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i have seen my self travelling behind a silver cord flying  up my drive way to my home , and re entering my body , this happens on random occasions , i have no control over it , some nights i know i have been out travelling around and can remember faces and places, but the most amazing thing happens on my fore head i get a burn mark between my eyes just above my nose proof of what happened the night before , i run too the mirror in the morning to check and the burn mark is there , i have showed it too my doctor , and asked if it is burned going in or going out , i have taken several photos , of the mark that appears on my forehead when this happens , ive shown it to staff and friends on numerous occasions ,and said look i went out last night , nobody understands , and havent found one person that can relate to that experiance, i also have sonic booms and electric shocks just before falling asleep,and some times wake up while hearing voices or been called


Hi Mel,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your unusual situation.

  As you didn't actually ask a question I am going to run with your concern being the cause of the burn marks on the forehead. These marks are where the third eye or ajna chakra [in certain traditions and esoteric practices] is located. It is related to the Pineal gland, which in turn is associated with some psi activities due to it's chemical/neurotransmitters functions. I will warn you that I am not a big advocate of astral travel as it usually occurs in bed and can then be the result of bringing oneself into a trance like state similar to self-hypnosis . It could also be the results of a hypnagogic state whilst entering sleeep or the result of entering a hypnopompic state whilst leaving sleep. Hallucinations are also a possibility.

  Let's assume that astral travel exists in a number of people, being naturally gifted. Apparently you have no control over the occurrences. People who enter an astral travel experience , to my knowledge, never report a burn on their ajna point, the point where the spirit leaves and returns to the body. That leaves me in a dilemma as accounts, and hence, research material is scant. Except for esoteric and "new age" sites, real advice is non-existent. And what does one in my position do in this scenario? We develop theories, make educated guesses and experiment.

  Mel, you have just become a guinea pig. I have a feeling that your body holds electricity easily. In short, you are a human capacitor. We are all capacitors to a degree but usually release our charge when touching a door knob resulting in a spark. People's bodies act differently, just as some cannot wear a watch without the watch stopping or behaving oddly.
There may be something different on how you hold bio-electric charges, static charge[and it's
polarity [+ or - or neutral]. Your particular biochemistry may play a role.

  Believe me Mel, on the tree of assumptions I am out on the farthest branch with this. Therefore, I need some more input from you.

1- Is there a clock radio, fluorescent lamp [or a regular lamp with a fluorescent tube instead of an incandescent bulb] or television near your bed?

2- Is your home carpeted, especially the bedroom?

3- Do you wear nightwear made of synthetic materials?

4- Do you use top sheets or other bedding that are next to your body?

5- Slippers, rubber or synthetic soles?

6- What was your MD.'s diagnoses regarding the burns???

7- Do you use a humidifier or ionizer in your bedroom?

I await your follow up reply.

Thank you,

Greg Pocha / Paranormal Phenomena /All Experts  

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