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Hello I'm Caitlin. I am currently in college in my senior year and I live in a dorm. The dorm is possible of having something in it but unclear about what but Ive experienced bad smell for a moment loud urgent knocks on the door and my friend has had mysterious bruises. But it doesn't happen continuously. Well the other morning I woke up as usual and at first walked into the bathroom and noticed some of my hair was sticking out so I sleepily patted it down well then when I say down to put on make I noticed it was still sticking up and I looked and some of my hair had been cut to about the top of my ear. I have pretty long hair so it was quite noticeable. I do not know of a person who would do this plus my door was locked and I do not have a roommate. I am a somewhat light sleeper so if someone came in I would notice plus I am up and down all night since I'm pregnant and have a small bladder. It has me kind of freaked out since I do not know what happened or why. Thank you.


Hi Caitlin,,

  For whatever reason, the expert that you had originally sent your question to was unable to answer it so I have taken the opportunity to answer it myself. You can look up my profile so that you have an idea who's answering.

  Rumors of something lurking in the halls of a dormatory are usually just that. Regardless, this is not the work of some sort of entity, and although the way the hair was cut [likely by a human using scissors] is not in itself paranormal, the intentions of the usage of the hair may be, falling under the branch of the occult.

  I am sure that many a person has occupied that room in the past. There must be a dozen copies of your key in who knows whoms hands, unless the lock was changed, still there would be a master key. Still keyless access would not be impossible. There is also a chance that you were given a sedative in something that you drank or consumed in the evening. Just enough to put you in a deeper sleep than usual. This would allow access to your hair just long enough for a sample to be taken. But Why?

  I've ruled out ghosts, entities, etc. So a human needed a hair clipping and to me that sounds as if it were needed to perform an occult rite or make a potion, a practice common to witchcraft [not to be confused with wicca],divination, Hoodoo, Voudin [Voodoo], or other "magical" rites.

  The news is not great in any case. Hair can be used in rites to make a person [you] fall in love with another [creep]. In this case the object de amour had the audacity to possibly drug you, break into your room and assault you - yeah, there's a keeper. This is the most likely scenerio, but it could be the opposite, the other half of the not so great news, you have royally ticked someone off and needed the hair to put a spell on you, harm you or kill you. [Incidentally I believe in in very little of this, shall we say on a public website, "Crap!". It is usually gullibility, superstition and personal believes that make these spells work. They work on a subconscious and psychologicaly level. They work on ones fear. That is why the hair was taken from such an obvious place, one that you would notice and not a smaller clipping from the back of the head where it might have never been discovered. Now the seed of "what the hell???" has been planted in your head. Do not let that seed sprout.

  Prepare for other weird stuff to happen as whoever is responsible tries to water that seed. However, "There are more things Horatio...", so I would use protection to ward off evil. I wear protective objects 27/7/365 because in my avocation I never know who or what I may run into, New Age or wicca stores sell a variety of warding jewelry. I wear penticals, and the seven knotted Kabbalah protection red bracelet on my left wrist. Occasionally I'll wear a hexagram or a Tibetan Ohm ring or Tibetan prayer beads, depends on my mood - but I am never without protection. What ever you choose you must believe in its protective powers . Incidentally, and no offence intended, Christian crucifixes have little effect, and may actually cause more trouble than one would think!

  Now lets get our feet back on planet earth. This is likely a prank or an attempt at occultism. In either case it is caused by another living being. Who? That I could not tell you. But that doesn't mean that you have to go out to buy a security system or Doberman for your room. I do not make the free software you need public, so please write to me at
and I will get that information to you. This software for a pc, laptop etc.. Because our mail is sent under our organizations name, something Google is rarely fond of, remember to check your spam box if it is not in your regular mail.

  I look forward to further helping you with this matter,

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