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I see ghost,hear,smell,feel them. Appliances turn off nd on. Im actually unplugging them bc they will turn on ( have all verified by electricians) hearing radio,taling piano playing loudly just few notes,we got rid of it.i see demon faces over peoples own face. I feel when someone going to die (with pain that correspond with their death,nd births.been slapped,molested,blanket pulled off (doctor verified no brain abnormalities) horrible dreams come true. "Lies" i tell but come true later.i see a promo for movies that come out years later. I also hear some thoughts of people, what they are going to say. Shadows white that float nd shadows black that are very tall 7 ft or more nd human shape. Am i psycic,psycho, is there way to control this, my health deteriorating from bing awakened at night by loud voices telling me WAKE UP, LISTEN TO ME,list goes on nd the way others are being awakened from hearing my name called,lights turning on,shadows standing over my family, touches,cold nd oddly scorching heat.ive heard cold spots we have heat spots too! This question not put together very well. Im scared.prayers make activity worse.visitors have left screaming.i been called witch,satanist for warning others of family members death. Learned my lesson.

Hi J,

  Thank you for the questions and concerns regarding the paranormal activity that seemingly engulfs you. I am not the expert that you had originally sent your concerns to. For whatever reason, that expert was unable to answer you and I picked up the ball. You can see my profile on the All Experts site under "Paranormal Phenomena". Incidentally, I loved the "psychic/psycho"
part... you've no idea how many times when confronted by certain people I ask myself the same question.

  First, let me say that I am impressed that you did not take what was occuring as "normal" and decided to have doctors check your concerns first. That saves me the trouble of suggesting that you do that as a first resort. Good work!

  In my research I have come to conclude that true psychics or mediums are rare - very very rare. Pseudo-mediums are a dime a dozen, and even then I would expect change back. You, however, may possess a true gift but do not know how to organize, control it or how to focus it. Without that you are just a wild cannon in a normal world. Thus you seem odd, different or referred to in a whisper when seen as "That's know the one".

  You need advice on how to handle your gift [though many in your condition refer to it as more of a curse with a no return policy on the "gift"]. I am hesitant to suggest anyone or any place in specific as the majority of mediums are, shall we say, disillusioned fakes. There are "psychic / metaphysical" schools and books and CD's and DVD's and whatever else makes money for the seller and does nothing for the buyer. Instead of expanding the mind they decrease the pocketbook. You need a mentor or teacher (if they go by the title Madame, Guru etc. run far and fast). I suggest that you go to various new age shops and book stores and ask around about finding a medium. If the same name keeps coming up as a worthy one with a good reputation, I would inquire with that person and see if they can help you organize your art. Mediums that I actually put trust in are Allison Dubois, David Wells, and Mary Ann Wolinski. Perhaps they could help but I'm certain that they charge a good buck,(or pound).

  I hope that this has helped in some way. If you feel that I can be of any more assistance, please let me know. Best of luck with your future.

  Warm regards,
Greg Pocha / Paranormal Phenomena / All Experts  

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Greg Pocha is the Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies for the Eidolon Project Canada. Mr. Pocha is also a leading authority on 'Spectral Profiling'. He has been actively researching and investigating the paranormal in relation to ghosts, hauntings, paranormal activity, parapsychology, psychical research and other closely related areas as a professional since 1999 although his interest and study of the paranormal goes back nearly a half century. He is one of the founders of 'Eidolon Project Canada', an organization that researchs and investigates hauntings at no cost to their clients. Besides studying the subjects that most people consider 'paranormal', Greg also studies subjects such as Near Death Experiences, and other scientific areas. Greg has instructed the Paranormal Studies course for Edmonton Public School's Adult Continuing Education department. He has also given seminars for Edmonton Public Libraries programs. Greg continues adding to his knowledge through study and his continued active involvement in research and investigations of hauntings throughout his home province of Alberta, Canada. Mr. Pocha has been called in to offer his expertise and assist in independent investigations. His input and opinions are sought after and respected.

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