybody were open, a lot more people would say the same thing. lol That they didn't expect me to say what I said. Well, least I'm not predictable, right? lol :D

I'm SO glad that you've got a relationship with God. Let me take that a step further though. :) Do you have a relationship with the Son? The Savior? Jesus? :) By the sound of it you do. But some folks just see God as this big, far away, impersonal being. He's much more. :) He's Abba or translated.."Daddy". But because of our sin state we're estranged if you will. And we have to go through the Son, Christ, who was made the Bridge for us to get back to the Father. If you do know Him, then this is just review. :) But, I try to make it simple in case you haven't. For a relationship with the Son is necessary to have a relationship with the Father. Even though they are One. :D

I'm ALSO so proud to hear that you are almost 6 years sober! Yay! Congratulations! :D That is quite an accomplishment!

That may be one of the reasons for the activity. Satan may be beginning to harass you (that includes playing with your mind) and drive you back to the bottle. You see, believe it or not you can be COMPLETELY free of alcohol. Any addiction can be broken. That's my only beef with AA. I'm about to give you some spiritual warfare 101 if you'll have it. :) Alcoholism as well as other addictions are demons. They dwell inside the mind. Generally, they get in through what is called "legal rights". Legal rights are curses that are in place on a person, often passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes we can open the door to a curse through our actions. Other times we can curse ourselves with our words. THAT is the part about AA that I disagree with. I know it is well intended. Don't get me wrong. I know it is to keep a person mindful of their weakness and to establish a common bond between those who are seeking help. All that is wonderful and good. But by each week standing up and saying "HI. I'm ..... and I'm an alcoholic.", you are inadvertently REINFORCING the curse that allows that demon the right to stay. It's simply suppressed. That's why it's hard for many alcoholics to get free and stay free because they've never been through curse breaking, inner healing and then deliverance. When the curses are broken and the roots are dealt with that caused the pain to cause a person to drink in the first place, THEN you can cast the demon of alcoholism out for good! :D PERMANENTLY. :) That's not to say that we don't have a responsibility to WALK in our DELIVERANCE, but it is MUCH MUCH easier. :)

I think he's cranking up some stuff in the house to soften you. And I think it was God's plan that you picked me out of all these folks to ask about what's might be going on in your home. I think God is working on a greater plan. :)

I definitely don't want you to smudge. That borders very close to witchcraft though I realize that the intent is not evil. But believe it or not that can open more doors. I definitely think the best option would be to have your home prayed over. Claimed in Jesus Name. I think you should pray over each other. I'd recommend going to a Christian book store and getting some anointing oil and anoint each other (you and your husband and your son if he will participate) and pray a prayer of strength and protection over each other. Pray angels into the rooms of your home and call out the stations you want them at. Like "I place an angel at the front door." "I place an angel in all four corners of this room!" Like that. Follow up or pre-empt any placement with "In the Name of Jesus Christ...." I will give you a sample prayer I found that is quite simple. Just go through the house and anoint each room and pray this out loud as you do it.

"Dear heavenly Father, I (we) acknowledge that you are my Lord of
heaven and earth and that You have given us all things to richly
enjoy. I thank you for this place to live. I (we) claim this home for me
and my family as a place of spiritual safety and protection from all the
attacks of the enemy. Jesus Christ gave me the authority to use His
Name and take authority over all demonic spirits and influences and
cast them out. In the Name of Jesus I command every evil spirit,
claiming ground in the earth, structures, furnishings or roaming within
this place based on the activities of previous occupants or any
members of my family, to leave and never return. I (we) renounce
and break all curses, spells and assignments placed or utilized
against this place and I send them back with confusion and I ask you
God to bless all the people who have sent curses, spells and
assignments against me or this place or people in this place. I (we)
ask you Heavenly Father to post guardian angels around this home to
guard it from attempts of the enemy to enter and disturb Your
purposes for me (us). I (we) thank You, Lord, for doing this, in the
mighty name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior."

I'd also suggest getting a Mezuzah. It's a Jewish implement but it's fine to use as a Christian too. What it is is a tiny scroll hand copied with several verses out of Deuteronomy declaring God's blessings over your comings and your goings. You place it inside the door frame at a slight angle. If you google the word and look under the image tab instead of "web" you will see how it looks. It's not MANDATORY mind you. Just extra ammo. Might even get a thing of the Ten Commandments and put it up. :) You want to make sure you make it as uncomfortable as possible for anything there that is not of God. Go around with Christian music or praise music playing. Annoys the pants off of demons.

Though I'm quite happy to help you with your home, I'd also like to help get you freed up as well. If you'd consider it. I'd love to see you free of all that stuff. :)

Well, I hope I've given you some ammo against these things. Once I'm involved in helping someone I don't stop. I'm at your service. I will be as hands on or hands off as you want me to be but I'll be here to help from here on! :)

God Bless!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Gee Adam you don't make it easy.  I am going to have to read your response another 20 times before i get everything out of it.  I have to say that I have been blessed with the obsession being lifted from me as far as drinking alcohol.  Of course I am left with the stinking thinking but I make sure I get to meetings and I always remembered from rehab how they say meeting makers make it.  I have today!  There are no mistakes in God's world so I believe too that I was supposed to be in touch with you.  I will surely take your help.  You freaked me out by saying it could be Satan - that he was the one touching me.  Let me scream now - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Just kidding but that is creepy.  I was walking around my house thinking I had a pleasant spirit in here with me.   

I am so happy that I told you that I was going to smudge the house today.  Now you don't want me to do it.  I did not do anything because I wanted to hear what you would say.  It's funny because I have the stuff sitting on top of my computer desk and my 18 year old said I don't like you having that stuff there.  I have to say I watch Long Island Medium and my son and I watch Ghost Adventures.  The twins watch it too.  Got to love the guys.  

Where do you get this Mezuzah?  Can I order it online?  Our store does not carry it.  I looked it up - pretty cool looking.  They were also discussing how you should have more than one - that you should put one here and there - goodness I could have many in this house - do I have to buy more than one?  We basically come in the kitchen door but my husband uses the basement door.  Relatives and friends use the front door.  Kids use front door for bus in a.m.  Have twins with a rare disease and they are developmentally delayed.  Wow - you will know me through and through.  I also have anointing oil already.  It's many years old though.  Can I use that?  I have to say my husband does not believe in any of this stuff and he has lost both of his parents.  I also wanted to let you know that I have been in contact with someone as far as getting some protective stones for my house and my family.  Is that okay?

I like how you say play the praise music it annoys the pants off the demons.  I like that kind of music.  My husband doesn't.  Kind of a pattern here huh.  I have a tough relationship with my hubby.  I live in a house with 4 men and none of them like to communicate with me so I am rather lonely around here.  Gets a little depressing at times.  Just more insight.

How would you be able to help me get freed up?  So you think all of this is coming from me because I was the one who was touched and I am the one who hears and sees things?  Maybe I'm nuts?  Just kidding.  I am totally 100% serious about all I have said that has gone on here.  Kind of afraid to be in my home alone anymore.

Should I get rid of the white sage?  Bummer.  I thought it was gonna cleanse my house and all would be well.  Do I need to throw it out - get it out of my house?

Can't wait to hear from you again - then I can get to work on what you said to do.

Thanks so much,

HA HA!!! Sorry. I have the gift of gab and have much to share so that can lead to a bit of long-windedness. :) I'll try to keep it shorter. lol

To answer in the order you responded.... lol

Don't freak out TOO bad. :) Satan being the master plotter. Not necessarily the one that touched you. lol Could have been a lower level "familiar spirit". In any event, like I said, out of respect I won't say positively that it was evil, but, like I say, I've dealt with enough evil to know that they love to fool people into thinking they are "caspers". :)Goes to draw you into the occult world in true. Makes you curious to try and make contact with a spirit that you think is a passed loved one. Then, though not the desire of your heart (they don't care they got it through trickery) they assume a legal right. Claiming that because you made an effort to get in contact with them- then they can medal in your life.

But based on the dogs reactions I think it's a real stretch to think it was the spirit of a relative. I see you're in PA which saw a lot of action in the War Between the States. Could be a less than malevolent human spirit that is stuck there. Maybe trapped by a demon. Not sure. Just postulating.

I don't think sage itself is evil. I think sage is just sage. It was made by God. I think what makes it bad when you smudge is smudging is used in witchcraft (especially Wicca), shamanism, pagan rituals, etc. It is used "in place of" God. Any substitute for the power of Christ by definition is antichrist. Not Antichrist, but antichrist. Or "in place of" or "substitute". Which there is no substitute for Christ. And God takes it an offense when we put our trust into things that are not of Him. Kind of insults Him. Not the act, but, us thinking that His Son's power whom He gave all of His, is not adequate. He's not shaking a finger though. You had no idea. He doesn't count against us those things we don't have knowledge of.

I MIGHT find another means to entertain myself. lol Mediums really aren't making contact with deceased relatives as convincing as it sounds. Ever heard the old adage of the good angel and devil, one sitting on each shoulder whispering in your ear what you should do? Well there is some truth in that. The "angel" is our conscious. That's the discernment God gives us when we walk with Him. The "bad angel" is a actual low level (powerless save maybe will bending) demon that is assigned to you and is with you from cradle to grave. I've heard there are actually 2. That being the way it is, they become FAMILIAR with you. They know your mannerisms, your words, your quirks, etc. When you die, they are bored. With a medium, the medium's demon is doing nothing more than talking to the person who's passed's demon. Their goal then is to drag the target (the one consulting the medium) into spiritism which is a form of witchcraft. Often robbing that person of hard earned money, peace of mind, obsession can take hold...that puts stress on living family members...see where the ball goes? :)

Spirits can enter through your tv set believe it or not. And generally the paranormal shows generate a spirit of fear. That is a demon. And when you watch tv you go into alpha state (brain frequency). Alpha state means you are EXTREMELY vulnerable to suggestion. You're kind of "zoned out" or "atuned in" and have no guard up spiritually. Spirits can just jump in.

Mezuzahs I see on Google. If you click "shopping" there are tons for sale. You can get as many as you want. It's just a personal decision. Think of them as like a bullet. One bullet might do the job. It's completely capable in a lot of circumstances. But personally- I like to have a few in the clip just in case I need more than one. :)

The twins sickness indicates a curse that is active in one of your bloodlines. Your husband has full spiritual authority in the household. And he could break it if he chose. But if he does not desire to take up the mantel of his spiritual authority, then you automatically assume that authority. It's like God appointed him spiritual sheriff when you got married. If he does not want the position, then the position is passed along to the deputy and then they acquire the powers of Sheriff. You've got the authority to break the curse(s) off the twins. And when the demon that is behind the curse is cast out of you (or your husband) then the demon automatically comes out of the children. Now, whether it is INSTANT healing or whether the absence of the demon frees the body to naturally do what it's supposed to do and begin to heal, that's up to God. :)

Definitely fine to use that anointing oil. Just pray over it before you use it. Just pray something like:

"Father, I ask you to infuse your power and authority into this oil. Stir it up Father. I ask that you go into this oil Holy Spirit and set it on fire with your power! Father I ask you to burn off any impurities that have found it's way into it. Make this oil an implementation of Your holiness. In Christ's Name, Amen."

There is probably a lot of old hurt in your husband. That, if there is no training as a child will often result in a man who is not interested in God and spiritual things. They become a bit cold and distant. Especially regarding things of the Spirit. Their distance (referring to your son as well) may also be linked to spirits in the house. I def believe there are some internal things going on in at least your husband, but I also know that spirits in a home generally gravitate toward one family member and then become jealous. Trying to drive the couple apart. So they toy with their attitudes and such. Now that I think about it, that too is prob part of the bigger picture. Think like the devil for a minute. It wants you back. So, if you can get around without anybody seeing you but you can't interfere directly...what do you do? EMOTIONAL ISOLATION. Emotional isolation leads to like you said, depression. Depression leads to hopelessness. Hopelessness chips away at faith and HEALTH. Dragging you eventually back to medicating...and eventually to kill you if it only could. (It can't. It's not going to get the opportunity now. :))

I wouldn't worry about any stones. A few Bibles. A couple crosses. The oil. Mezusahs. You'll be more than equipped. :)

Getting you freed up entails taking you through inner healing. Getting in touch with the pain and really feeling it. Asking God to heal that pain. Then after it is gone, then we deal with any secondary personalities, soul deposits, etc. and then we drive out the demon. You do all the other first so it will have no "in" to come back. It's all about discovering open doors and closing them so that nothing else can get in or come back. It's a process. :)

I don't think it's all about you. I think he's out for everybody in the house. But you are the lynchpin if you will. You are the one with the faith. And you are the one who's got a lot of hurt. If he takes you out, he can pick the others off without much of a fight by the sound of it.

Don't be afraid though. Stand on the authority God has vested in you. USE that authority. :) You're the sheriff! :) BE THE SHERIFF. lol

All WILL be well. You just don't need the sage to do it and probably would not have done any good in the first place. :) You don't use a BB gun when what you really need is .357. :) If it makes your son uneasy, I'd get rid of it. But that's really up to you. Might not hurt but won't help. lol

Sorry. Another long one. lol And we haven't even gotten into the curse breaking yet. lol Lordy. lol

God bless!  

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