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Hello Greg,

I am not quite sure where to start. I have 2 homes, one I live in with my 2nd husband and one that my 2 daughters 21 & 15 live in with their father. When I moved into the home my daughters live in my ex and I were coming to the end of our relationship, things were getting out of hand and abusive so I had no choice but to leave. My daughters chose not to move schools and leave their friends and the problems were between their father and I, not them. The same week I moved out I got results that I tested positive for breast cancer. My mother had just died from cancer less than 10 months prior to my diagnoses.
While I was still living in the home with my ex, a few strange things happened, above the stove exhaust fan coming on by itself, never happened before or since, a nail falling onto the sidewalk while I sat on the porch and saw/heard it happen...there is no way it fell from the roof as I first thought, it was too far from the house to start with and had it rolled down, would have caught in the eave. Since I have been gone, stranger stuff has happened with my daughters, things being moved, lights going on and off, doors moving. One time, my 21 yr old daughter was coming into her bedroom when it was dark and she heard a crash, when she turned on the light a hanging brass candle holder that belongs to me was swinging wildly and the glass holder for the candle was on the floor, not broken. She said there is no explanation. She has heard a little girl calling her name, has seen shadow figures. My 15 year old doesn't experience as much but still does none the less, leaves her room to find things moved, has felt a presence when in bed and is terrified to open her eyes. We have saged the house and things went quiet for awhile but then little things start again.
The other day I went to go into my 15 yr olds room to get something for her, I was a bit upset because it was something she should have remembered and as I turned the handle and opened the door, a quarter way into pushing the door open I felt the door being pulled open from the other it was being opened for me, if I hadn't been holding the handle tight, it would have come out of my hands.
The other house I moved to when I left, we all experienced things. When I think back there was a lot! My step son being touched right in front of me, he jumped a mile and it totally freaked him out. I was touched, a finger ran down my arm while in bed, I had a stained glass window hanger that said mom that I gave to my mother years ago hanging in the window above the kitchen sink. My now husband and I were out on the porch and the girls were sleeping, we were just sitting talking when all of a sudden we heard a crash. Thinking it was one of the girls, we ran in to find the stained glass ornament on the floor away from the sink, not broken. Now it was hanging from a suction cup with a very good hook which had fallen behind the sink tap. Even my husband who is a bit skeptical could not figure out how it was possible that the ornament didn't fall into the sink, there is no way it could have bounced out and if it did, it should have smashed when it hit the sink or the tiled was approx. 8 ft from where it hung, even the sound of the crash made no sense. Another time in that house my daughters both woke up one morning asking me if I or their step dad were walking/running up and down the hall the night before - they both heard running in the hall but were both too scared to look...we heard nothing. One night, we were all watching tv and there was a loud bang and the power went out. We lived on a 10 acre farm with a long long driveway away from the road and not much around but could see the neighbours lights were all out too. I got up to take a look outside and all of a sudden the worst feeling of dread came over me, nothing I have ever felt in my life, I couldn't breathe, everything got really heavy. We found out later that a car had taken out a hydro pole in front of the farm next door and the driver was 18 and had died. I swear to this day it was death I felt. I myself have escaped death 4 father used to joke and say I have 9 lives.
When I was a child, around 8 or 9, I remember twice having small red orbs surrounding me while I layed in bed and that I could reach out to them and they moved with my arm and I was not scared and I told my mom who was not surprised, she told me they were spirits, or angels.
My mother was psychic as was her father and both did readings. I grew up knowing about psychic ability, ghosts and spirits and knew not to play around with dark arts but did as a teenager with girlfriends play with the Ouija and my mother was so mad at me when she found out.
My mother was very superstitious and always had a lot of money and health problems, she used to say she swore someone was cursing her or she had a bad spirit following her.
I am starting to feel that maybe there is some truth to this, for me and my family. I have many strange things happening in my new home again, on this past Christmas day during dinner, the lights above our dinning room table flickered a few times and then went out completely. My husband went to the basement, couldn't find anything wrong on the panel, other things on the line were fine and then a few days later they came back on and have been fine since. Things go missing and I find them where I've looked at least twice, a lot of electrical stuff going wonky in the night, brand new fire alarms going off for no reason that we had the wiring checked professionally and its all ok. I honestly cannot remember anytime where I didn't feel as though I was totally alone and I don't know if it's someone I know, a malevolent spirit, if it's travelling between my daughters home with my ex and their home with me. My oldest daughter had an invisible friend when she was 2-3 and it just disappeared one day, her name was Ally and she described her to me as a little girl with blonde hair. My second was born when my oldest was 6 and Ally was long gone, when the 2nd was about 3 I was sitting in the living room and I saw her at the bottom of the stairs when she should have been in bed so I'm sure I scowled and she ran up the stairs, I got up and went to see what she was doing and she was sound asleep in bed, I actually thought of Ally even though it had been awhile and my youngest had never mentioned seeing her.
Ever since having cancer I feel way more in tune to things, especially people. I feel things about them, whether they're genuine or not, who they appear to be is not always what they are in some cases, I just have a strong sense of who I like and who I don't.
Do you think it is possible to have a spirit hang around a family and travel? Is it possible the same one that my mother felt? Especially since her passing I have noticed a lot more strange stuff which could be her even!
I also wondered if there really is such a thing as negative energy being put upon someone, my ex mother in law despises me and her and her mother I know would perform malochies which is an Italian form of a curse on people and I wondered if that is what I am feeling...I forgot to mention I see dark black orbs occasionally, I'll see them for a day or two around me in my house and then nothing for weeks then it'll start up and stop in that type of pattern. I am not on any type of medication nor do I have depression and these events have been observed by family members and friends. My girlfriend and I were sitting in a café and I was upset over an argument I had with my husband and I was holding one of those heavy sugar dispensers for coffee, the ones with the chrome lid and little square flap, I was just holding it and as I was telling the story, the bottom literally blew out, sugar everywhere. My girlfriend, the waitress were both speechless, I was pretty upset so I don't know if it was my energy.
My family has and is having a lot of ups and downs, always has been it seems and I don't know if it's a combination of negativity from certain family members, a spirit, my mother coming through as well, a curse as crazy as that sounds...I just don't feel alone and at times I feel dread for no reason. I have even wondered if playing with Ouija boards and séances has caused some type of attachment.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I apologize for its length!

Hello Rae,
  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena. It is good to hear from a fellow Canadian. Coincidentally, just the other day I bought a new book "Cottage Country Ghosts: Ontario Hauntings".

  I am sorry to hear of your health issues. Hopefully it was diagnosed early and that it can be beaten. I wish you all the luck on earth and y thoughts are with you.

  It is of course difficult to say exactly what is causing all of the activity in your home. I believe that there is a combination of things responsible, with Poltergeist and poltergeist-like (poltergeistesque) activity being the front and center players. Poltergeistesque activity mimics poltergeist activity in every way with the exception of the source. Poltergeist activity (PGA) is caused by one (or more) disincarnate entities. Poltergeist-like activity (PGLA) is caused by a living person.

  PGLA can come from two major sources, 1- Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis (RSPK) and/or Stress Induced Psychokinesis SIPK). PGLA in the form of RSPK usually happens to people between the ages of 11-21, give or take a year or two, and is more common in girls than in boys. Sound like anyone you know? PGLA in the form of SIPK can happen to people of all ages, but I have found it more common in women than men, maybe because men are more prone to blow off steam in other ways than to internalize it.

  It is the events that you mention that makes me think PGLA is a major player in the occurrences in both homes. A typical poltergeist trick is to cause loud "sourceless" noises. Poltergeist comes from German Polter (noisy)+ Geist (ghost). Incidentally, the correct term is Polterer, meaning to create havoc, to bully, to cause chaos. (But my case here is to help you, not to educate the other experts). It is common to have a breakable object fly across a room, make a loud crashing/breaking sound, only to be found intact upon inspection. Or to hear al hell break loose in a room only to discover that nothing is out of plaoce. However, it is impossible to state for certain if this is being caused instantaneously and spontaneously by you and your daughters, or if an entity poltergeist is causing the havoc and mental anguish. If the events are happening only when you and/or your daughters are present, then it is likely PGLA. However an entity poltergeist will also wait for an audience as it gets its jollies, and strength, through the reactions of those present. In my viewpoint, because of the stresses of becoming women physically, emotionally and mentally that your daughter inadvertently are the cause of some of the milder activity. I also believe that you, dealing with your daily stressors, added to the discovery of your medical condition may be inadvertently for other activity. Could the sugar container be a result of your psychokinesis? There is a possibility. Could it have been due to a cracked or worn container or the result of a sudden change of temperature (the latter is so that the skeptics have their rational addressed)? Yes, that too is possible.

  Poltergeists like to play havoc with electricity. This may explain the power issue. They will take strength from anywhere and although bio-energy, followed by DC (battery) current is more useful to them than an alternating current they will feed where they can.

  Being sensitive to ghosts and spirits doesn't help in situations as yours. The art is usually passed from generation to generation, usually from mother to daughters. True mediumship or psychic ability follows this order: Women, Gay men, Straight men. As for the men, they usually have a psychic link in their family, a trait so to say. Then there's the pseudo-psychics, those who have convinced themselves that they have some sort of psychic power because they once guessed a card right at a party, and of course the downright fakes. I feel that there is a genuine ability in the bloodline of your family.

  Besides your own (and your girls) own PK ability, I think that you also have an entity poltergeist present and you are the focus of its attention. Yes, it, like any ghost, can follow you from place to place. The story of the ghost haunting a specific location is due to the ghosts state of mind. He is there because he wants to be, or through the ignorance that he is free to wander where he pleases. Your poltergeist knows that he is not bound.

  In an extreme haunting such as yours a simple saging or smudging is powerless. The use of holy icons or religion or holy water only make thing worse in a poltergeist infestation. Nothing ticks them off more than having religion stuffed down their throa
ts. There are those experts who insist that the use of Jesus is the answer. For a Christian ghost that will work, for a poltergeist haunting it is like poring gasoline on your home and striking a match. Bear in mind that a poltergeist is not aunt Molly who attended Sunday service without fail.
A poltergeist must be dealt with differently.

  Rae, the length of your question was not too long. The more I have to work with the better I can assess the situation. Therefore, this is only part 1 of my answer. Please expect part 2 as a follow-up within the next 2 days.

Ciao for now,

Greg Pocha/ AllExperts/ Paranormal Phenomena

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