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We have had two episodes lately that concern me. Yesterday I had my twin granddaughters on the deck with me. They are two years old and live with me along with my daughter. Suddenly there was a very large solid black dog standing at the foot of our steps staring at the twins. I never saw the dog walk up and neither did the girls. He was just there. What made this extremely strange is our large Boxer, which is very protective of the girls, was outside and this dog would have had to walk past our dog. I grabbed the girls and put them inside and went back out to get my dog. The black dog was standing by my dog sniffing him but my dog paid him no attention. It was as if he did not even see or know he was there. The previous week my daughter was putting the twins in the car and suddenly there were two very large identical coyotes standing there staring at her and the girls. They just stood there. Finally one of them looked at the other one and then looked up the hill. The other coyote then looked up the hill and they left. Very strange behavior for a coyote. We have had numerous spirit behavior at our home but this is not the normal type. What could it mean? Thank you.

Hello Tania,

  It is always nice to hear from England. Your question is mostly concerned with the Norfork Shuck, a large black phantom dog that is a major worry for those who happen to encounter one. The good news is twofold, first  most of the stories of the shuck are embellished folklore and second, I do not believe that what you saw was a shuck at all, but just a common day ghost dog that coincidentally happened to be large and black.

  Shucks are usually, according to witnesses and lore the size of a bovine calf, making it plump as well as tall. They also have, as a rule, long unkempt and uneven shaggy hair. The pièce de résistance are the large glowing eyes, usually red but can be green, all missing points in your description. There is a saying regarding encountering the infamous black dog, "Once joy, twice disaster and trice death." That does not necessarily mean the death of the observer(s), but rather like the weeping of the Irish Banshee, a warning of a future death in general, usually known to the observer. And contrary to superstition, some black dogs are benevolent protectors and guardians of those who encounter them. In any case, as stated, I firmly believe that your canine visitor was merely a ghost dog.

  One reason for my reason is that the dog approached noisily. Shucks on the other hand, due to their mass, make a rather distinctive thumping footfall. The lack of glowing eyes is another give away. Animals, the more intelligent the better, can become ghosts if they have lost track of their owner, provided he loved the owner. Tales of ghost cats and dogs are quite common [no pun intended]. The fact that dogs seem to possess a sixth sense does not mean that your dog is lacking in these skills and therefore did not notice the dog. Living animals are not always "on" and can and often do miss paranormal events.

  I believe that the coyotes was pure coincidence - although weird, as the species is not native to England and an 1981 law was passed to keep them out. Still they could have been snuck in or the results of some brought in at an earlier point, or they could have been dogs resembling coyotes as young German Shepherds do, who would be more likely to be domesticated and not afraid of humans whereas coyotes are spooked off by human contact and avoid us when ever possible.

  As an opinion, the movie The Omen put a lot of the fear of the demonic dog [black of course and while the star was Ambassador to England] in the backs of peoples minds. To that end I am going to lead you down a different garden path, North American Native style by directing you to the following web site of the Manataka American Indian Council:

  I do hope that this has helped ease some of your concerns and worries. If there is anything that you feel that I can help with feel free to contact me. The little ones need not worry.Ghost dogs are usually protectors, even spirit guides.

  Warm Regards,
Greg Pocha .All Experts, Paranormal Phenomena

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