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I can predict a death but i feel it. Someone drowned, i burned nd felt my ribs breaking,white blurry light,hot skin throat etc,heart attack ,etc but it lasts only few seconds nd pain not intense. The persons death is always predetermined. I "see" this person then feel their death. People become angry when i tell them or family members nd when it comes true they say im witch,horrible person etc,so i keep it to my immediate family.sometimes i dont know the person so i say someone going to die,we usually hear about car crash,gunshot,natural death etc. A natural death feels strange...happy,light cool breezy, nd relief, i guess relief could be my own thinking. Young babies death are a very hard thing to cope with because the 'spirit' struggles,tries to stay in body nd its just chaos! What type of diagnosis would you give for death prediction? My family knows my ability nd few outsiders. Its a useless ability to have when people freak out. I cant stop their death. Ive warned nd it still happens.

I wouldn't give any diagnosis. If you have that ability, you do. There must be some reason for it. I'm sorry it's troubling. Lots of people get premonitions. But what you are talking about seems a lot more.

I consider myself a fairly intuitive person. But over the years, with me, I've found that it's about 50/50. Sometimes I'm right, other times wrong. Or not literally right. So I just file my intuitions/insights and let things play out to see if they are right or not. Maybe you should consider doing same (?)

I hope this helps.

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