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I don't know if I should ask these questions or even if it is ok to ask an expert multiple questions...Please feel free to ignore any one of these questions, for any reason.
1. Can angels travel through time?
2. Can you stay on Earth as a ghost indefinitely? I've read on the internet, and saw a documentary which states that there are ghosts of ancient people who are still on Earth, haunting specific places.
3. Is hell a kind of prison for demons, or is it ruled by them, made as a place where human souls are tortured forever?

Hello Bob,

I don't mind multiple questions.

1)  Time is an illusion created by humans who choose to 'live' a linear existence (from beginning to end).

Angels were created before humanity, before 'time' and so, in a sense, live 'outside' of it .. and can travel to anywhere and any when.

2)  Yes, a human could stay on earth as a ghost indefinitely.  The human traps him or herself in time, but not in 'space' (location) anymore.  In that space the ghost relives the emotions, feelings, fears or wishes, that helped it make that choice (to be trapped).  But there is another form of haunting, which happens in many locations that people think ghosts exist .. and that is one created by great emotion, in locations such as battlefields, or buildings like the Tower of London.  Anne Boleyn was seen at a ghost in at least two locations, the Tower and her home.  In the Tower, which I have visited in person, she was simply a 'memory in the walls' (one of many), in her home she was a ghost.  I am told her 'memory' haunting has faded away now, and I hope her ghost has finally found peace.  

It is places such as battlefields that you might find a few ghosts, but also lots of 'residual' hauntings, human emotions in a sense buried in the ground in a certain time and place that play like a record, over and over again.  This is not uncommon.

A ghost that has been around for a very long time can become very powerful, and usually very very angry.  They are trapped outside of 'home', their souls crave it even if they don't realise this, and it isn't until they cross into heaven that they finally find the peace they are seeking, in their determined hunt to 'find' anyone who can see them or sense them, to remind them they used to be alive.  It is best to cross ghosts into healing as quickly as possible, to save the living from all the problems they can create.

3.  'Hell' is a religious concept for a place of eternal punishment for those living who harm each other.  I find it amusing that people would think that something as nasty as a demon would find hell a punishment.  Instead, in a sense, it is their home .. just as heaven (by whatever form you believe in) is a 'home' for humans.  Angels 'are' part of heaven, so they don't need a 'home' the way that human spirits do.  They are the home, being manifestations of the divine energy in forms that humans will accept.  

And the only way a human is tortured forever is to stay a ghost and relive their past mistakes, until they learn better, cross into healing, forgive themselves, and repay their mistakes by karma through other lives.  True hell is trapping yourself away from the peace and love that is provided by our divine creator, by whatever name a person chooses to call it.  In that sense, demons suffer as much as humans do, because they also seek that peace, even if they do not realise it at first.

I hope that answers your questions,
Love & Peace

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