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I had to write this way because there was no way for me to respond back to you after you left your last message.  How am I to get in contact with you - this way?  
I wanted to say that I have felt a little more comfortable with what had happened since it was a week ago.  I also think I was feeling more comfortable to thinking it was my mom who had touched me but no now with what you had said.  Now I am a little uneasy.  My kid thinks I am dreaming all of this up.  Not likely.  You know you made that point about the war between the states that went on around here.  My son just reminded me that there is a big house on the next street that can house many families.  Almost looks like a mini hotel - that place is haunted.  I think it is written up somewhere.  Also, the house next store to it is believed to be haunted to.  Or have activity.  However you want to word it.  So good thinking there.  

Just glad I held off of smudging before I heard from you.  I don't need to open more doorways.  

So your telling me not to watch Ghost Adventures and The Medium anymore?  But we enjoy them.  Some of the stuff they pick up is crazy.  Scary too.  Gets the goosebumps going.  Really - the spirit can come through the t.v. while your watching it?  Really?

The twins have a rare blood disease and are transfusion dependent.  The only cure (at this time) would be a bone marrow transplant and we don't want to do that unless it is absolutely necessary.  Unless God would put them in remission.  Thy will not mine be done.

It's funny how you mention the word "cold" with my husband because his mother called him that (she said he was like her) and I say he is cold.  Are you saying that the have gravitated towards my husband and that is why he is the way he is to me.  So then they can get to me?  Who gets jealous - the other family member or the spirits?  

It's funny how you said don't worry about the stones.  I had mentioned I talked with you and she said she disagreed with you.  She felt that you were going to try and suck me in.  Get money out of me.  Funny how different people think.

I have my grandfathers cross.  Should I put that in my bedroom somewhere.  Does it need to be hung up or can I lean it against something?  That won't bring him in my room now will it?

My son is a little freaked out like I said.  I don't think my hubby will allow me to anoint him.  What do I do about that?  I can do the kids.  I will get the Mezuzahs.  Did I miss what else I am to do?  

Let me know how I am supposed to get back to you if it just comes up - Rate the .....

Thanks Adam,

ANSWER: Hi Donna!

Sorry for the delay. I'd been up all night and needed some sleep. Had to eat and run an errand too. :)

I'm not surprised she disagreed with me. lol Was she planning on charging you for the stones? To ease your mind, or hers, Jesus said "Freely you receive, freely give." I have the option on my control panel here to add a "donation" button. But you don't see it on my page anywhere. It's not there. Never charge for my help. My pay comes on the other side. I try not to steal others' blessings if they desire to bless me. But it's kind of a catch 22. If a person feels led by God to give after they've been set free or what have you, by outright refusing the gift I'm cutting off God from blessing their heart, if they deeply desired and had the ability to bless me. But at the same time I want to make sure that a person does not offer it feeling  COMPELLED to do so. It is not a service I provide at a cost. God does the work. I'm just a willing vessel. I would, do, and will do it for free every day and forever more. I don't care if I have to wake up in the middle of the night to talk you through something. I don't care if I have to get on a bus and come up there and confront this thing. It's a labor of love. I love God's people and I desire to see them set free. So they can be who God always intended them to be. To live the life He intends for them to the fullest. Free of the shackles that the enemy tries to put on.

Sorry. I am just passionate about that. I don't want to cut myself off from being blessed if God moves on a person. But that fear of accepting a gift that is not really a gift but at heart rather a "payment", really worries me. It's a razor's edge. I love my Abba and I want to make Him proud. Not bring reproach. I don't ever want to be considered a profiteer of the gospel. I look at these mega churches and how their pastors make millions and it makes me sick. I know they've got a lot of responsibility and all. But that's kind of gross profit.

I don't exactly know why you couldn't send another followup. That "ask a followup" button should always be there after you read an answer. Thank you for the kind words in your rating by the way. I've given up on brevity. Seems futile. lol Right now your kind of like in basic training. lol So there is a lot of information coming fast and furious. lol All I can offer is my apologies. lol And I do try to pepper it with humor. :) I think God loves to laugh and smile. I think God's children have a lot to laugh and smile about. Even in the storm. :)

If need be you can contact me via my personal email address. As we get deeper into the subject matter and closer to taking you through some deliverance, I'll share my cell phone so you can contact me if there be some emergency or something.

I'd like to apologize for giving you that sense of uneasiness. I want you to be at ease. I want you to be at peace. You have authority. Walk in it. :) You're going to be ok. Your FAMILY is going to be ok. :)

I know you're not dreaming it up. Been there done that. That's how satan keeps people in your situation in bondage oftentimes. By trying to reinforce a non-existent social stigmata regarding claims of paranormal experiences. It's just hard for your family. I'm guessing they are very analytical and very logical and very "grounded". That make the unknown a bit scary. So they rationalize it away. Or dismiss it out of hand to maintain their comfort. Easier to ignore it than face it. It's a natural defense mechanism most men suffer from. :/

Just pray for your husband. That is the most powerful weapon you've got. :) God will chase him down. Don't worry. :) Just quietly believe and put your faith in trust in Jesus that He will bring your husband around to His side. :)

Spirits can definitely come through the tv, through the computer, etc. They can enter through the eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth and the private parts. Also they can come in through tattoos. I've explained to you the "magic" behind mediums, so, whenever you watch it you can know what's going on. Her demon is talking to the demon that was attached to the person that passed. I used to watch Ghost Adventures all the time. I loved it. But after you get into the field and once you leave it and go into full time service for God, it kind of loses it's luster. :) You want a fulfilling something to watch, watch some Bob Larson videos. You'll get to see unadulterated good vs. evil. And good always wins. :) Least with that you will see God's dominion and power over these spirits that want to make you think they are so big and bad. :)

Your husband probably suffers from the spirit of rejection. If he didn't receive godly affection and affirmation by his dad and mother, if either was missing, the spirit of rejection can come in. If his father divorced or didn't stick around, he could suffer from a spirit of abandonment. There are spirits linked to all these negative emotions. If he didn't receive then he's going to have a hard time giving. Because he's never been given an example of how he's supposed to show affection. He's probably sitting on a lot of hurt. Probably deep and buried. That will make a man grow cold. You learn not to feel because when you feel, it hurts.

These demonic spirits are playing multiple angles. Destruction is their ultimate goal. And they will utilize all avenues. But one battle at a time. :) How old are the twins?

The spirits get jealous. That's a bit complicated subject matter though. So don't worry your mind with that right now. Sadly I'm a bit unfiltered. No, they can't have you. They might WANT you. But they can't have you. In truth though they want EVERYBODY. But that's why we have to deny them. "NO! You can't HAVE my husband! You can't HAVE my children! You can't HAVE me! I am a joint heir with Jesus Christ. I am the HEAD and not the TAIL. God has made me to sit in HIGH PLACES! I am MORE THAN A CONQUEROR THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME! AND I CLAIM THEM FOR THE KINGDOM OF CHRIST!"  THAT is what your war cry should be! :) You stand up, take your authority and tell the devil where he can go. :) Got to get a little fire shut up in your bones. Got to get to feeling a little froggy. :) Gotta let that mama bear come out! :) GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! lol

It's awesome that you've got your grandfather's cross! :) You can hang it if you want. You can keep it on you if you want! You can sleep with it if you want! :) No formula. But I sleep with my Bible. That way I can grab it in the middle of the night if I get attacked.

Hebrews 4:12

"For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."

I like what it goes on to say...

13 Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.

14 Seeing then that we have a great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our profession.

15 For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.

16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

I love that 16th verse. :) I also LOVE the 91st Psalm! :D Feel free to use it. lol

DONNA, YOU'RE GONNA BE ALRIGHT! :) Like I say, just pray quietly about your husband. And PRESS INTO THE FATHER. Get in the Word. Study the Word. Meditate on the Word. :) Draw close to Jesus and He will draw close to you. :)

So long as you can still see those prayers I sent to bless the house, I think you've got it all. I would open the doors to the outside as you do it. When you are anointing the rooms, on the outside door, inside frame- mark the cross with the anointing oil and make sure you include in your prayer over that door that you draw a Blood line (of Jesus) and that no evil can cross this threshold into my home. Say something like "Father, I make this door an exit only for any and all evil spirits. They may freely leave but they may not enter in."

God bless!!!!! :D

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

For one do not apologize for the delay.  You are quick!  I just spent over 10 minutes on hold for a doctor's office.  Uh!  I bet you were up all night helping some other poor soul going through something bad.  God bless you.   How do you work and do this too?  Wow.  You are an awesome person.  You definitely are a vessel for God.  That is for sure!  

I slept about an hour last night with being on watch with how much I was thinking about all of this yesterday.  Especially knowing that it might not be a good spirit.  That still scares me.  It makes me wonder what it will do next.  Like you say it is softening me up.  Softening me up for what?  Eeek!

Yes, she did charge me for the stones.  I hear you.  You truly are a special person:)  There are not too many of you in this world.  I have to say I appreciate that I am not getting charged for every word I say to you like some people in this world.  I am grateful.  I was happy to hear that you would come to me if we needed to get down and dirty with this thing that is in my house.  That's comforting to know.  

I am grateful that you are passionate about what you do.  That is great for anyone on the other end of your computer.  I know we are to think of others and not ourselves.  Still working on that one on a daily basis.  Humor is most important in my life.  With all we have gone through with our sick twins it is either cry or laugh and I choose to laugh.  Ask my kids - they will tell you that I am crazy.  But you know what - when I ask them if they laugh because of mommy - their answer is always yes - so I am doing my job.  Taking some of the daily pain they have to deal with and giving them some giggles.  God bless them!  

Thanks so much for the information on how to get in touch with you.  I was a little nervous yesterday when it did not have the followup command.  

You did not give me the uneasiness.  Whatever is here gave me the uneasiness.  Just on edge because you don't know when or if anything else is coming.  Since my contact was when I was in bed at night that is when I am most uneasy.  I feel like it is going to happen again so my mind is reeling every night when I turn out the lights.  I ask God to direct my thoughts else where or to settle my mind down to sleep but it doesn't always work.  

I pray every morning and every night.  My prayers are so long I end up wondering off and having to keep coming back to where I was.  LOL.  Thank you for believing me because like I said I needed to get help from someone and God placed you in my path.

Still don't understand the whole medium thing.  She is always giving loving information - making them feel better by what their loved ones say?  Don't understand the demon to demon thing.

My husband had a father who worked many jobs and his mom raised the kids.  What you said could be true.  My kids have not been shown a good way of treating a woman and I did not want my children to grow up like this because now I am worried they may treat their women this way in the future.  Sad.  He is a good man who would do anything for anyone just doesn't show any feeling which is hurtful.  The whole addiction thing was ugly too so he has that pain he is carrying around too.  

Oh my goodness you have been attacked?  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  If you have I see you have kicked it's butt!  You are still here helping others.  Thank you for all the prayers.  i am going to have to print out all your info so I have it in hand.  Poor trees.  LOL.  Thank you for telling me what to say - and all the prayers.  I have to get the Mezuzahs and the ten commandments.  Have to bless the house.  My son is saying mean things to me in reference to this.  He just said he does not want to get caught up in my Alzheimer business.  that's what he thinks this is.  He said there is nothing wrong.  That I am blowing everything out of proportion.  Makes me cry.

Adam what do you mean by - Get in the word?  In the bible - where?  I was never really a spiritual person until I became sober.  

I am going to print this book out now.  Thank you so much Adam for listening and helping:)

Wow! Thank you for your kind words! :) It does my heart good. You BET I've been attacked. lol When you start interfering in the devil's playground and stealing from him and sending him back to the pit on a regular basis, you have got to know you go from peon to up there on his "public enemy number" list. lol I surely aint number 1 on it, nowhere close. But I'd like to think that I'm no further back than triple digits. lol But I NEVER let it get to me. Oh it may startle me for a moment. But when it's over? HAHAHA! I just do that in his face and remind him that all he's doing is getting me pissed off. And that I'm going to come at him harder and harder and harder. :) MOTIVATION.

Hey, where else would the devil attack your peace the most? Where you sleep! Where you are supposed to feel most at peace. Tactics. But you've got to steel yourself. The worst thing it can do is go BOO! lol Or tuck you in (apparently lol). Loud noises is about the worst thing it can do. Get ya some ear plugs if you need to. :) Or snuggle up to the hubby. Or go to sleep with worship music on. Loose those angels! :) Let me tell you, we had a minister come visit us a few weeks ago at our ministry and he was a former Voodoo high priest. Before he got saved there were 2 Christians that made him mad. So he was going to go "get" them. So he conjured up one of his demon buddies and sent it out to attack the 2. He came back and said NOPE. Sorry. Can't do it. So it made him aggravated and he got a bigger one and a meaner one that he'd used before. Sent him out. It too came back in like manner. "We can't touch them." Really made him mad because this thing had NEVER failed when sent out with a job. So he set out to DO IT HIMSELF. So he astral projected and what did he see? Dude saw EIGHT FOOT TALL ANGELS SURROUNDING THESE MEN WITH FLAMING SWORDS! ALL for their protection. And said that there was a shield. Said it literally covered them from head to toe. If you've ever seen one of those full body shields that the riot police use? That's like what he saw. Except I think he said it glowed. To boot, this shield was not carried by them. It floated in front of them. And it moved to meet the protection. If he moved left, the shield rotated left so that that side was not exposed. If he went behind them, the shield moved around to their back. He was amazed that their God had more power than his. Not long after he became a Christian. Let that sink in. You're protected. Don't let the devil spook you. :)

I think your friend might have just been afraid I was going to hurt her business. lol

You have to remember about the medium thing that they don't KNOW that they are talking with a demon. That demon is making itself look like, sound like, etc. the person it claims to be. She's telling them nice things. Of course. She's usually talking to a grieving family. And she's on a tv show. :) But I'm not all together convinced that she even does that. Have you ever heard of a mentalist? Chris Angel is one. There was actually a network show called the mentalist that "posed" as a psychic but he really wasn't. He was just keenly observant. I want to show you a clip from a debunker on Youtube. I used to HATE the guy. Because I was very close to working with the guys on Ghost Hunters and I was extremely protective of the show. And he busted them a few times. Things I learned while "inside" is that an hour long show takes TWO WEEKS of footage to make. Now, this guy is a little hostile, but he's extremely accurate in's the clip....

Here's another where he explains it a bit more and shows another clip of a quick escape from a failed "cold read". Again, I know this guy is hateful, but he feels like folks are getting duped and manipulated emotionally.

My analytical mind says to me that there are hours of show prep and preproduction that goes into the show. How much information is she given about the family that she's going to be reading for in advance? Does she go in with any debriefing from the producers? Was the show called by the person wanting to make contact? Right here you see in this full episode that she's reading a family she's already read before. Listen closely to the questions. Listen closely to the responses. Do they give a clue for her next statement? What happens if she asks and there is a no? She moves on or changes the subject. It's almost like a guessing game. And the people she's reading DESPERATELY want to "make contact" with their loved one who died tragically. We KNOW it's not done in one shoot. One continuous shot. Think about editing out mistakes. Do they have an opportunity to do so? Is the question or answer she's giving a "shotgun" answer? In other words is it a broad statement that a spirit might likely give to a person whom they wish to speak to?

I haven't really watched her. But from what I see I'm not all that convinced, no offense of course. It's nice that she makes those hurting people feel better. But, what if they knew that by drawing close to Jesus they could draw close to the lost family member? If they draw close and press into Jesus, that family member is right there with them. Does it take away glory from God? Maybe? A little? :)

I definitely don't mean to tear it apart but at the same time I don't want you to gravitate toward the occult. Or put your trust in someone that is not what she says she is. Remember, satan and his angels manifest as angels of light. They don't come most times in all their ugliness. Sin is attractive. Sin doesn't reveal it's malignant nature on the out start. It is pleasurable for a season. But when it matures, it brings forth death.

I'm so proud that you are praying. KEEP DOING IT! :D And yes, the Word I'm talking about is the Bible. Focus on John, on Romans, on Luke, Psalms. Just bury yourself in the Word. I don't generally recommend products but if you're just young in reading the Bible I'd recommend the Expositor's Bible. Put out by Jimmy Swaggart. Under EACH VERSE or idea is a detailed analysis or explanation of it. So you dont' get caught up in things you don't understand. :) Just look it up on Google.

I want you to practice something ok? When your son or husband or someone says something ugly to you or discouraging to you regarding this matter, I want you to look behind what is saying it. Devil's going to try and discourage you at every turn. He'll use the ones you love the most to try and get you to give it up. Why would your son NOT want you to get peace? Why would your son insult you? Why would your son assume you are crazy or demented? That's not your son speaking those things. It's a spirit. Recognize the difference between when you are talking to a loved one and when a spirit might be speaking THROUGH them. Pay close attention. Get mad at the one that's REALLY saying it. :) Don't be hurt because it's coming out of your son's mouth. He's probably got some anger issues from growing up in addiction. He needs some inner healing and work done as well. Just remember..."Is what I'm hearing my loved one's words? Or is it a spirit that's trying to discourage me?"

They won't REALIZE that that is happening. But YOU need to recognize. In doing so you will short circuit the plan. To drive an emotional wedge further between you and those you love because you are hurt over what they said. When THEY didn't say it all along. :) Don't weird them out by calling them out on it or anything. Just make a mental note and smile and tell the devil- SORRY, you FAILED once again... :)

Well, I got 30 min to make an hour plus drive to my Tues night ministry. WOOPS! :( Still got to get a shower. I'll respond to the gmail when I get home.

God bless!  

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